The Best 2 Man Tent for Wild Camping (UPDATED)

Best 2 Man Wild Camping Tents



For those who love the great outdoors, wild camping is a fantastic opportunity to escape from the madness of the 9-5 Grind, while enjoying the benefits of nature and embracing your spiritual side.

…Or more realistically from the Wild Campers that we know, an opportunity to grab some Beer and get hammered in the beauty of the British Countryside!

This being said, if Hiking and Camping is your thing, and you’re looking to get into Wild Camping, then choosing a good 2 man tent will pay dividends in the longrun. In our previous article we covered the best 1 man tent for wild camping, as well as a brief section in our wild camping kit list article.

This article will offer a comprehensive buyer’s guide on the best wild camping tents for 2 people & those looking to learn more about using a tent for wild camping.

What is Wild Camping?

Wild camping is all about ditching the usually crowded campsites and opting for a remote spot in the wilderness with no other sign of humanity in sight.

In short, wild camping comes with all the benefits of the outdoors in one exciting punch! It is a satisfying and memorable activity that you can ever take part in, and what’s so good about it is that it’s free.

When it comes to camping in the wild, there’s is one crucial rule that you must follow; leave the place the same way you found it!

Where Should I Go Wild Camping?

Before we get into this, you must first note that wild camping is illegal in the UK, with the exception of the majority of Scotland.

Nevertheless, it is a generally tolerated activity and its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages. Some of the nicest places you can go camping include Ruberslaw Wild Woods, Canal Camping in Norfolk, and Abbey Home Farm (to name a quick few).

How Should I Wild Camp?

When going for a wild camping escapade, always remember to arrive late and leave early!

Also, leave no traces behind. This is all about having the least impact on the environment and the people around you. To find a nice spot for wild camping, you might want to consult Google maps & OS Maps (ordnance survey) to check land that is available to roam for the public.

Be sure to look for somewhere green with plenty of trees for cover (unless you’re doing “stealth camp”).

It should be far from urban dwellings. You can decide to go with a hilltop and enjoy the panoramic views even as you spend your time in the outdoors.

However, ensure that you are well prepared with a sturdy tent as the winds can get crazy when the weather gets stormy. It is also wise to find a spot that has some sort of a shelter or tree cover, and opt for a flat area if you want to avoid the hassle of hiking.

When is the Best Time to go Wild Camping?

It is always good to start small when trying out wild camping for the first time. Instead of planning a multi-day adventure, try an overnighter.

Usually, summer and late spring will provide you with the best weather conditions, but you shouldn’t have to worry about the weather if you are well-prepared.

You can practically wild camp at any time of the year, and some people even prefer to do this in the autumn and winter seasons, when it’s quieter!

You don’t necessarily have to eat into your annual leave just to go for wild camping! There is so much time over the year that you can take advantage of. Think about the weekends or holidays and you’ll have more than 100+ days to choose from for your wild camping trip.

However, if your annual leave is right around the corner, it will be a nice time to make the most of the adventure and enjoy your time in the wild with some peace of mind. There is so much that you can do in just a single weekend and it doesn’t get better than when going out with a group of close friends.

Best 2 Man Tents- Reviews

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

The Hubba Hubba NX from MSR is a worthy candidate for the best camping tent for your wild camping adventure. It is an amazing shelter that boasts unrivaled livability and plenty of real estate inside.

When other tents feel confined and cramped up, the Hubba Hubba impresses with its spacious, roomy, and comfortable design. This is possible thanks to a unique “optimized symmetrical geometry” that is applied to the tent.

What this means is that the tent uses skeletal poles with tightly fitting clips to create almost-vertical walls, a broad width, and maximum headroom. There is no excess tent fabric like you find in other no-name products in the market.

This leaves you with adequate room for two campers to lay and spread out comfortably, as well as to stow away several camping items such as your camping stove. You can sit and kneel up without your head pressing against the roof and do other stuff without getting into each other’s way.


Various high-quality features on the Hubba Hubba help to make it the industry leader it is. For one, it comes with an easy and straight forward pitching process that won’t frustrate you.

Two D-shaped doors ensure that you won’t have to bump into each other every time at the entrance and each of these features a large porch where you can store extra camping equipment like boots and backpacks.

You also get vents at either end of the tent that serve to enhance breathability and keep you fresh and cool inside on those hot summer days.

The zips used on the tent function smoothly and don’t catch to boost its user-friendliness. Also, the structure can effortlessly be moved and even angled for the ideal wild camp placement.

Numerous tests conducted on this tent have revealed that the Durashoed-coated outer flysheet doesn’t come into contact with the inner, ensuring that you remain warm and dry when it starts to tip it down with rain.

