Essential Hiking Gear – Long Welly Socks (UPDATED)

Essential Hiking Gear – Long Welly Socks



When the winter season comes knocking, it’s recommended that you brace yourself for the unforgiving cold. Especially when hiking in the UK!

But it doesn’t always have to be all doom and gloom when the weather changes.

For some people, this is the only opportunity to showcase their winter fashion and finally wear that fancy trench coat that has been laying in the wardrobe for months.

There are all sorts of stylish clothing accessories that people resort to wearing. From the fancy fur coats and thigh-high boots to colorful scarves, not even the dull winter weather can stop the fashion-savvy from stepping out in style.

One other thing that people like to do when venturing out into the snow-filled yards is to slip into their favourite pair of welly boots, which come in quite handy when we get to the winter months.

There is no better way to don your welly boots than pairing them with long welly socks.

These not only allow you to feel comfortable in your boots but also play a crucial role during the cold UK weather.

Why You Need Long Welly Socks


The importance of having on the right winter socks cannot be understated.

Merely wearing the latest and most expensive boots you can find does little to protect your feet from the cold, especially if you are wearing cotton socks inside them.

The application of winter socks is not only reserved for the outdoors either. If you struggle to keep your feet warm while sitting on the couch, as most people do, it might be because of the kind of socks you are wearing.

If the socks you are wearing are made from cotton, it doesn’t matter how thick or stylish they are, you might as well be barefoot since the sock could be doing you more harm than good.

A good example of the right footwear accessory for winter, whether indoors or outdoors, is the Knee Length Waterproof Socks from us here at ArcticDry.


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So, what role do long walking socks play during winter? And why should you wear them with your new pair of wellington boots?



Using good long hiking socks like ArcticDry’s very own Kneelength Waterproof socks ensures that you always maintain your balance in the slippery winter conditions. Even if your welly boots have deeply treaded soles, the snow can still get inside your boots and expose you to the risk of sliding inside them.

These socks are constructed with a spandex layer that helps to add traction when you walk. They are further padded under the heels and around the toes to enhance slip resistance.

This ensures that you will always maintain the right footing when every surface you walk on seems to be slippery.

Heat Insulation


These socks happen to be excellent heat insulators, helping your body from losing crucial heat through your feet. As a result, your feet remain warm when the conditions outside are freezing. Even when they get soaking wet from excessive perspiration from the feet, these socks still retain their insulating properties.

Furthermore, the Kneelength waterproof socks are far thicker than the standard cotton socks you are used to. This allows them to absorb more moisture and reduce the wetness around your feet.

Another great feature that these socks come with is that they dry themselves up automatically when you wear them. This happens when your body heat warms the moisture, which in turn changes to vapour and escapes through the impermeable layer of the sock.

Before you know it, your feet will be dry and warm, with no irritation.

Water Resistance


Winter is a time of the year that is defined by constant perspiration. Whether it is raining or snowing, you can always expect some moisture to get inside your winter boots, especially when you go to the outdoors.

Having on cotton socks when this happens can spell trouble for your feet.

This is because the moisture will easily get to your feet, and with prolonged exposure to the wetness, you stand the risk of contracting conditions like trench foot.

Your feet swell, become numb, swollen and even discoloured. Don’t even get us started with the kind of odour that they’ll be producing. This is not something you want to have to deal with over the winter holiday.

Luckily, this can all be prevented by wearing a fresh of kneelength hiking socks. These feature an impermeable inner layer that won’t allow the moisture to get to your feet. Your feet remain warm and dry as a result, ensuring that you stay comfortable despite being drenched in water.



What’s the point of wearing wellington boots if you are not going to pair them with the right type of winter sock? Nothing can be more practical than a pair of long wellington socks from us here at ArcticDry.

First off, these socks go all the way up to the knee, ensuring that the part of your legs left uncovered by the boots is shielded from the freezing winter gusts. They have a close-fitting profile, thanks to the spandex material that enables them to hug on to your legs firmly.

This ensures that they won’t slide down the shin even when you engage in some strenuous winter activities like skiing and skating. Furthermore, the socks have three layers, as well as additional padding, that helps to reduce the pressure exerted on your feet when you walk.

They are bouncy and cushiony, making them comfortable to walk in. You won’t easily get fatigued or suffer any kind of discomfort no matter how long you walk on the ice.

Finally, our knee length waterproof socks have a durable construction that will last you for years. They are rugged enough to maintain their shape even after repeated use.



A pair of long hiking socks are certainly useful, whether you’re taking a hike in the snowy outdoors or simply watching Tv while relaxing on your couch, these socks will come in handy in any situation.

The versatility in these socks allows you to use them for various endeavours. If you are an outdoors person who takes part in winter activities, you can count on our Kneelength waterproof socks to be useful when hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and virtually any other outdoor activity you can think of.

Even when you have to go to work on those cold winter mornings, these socks will be practical enough in the office and keep your feet comfortable in the freezing conditions.

The fact that these socks are easy to maintain means that you only need a couple of pairs to be sorted for the whole season.

Caring for Your Socks

As a general bit of guidance, please read our article on How Do you Wash Waterproof Socks?

There isn’t much that goes into maintaining these socks and making sure that they remain in perfect shape. This is made possible by the strong fabric blend in the socks that ensures their durability while still offering an easy way of cleaning them when they get dirty.

To wash them, simply dip them in lukewarm water and handwash them with a little detergent. Once you have hanged them, you only have to wait for them to dry and they’ll be as good as new.

These socks will serve you diligently for years, as long as you know when the right time comes to give them a good washing.


Not many people can say that they look forward to the winter season. In fact, most people detest it and probably consider it to be their least favourite among the four seasons. But the truth is, we have to make do with Mother Nature’s timetable, so why not make the most out of a bad situation.

Getting yourself a fresh pair of Kneelength Waterproof socks from us here at ArcticDry will be a first step in the direction. These long hiking socks prove to be very practical and useful during these dreaded times.

Apart from protecting your feet from the unforgiving winter cold, they also keep your body from losing heat and ensure that you maintain your footing when venturing into slippery conditions of the outdoors.

Overall, they are the perfect compliment to your wellington boots! The winter season will never be the same again if you have the right pair of these socks.