Waterproof Golf Socks – Do They Work? (UPDATED)

Waterproof Socks for Golfing


Have you ever tried golfing in the rain? If you have, I’m sure you understand that this is one of the most frustrating experiences that a golfer can have. The truth is many British golf courses do not experience the best weather (to say the least eh?!), especially at this time of the year.

This means if you are planning to step out the green, you must ensure that you have the appropriate attire to keep you comfortable in these unfriendly conditions.

While there are so many clothing accessories that will prove useful, one thing that most people tend to overlook is the need for waterproof golfing socks. These will make sure that you have an easy time swinging in the rain/cold, and see you hitting more holes-in-one!

Ok, so what are Waterproof Golf Socks?


Waterproof socks are unlike any ordinary socks as they’ve been specially made to fit tightly on your feet and keep them dry and warm throughout any type of outdoor activity as they are made using an impermeable waterproof layer which stops water from entering. In the case of this article, waterproof golfing socks will prove handy when you have to play in a wet golf course.

It may seem a bit extreme, but these can be the main determinant of whether you hit a Birdie, Eagle or Bogey in a tournament, as you set your eyes on the 18th hole. Poor equipment leads to poor results quite simply.

Why do you need Waterproof Golfing Socks?


There are several benefits of acquiring a pair of waterproof socks while playing golf. As you’ll discover, these go beyond what their name seems to suggest- “waterproofing”. Keep on reading to learn how waterproof socks for golfing can transform your golfing life for the better:

Protect you from Wetness


The first and obvious advantage that waterproof socks come with is protection from moisture.

These socks have been constructed in such a way that keeps any wetness from getting to your feet, a very handy property when you are golfing in a wet course.

Whenever it rains, the green fills with water puddles that you have to walk through as you move from one hole to the other. And even when it hasn’t been raining, there are still ponds, rivers, and other water on the course that you’ll have to interact with in the course of the game.

There’s nothing that will frustrate you more on the green than stepping into the water and getting your feet wet, which is something that most golfing shoes won’t protect you from. Not only is extremely uncomfortable, but prolonged exposure to such wet conditions can have an adverse effect on the health of your feet.

Waterproof golfing socks are a tried and tested solution! These are built to have three separate layers that hug on to your feet with the central layer being a waterproof membrane. This ensures that no form of moisture can get through to your feet, especially when your shoes have been compromised.

Protects you from Debris


Physical hazards are no stranger to the golf course. There are many stones, twigs, and other harmful particles in the grass and sand. Not to mention the hundreds of spectators (if you’re a semi-pro/pro) who walk around throwing items like water bottle caps carelessly that can be harmful to step on.

Remember that even the tiniest twig in the grass can cause you excruciating pain if pierces and spoil your game. This can easily be prevented by donning a fresh pair of waterproof golf socks.

These have a sturdy design that cannot easily be punctured or broken as easily as normal socks as they are constructed from 3 layers.

You won’t feel anything when small debris get into your shoe, and this not only upholds your safety on the course but also helps to keep you comfortable and focused on executing your game plan.

Enhances Traction


When moisture gets into your shoes, it can be quite a struggle to maintain your footing. Your balance is very crucial in a game of golf, especially when you take a golf stance to make the perfect swing.

Wetness makes your feet shifty inside the shoes and can easily cause you to slip and hit the wrong shot.

Fortunately, waterproof golf socks are constructed with Spandex material and have padding on the heels and toes that help to enhance your grip, even in wet conditions.

This will keep you from sliding inside your shoes and give you the stability required to make the shot you want.

Solvent & Chemical Resistance


There are numerous fluids apart from water that you should be worried about when you venture into a wet golf course. Chemicals, fuels, effluents, and other harmful solvents can easily occur in your path and these can have detrimental health implications.

The problem is that most socks are not designed to protect you from these kinds of risks. Only waterproof golf socks guarantee that you can trade in such dangerous territory and walk out in one piece.

They feature solvent and chemical-resistant properties which should resist any risks brought about by exposure to such substances.

Antistatic and Shock Resistance


Extreme weather comes with various undesired even, and common among them is fallen power lines. These can be an immediate risk when they fall into any waterbodies or paths on the golf course.

Coming into contact with the lines or any wetness close to the lines could mean getting electrocuted. This is definitely not what you picture when you get onto a golfing cart and drive to the course. That is why you should take extra precaution when the circumstances are not so ideal.

Waterproof golfing socks assist in keeping your feet dry, helping to stave off electricity conduction to your skin. This significantly lessens the risk of getting electrocuted on the golf course.

Brings you Comfort


If you are going to win a golf tournament, whether amateur or professional, you’ll definitely need to be at ease with yourself. This ensures that you get to maintain the level of composure needed to hit consecutive aces and avoid those dreaded bogeys.

It doesn’t get as comfortable as stepping on the green in a pair of new waterproof golf socks. These socks are highly practical; higher than any other ordinary socks you can find. They help to keep your feet dry, even when you get jitters before making a crucial shot.

The socks have been designed to absorb any moisture inside and maintain a dry and warm atmosphere. The multiple layers and extra layers also make the socks bouncy to walk in, which facilitates a high level of comfort. And the best part is that they don’t have to be thick and awkward to have all these useful qualities.

What this does is to guarantee you a high level of comfort throughout the game, however tough the competition proves to get. This only increases your chances of winning the tournament.



Just because we’re talking about Waterproof Golf Socks, it doesn’t mean their use is only restricted to the golf course. The versatility of this footwear accessory is undeniable and incomparable!

Apart from being suitable for golfing, these socks can be used for practically any form of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

This is especially true for those activities that expose you to moisture. Whether its snorkeling, skiing, hiking, cycling, or running, they will come in very handy. This means you can get yourself a couple of pairs to stock in your closet if you’re an avid outdoor person.

You could be going on a kayaking adventure on one weekend and the other one you interacting with your buddies while fishing in the lake. In short, there’s no activity where the use of waterproof socks is unwarranted.