However, you can decide to remove the outer shell on those hot summer days and tame the temperatures inside. This also offers an opportunity to enjoy gazing at the stars at night with clear views of the sky above. Meanwhile, mosquitoes, midges, and other nightcrawlers are kept at bay not to mess up your night’s sleep. As impressive as the Hubba Hubba NX is, it still comes with a few disappointments:

For instance, the 1720-gram weight of the structure is in the heavier range of 2-man tents on the market.

Also, the tent is rated as three-season, meaning it won’t be as protective a shelter in extreme weather conditions. The inner-first installation is slightly underwhelming in the rain or wind. We are not saying this tent is perfect, but the positive features it offers far outweigh the negative ones.

Overall, it is a top-notch product that provides you with the practicality you’d expect from a tent designed for wild camping adventures. Whether you’re experiencing the outdoors with your spouse or a close friend, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX will help you create unforgettable camping memories!

  • Unlimited space inside
  • Double door design
  • Plenty of headroom
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Easy and smooth set up
  • Dura-shield coated outer
  • Star gazing opportunity
  • Optimised symmetrical geometry
  • A little bit heavy
  • Not great in extreme conditions

Vango Orion Trekking Tent

This is another reliable shelter you can count on to keep you comfortable during your wild camping adventures. Vango is a quality brand that has tried and tested their gear in the toughest environments so you know you’re getting a high quality product.

That being said, the Vango Orion Trekking Tent is built to deliver rugged performance in tough outdoor conditions yet still maintains a lightweight and practical design.

With its combination of top-grade features and specs, this tent boasts a high rating across a broad range of online platforms.

This makes it the perfect option for a camping duo looking to make the most of their time away from civilization. The Xenon weighs 2.62 Kilograms, which isn’t super super light, but the trade off is the quality you get from Vango.

The fact that you can share the weight-bearing duties between the two of you ensures you’ll find it easy to manage, however long the hike to the campsite. It also features a 3 to 4-season performance to cover you in various weather conditions. Its tunnel design also offers you ample space to keep you comfortable at all times.

The porch area provides extra storage space where you can safely stow away camping items such as rucksacks, boots, and trekking poles. You can even set up your camping stove whenever you get the urge for a hot cup of coffee.

Another reason to like the Vango Orion is its relatively straight forward installation process. You only need a couple of minutes to get the structure up, even without an extra pair of hands to help out.

The attention to detail is clear in the O-shaped doors that allow for single-handed opening.

The Dyneema-reinforced peg points have been paired with a large opening inside the packing sack to save you time during packing. The Vango Orion employs PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy poles, which do a formidable job of holding the structure in place, and this is reinforced with line-lok runners. The Tent is also quite affordable coming in at £165

It is a relatively lightweight tent yet durable enough to shield you against unfriendly weather conditions. You can thank this to the 30D ripstop nylon material used on the rainfly. This will remain intact even after several cycles of use. It is also conveniently lightweight not be a burden on distant hikes and roomy enough to keep the two of you comfortable.

Overall, the Xenon will deliver a performance close to the Hilleberg Nallo, which is almost twice its price. In short, it offers a great bang for the buck!

  • Strong rainfly material
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3-4-season performance
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Unique tunnel construction
  • Stable structure
  • Pretty easy to install
  • Not as good quality as other more expensive tents in this list

Msr Elixir 2 V2 Tent

MSR is a brand that has consistently employed precise engineering through the years to come up with high-quality outdoor kits for your camping pleasure. This is a reputation that you will find in the Elixir line of backpacking tents.

With plenty of space to offer, these tents come in a lightweight package that will suit all your wild camping adventures. The Elixir 2 V2 tent particularly strikes an optimal balance when it comes to weight, weather protection, and durability.

With 29 square feet of floor space, the inside of the tent offers that enough room to comfortably fit two sleeping bags without getting into your buddy’s personal space.

A unique geometry on the tent maximizes the headroom, resulting in a highly livable space that allows you to sit up and pass time with a fun game of cards in the evening before retiring to bed. The rainfly is made out of 68D ripstop polyester for durable service down the line.

This is reinforced using a PU coating for decent water-resistant performance. With a Hydrostatic Head value of 1500mm, you can expect to remain free from moisture when it starts to rain.

The inner cover features a mix of 40D ripstop nylon with a rugged water-resistant finish and a 20D nylon micro mesh fabric. Meanwhile, the floor incorporates a groundsheet with a 3000mm hydrostatic head value and 70D nylon taffeta as a construction material.

This means you have a comfortable platform to step on inside the tent to keep any groundwater and crawlers at bay.

The fabric combination results in a formidable barrier against undesirable elements yet still maintains a decent degree of ventilation and breathability to limit the build-up of condensation.

