Can You Use Waterproof Socks for Swimming? (2022 UPDATED)



Waterproof swimming socks

It’s one of the biggest questions we get asked here at ArcticDry, can you use waterproof hiking socks for swimming? And the rough answer is well, kind of, but not really! We’ll go into a bit more detail in the following article.

Before we start, lets learn a bit more about the product, do waterproof socks even work? are they robust enough to use for swimming? We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible about this unique outdoors product.

Firstly, what are Waterproof Socks?


Waterproof Socks, such as the ones we produce here at ArcticDry are specially made socks that have an impermeable waterproof layer typically sandwiched in the middle.

This means you can technically take your feet for a dip in the water and bring them out unscathed, without soaking wet feet.

Material Composition

Waterproof Socks are typically made from a complex blend of Nylon, Spandex, Coolmax and a Merino Wool inner lining. This blend of materials is perfect for waterproof socks as it allows a certain degree of flexibility, instead of being like other types of overly thick or overwhelming sports socks.

Do Waterproof Socks Work?


You can check this out in one of our recent articles: Do Waterproof Socks Work?.

From our own product research, testing and of course customer feedback, the general conclusion is that yes, waterproof socks do work. We have tested our products across multiple different sports including cycling, hiking, running, fishing, golfing, rowing, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, fossil hunting and many more including your general DIY purposes.

They work so well due to the waterproof membrane blocking water from entering and ruining your day.


Do they work for swimming?

do they work for swimming

The answer to this question really is: It depends what you are using them for…. So let’s break down where waterproof socks for swimming would work great, and then not so great:

For general protection

If you don’t like neoprene or other materials and would just prefer to don a pair of socks for protection while swimming, whether this is to protect from debris or nastiness in the ocean, then this would be perfect.

Of course, once the water goes above the top of the socks, water will enter, and you’ll get wet feet, however, for the purpose of simply protecting your feet from the elements, they’ll work fantastically as they are made from 3 layers; so even if you’re just doing a bit of snorkelling, you can use these to protect your feet from all the creepy crawlies in the sea or fish nibbling your toes!

Wound Protection

Alot of people message us asking if they can wear waterproof socks in the shower, or to protect a recent wound or something similar..

The problem with this is that when the water goes above the top of the sock, then water will enter, so if you have our kneelength waterproof socks, you’ll be protected up to the knee, but then if you go wading even further, you’ll most likely get wet feet. This isn’t a problem with the socks, they are designed that way, to protect you from the feet up to the top of the socks.

We would recommend not using them if you need to keep your feet dry for a medical reason, unless of course you’re just protecting a wound on a cycle, hike or something similar where water is not likely to come above the top of the sock.

Alternative Products

Rubber / Latex Swimming Socks

These are certainly an alternative to ArcticDry Waterproof Socks, however the problem with these just like ours is that unless you manage to form a perfectly tight, air tight seal at the top of the sock, water will enter. This is tough when you have hairy legs or perhaps an injury to cover up, and may not be practical.

Latex socks are also incredibly flimsy and weak (just look at condoms eh!), and realistically arcticdry waterproof socks would provide much more protection.


Ok so as you’ve seen from this article, it really depends what you want to use waterproof swimming socks for. If you need simple protection while snorkelling or diving, then this product works fantastically. However, if you need it to protect a wound or injury and you still want to go swimming, this may not be the best product for you.

The problem with waterproof socks for swimming is that its difficult to get a waterproof seal around the leg at the top. Even with rubber / latex socks you may have issues with leakage, so there are very few “perfect” options to choose from.

We are currently working on a few products and testing all the time, but the main issue in development is finding something which is warm, comfortable AND waterproof, which a lot of the alternative products just aren’t.

That being said if you do have an injury or foot complaint, arcticdry waterproof socks will be perfect for protecting you, and if you’re dubious about how they perform, please check us out on Amazon, with hundreds of reviews from genuine people talking about their experiences with the product. That’s a wrap folks! 🙂