You get all this in a durable and lightweight package that will be a joy to carry on the trail. The aluminum 7000 series material used in the tent’s structure is the sturdiest of any aluminum alloy.

It is the same kind of material used in aerospace engineering that MSR has used on the poles of the Elixir. However extreme the wind blows, you can rest assured that the strong structure of the tent will keep it intact and upright.

There’s a large door on either side of the tent to offer easy access to the inside and these can be gathered back then secured using a clip to keep them open. A unique StayDry feature integrates discreet protruding seams above the zip baffle to guide any excess moisture down the seam rather than allow it to drip on your head.

msr elixir tent

You’ll also appreciate the generous vestibule space on each side of the tent, which provide you with adequate room to stash away any muddy boots or rucksack without blocking access into or out of the Elixir.

Two built-in gear lofts inside further offer extra space to stow away smaller items like a head torch that you might want to use in the middle of the night. Furthermore, additional pockets inside the tent will be more suitable for storing essentials like guidebooks and maps.

Overall, the Elixir 2 V2 tent employs superior craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics that help to enhance the overall design of the tent. Despite this, it is pretty lightweight and packs down small for easy portability during hiking. The roomy inside is also just perfect for a pair of campers that don’t want to compromise their comfort during the wild camping adventure.

  • High-quality mix of fabrics
  • Water-resistant groundsheet
  • Double door design
  • Plenty of storage area
  • Great protection from the elements
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Strong aluminium 7000 series poles
  • Roomy and spacious
  • No groundsheet under porches

Vango Banshee

The Vango Banshee is a popular tent that elicited divisive opinions from campers and outdoor adventurers. While some love and adore the performance it offers, others ridicule and even snob it for its relatively simplistic and heavy design.

All in all, this is a great option for your wild camping adventures, thanks to a mix of high-performance features that enable it to shine where other tents can’t!

The first impressive feature of the Banshee is its price. At just £150, the cost doesn’t quite embody the level of performance for a tent approved by the Duke of Edinburgh.

It boasts a tunnel-style design that offers decent space for two grown campers to fit effortlessly and comfortably. Durable and waterproof fabrics are used to make the Banshee suitable for various kinds of weather conditions.

Don’t be misled by its entry-level pricing, this tent will appeal even to the most ardent outdoorsman. The construction of the tent incorporates a robust flysheet with a ripstop weave to make for durable service down the line.

The fabric comes with a 5000mm hydrostatic head value, which means you will be well protected against storms. A breathable polyester inner helps to keep you cool and fresh when the weather conditions get hot and sunny while a strong and thick 70D groundsheet keeps crawling insects and ground wetness a safe distance from you.

The pre-angled aluminum alloy poles used to hold the structure in place are not only strong but also lightweight when you need to carry the tent.

This also leaves you with an easy-to-set-up tent that won’t mess up your schedule. You only need to insert the two poles into the sleeves then peg them out. Two doors are offered by the Vango Banshee for each camper, which prevents bumping into each other at the entrance.

These also feature two spacious porches where you can safely stow away camping items like a rucksack and walking boots. Furthermore, you get six inner pockets that come in handy when you need to store more essential items like midnight snacks or a headtorch.

The semi-circular window is designed with mesh fabric, and this pairs with triangular mesh vents to offer adequate breathability in humid environments.

Putting the Banshee to the test reveals that it can stand its ground in the face of strong winds. This is a credit to the inclusion of five guylines and a sturdy flysheet that serves to shield against the rain.

The tent bag is easy and fast for packing, unlike the small annoying bags used on some models in the market. You can also choose to only set up the inner fly at night so that you have better views of the stars in the sky.

The only downside to this tent is that the inner might feel a little confined for heavy-bodied individuals. Also, the weight can take a toll on you if you have to hike for miles before getting to your campsite.

Other than that, the Banshee is a great bargain considering the amazing performance it offers. Overall, it is a robust and reliable shelter that you will find great use for during a wild camping adventure.

  • Waterproof flysheet
  • Good value for money
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multiple inner pockets
  • Each camper gets a door
  • Great breathability
  • Spacious packing bag
  • Durable tent fabric
  • Slightly heavy
  • Not the cutest tent

Coleman Sundome

The Coleman Sundome tent is a nice option for those who are set on attempting their maiden wild camping adventure. From afar, it looks pretty compact but you will be surprised by the generous amount of space once you get inside.

The structure has a straightforward installation process. It will take you just about ten minutes to erect this tent and ready for occupancy. Not to mention that you can do this without an extra pair of hands assisting you.

Two large windows on the Sundome allow in plenty of sunlight and enhances free airflow inside to make the tent extra breathable. This is reinforced with the incorporation of ground vents to ensure you never feel uncomfortable when the weather gets hot.

Coleman used a unique weather Tec system on this tent, which employs a tub floor featuring patented corner welds, protected seams, and covered zipper.

This combination serves to keep any water outside, especially during the rainy season. The inside of the tent remains warm and dry even when there is a storm inside for your camping comfort.

A heavy-duty TC fabric is used to construct the Sundome’s cover, and this makes for a long-lasting performance down the line. The space inside can easily fit a queen-sized bed, which means it adequately spacious for two adult campers.

The structure is held up straight and intact by 8.5mm fiberglass poles and boasts 52 inches of headroom at the center. This is to say that you can sit up with your mate and share a good laugh before you retire for the day.

You also get extra features such as electric ports, which will come in handy if you like to travel with your electronic gadgets.

Another interesting feature is the 1000D polyethylene material in bathtub style, which functions to protect you from groundwater and insects crawling on the floor. Lastly, the Coleman Sundome 2-man tent is pretty cheap; you can get it for less than 100 pounds! Overall, this will be a nice option if you want to spare some change on a practical and reliable wild camping tent.

  • Multiple storage pockets
  • 1000D groundsheet
  • Strong fibreglass poles
  • Electrical ports for charging gadgets
  • Shade and rain protective rainfly
  • Easy to set up
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Decent space for two people
  • 4-season performance
  • Good ventilation
  • Slightly heavy
  • Difficult to pack the tent inside its bag


The open spaces have a lot to offer in terms of fun experiences and camping is one of the top activities that enthusiasts opt for to get in touch with their adventurous side. However, if you’re planning a wild camping trip in the middle of nowhere, you have to invest in the right kind of tent to make the most of your experience.

Before you hit the trail, be sure to prioritise any of the above tents when coming up with a gear list!


Why is Wild Camping Illegal?

The main reason why wild camping is illegal in some areas is that this is a way to protect the countryside, as well as to keep trespassers at bay!

Although wild camping is illegal (technically), you may just get away with it if you leave the spot you camp in the way you found it. Furthermore, you want to seek permission from the landowner before pitching a tent. Overall, it’s more about being a responsible camper than whether or not it’s legal!

Can I go Wild Camping During Winter?

It is possible to go wild camping at any time of the year! The important thing is to be well prepared for anything that Mother Nature might throw your way. If you want to do it in the winter months, be sure to equip yourself for the cold conditions.

This means carrying the appropriate gear to keep you warm and investing in a shelter that will hold its own in the face of rugged winter conditions.

Also, you want to check your route ahead of schedule to avoid any inconveniences when you start your adventure and watch out for any warnings and alerts from the meteorological department. The important thing is to note that winter camping may not be for everyone. So, brace yourself for what is to come!

What is Stealth Camping?

Stealth camping simply refers to camping or sleeping in areas that are not expressly permitted. It entails pitching a tent outside generally known and permitted campsites or even inner city and suburban camping for more extreme examples.

It is essentially another way of saying “wild camping”, but more wild in the sense that it’s more illegal than your traditional wild camping.

Is Wild Camping Better than Traditional Camping?

The real answer to this has got nothing to do with better or worse! Camping is all about getting the most out of the outdoor adventure. If you prefer to enjoy the social and communal nature of public campsites, then that would be the right way to go.

Otherwise, if you prefer going it out alone in a secluded spot away from the crowd, then you have all the right to go for a wild camping trip!

What Skills Do I Require for Wild Camping?

You don’t exactly have to be the ultimate adventurer to go wild camping! Whether you are an ardent outdoorsman or a beginner who doesn’t know the first thing about pitching a tent, there is no point in letting a perceived inadequacy of skill keep you from getting up close and personal with nature.

Nonetheless, some skills will prove crucial once you start your camping adventure, and top among them is navigation.

You need to know how to work with any navigational gadgets that you bring on an outdoor adventure. For instance, you should teach yourself how to read a map and get the right information from a compass.

The same is true when it comes to using Google maps on your phone. Keep in mind that Google keeps on updating its maps, so you can rest assured that it will show you the path you need to be on. Furthermore, you can use the maps when you’re offline by simply downloading them before leaving.

Remember that it’s highly likely you won’t be able to get a power source to charge your phone in the wilderness, so you want to keep it on battery saver mode as frequently as possible. Alternatively, you can bring with you a power bank to make sure you’re never caught unawares. There are numerous hiking apps you can download on Play Store to help out with navigation during your wild camping expedition. These provide you with maps and hiking routes, as well as the ability to record your trips.

They’ll also tell you whether the spot you intend to pitch the tent is public or private, ensuring that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law.