Waterproof Socks for Kayaking – (2022 UPDATED GUIDE)

Do you need Waterproof Socks for Kayaking?


A kayaking adventure always makes for a good experience. Whether you are going out with fellow enthusiasts for a nice time in the outdoors or doing it alone to pass time, having the right type of gear can turn an ordinary day at the lake to an experience worth remembering.

Kayaking, after all, is a demanding sport that requires you to be properly suited up.

Apart from a wet suit, dry pants, and paddling gloves, one of the most important pieces of attire that kayakers forget is the right type of footwear…particularly the socks.

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If you’ve ever tried kayaking before, then you know just how strenuous it can be. Having to paddle against the raging current and trying to balance in the wobbly vessel can wear you down. And it doesn’t help that you are exposed to the water for a prolonged period of time.

You don’t want to be stuck in this kind of situation with the wrong type of clothing gear, especially when the water is cold.

Since your feet are closest to the water and more susceptible to getting wet, it is crucial that you get yourself a nice pair of kayaking socks to protect them.

Don’t just go for any ordinary socks; find a new pair of waterproof socks for kayaking like the ones here at ArcticDry.

Waterproof socks are a very functional footwear accessory that you can bring along on your next kayaking trip.

Waterproof Socks for kayaking have numerous benefits to offer that you’ll find useful during your time in the outdoors and the potential to enhance the general quality of your experience. If you’ve never tried using waterproof socks before, here is some useful information that will tell you more about them:

They are fully waterproof


Not every product that is promoted to be waterproof lives up to the promise. In most cases, they are partly waterproof or lose this quality after being used a couple of times. This is not something you’d want for your kayaking waterproof socks.

Furthermore if you are a fan of the sport and get out more often.

Thankfully, you won’t experience the same with ArticDry waterproof socks for kayaking.

These socks make use of waterproofing technology that enables them to be totally impermeable to water. And they don’t lose this precious property even after repeated use.

This means your feet will be protected from the cold river waters, ensuring that they stay dry and warm during the kayaking adventure.

They are very comfortable


One of the surest things that can mess up a fun time is a feeling of discomfort. Whether it is a result of drenched feet or an ill-fitting footwear accessory, you never want to worry about such stuff when you trying to have a good time.

The thing about the waterproof socks we produce here at ArcticDry is that they were designed for comfort.

All the features on our socks contribute to the overall level of comfort that you feel when using them. For instance, the socks feature three layers of fabric that make them super comfy to step in.

They also resist water completely, making sure that your feet remain dry and warm. Despite having a waterproof membrane, the material is highly breathable to give your feet a chance to enjoy the fresh air.

In addition, they will fit you perfectly straight out of the box. These cool socks are built using high-quality stretchy material that will hold close to your feet but not too tight to tamper with blood circulation.

They are very long lasting


Waterproof socks for kayaking are manufactured using high-quality and strong material that makes them rugged and suitable for harsh outdoor conditions. The three-layered sock from us here at ArcticDry features nylon, Coolmax, spandex, in addition to an inner waterproof membrane that bind to form an indestructible product.

The mixture of fabric makes the sock abrasion-proof and puncture-proof, which is something you want when you are in outdoors.

Remember that when going out to kayak, you’ll have to walk on bare ground and through bushy trails in order to get to the lake or river. There are also small stones and other tiny debris that can easily get inside your shoes and pierce your feet. This will, however, not be possible if you are wearing the right kind of socks.

They are multi-functional


The best part about kayaking waterproof socks is that they allow you to use them in many circumstances.

They are so versatile that you can wear them for different adventures. The design, together with the features makes them applicable to practically any type of water sport. If you are an enthusiast of other sports like fishing, river rafting, snowboarding, and snorkeling, you can still use the waterproof socks for these activities.

The socks will also prove to be valuable assets in other strenuous sports like cycling, running, and motorsports. Although they do not directly expose you to water, there is a lot of sweating involved that you’ll want to keep off your feet.

Apart from these, waterproof socks for hiking can also be worn on casual days when you want to spend a normal day with friends outside on a chilly day.

Good Value for Money


There is nothing as disappointing as buying a product and realising that it doesn’t meet all the qualities in its advertising campaign. It almost feels like a rip-off and pure waste of your hard-earned money. However, ArcticDry waterproof socks provide you with good value for your money, and this is something you’ll find out in the long run.

These amazing socks deliver on all the promises, including being waterproof, abrasion-proof, and multipurpose. You can rest assured that buying a pair of waterproof socks for kayaking will be a worthy investment.

No need to worry about regretting in the future that you were duped or made a wrong decision.


Including a pair of waterproof socks in your kayaking kit when going out for an outdoor adventure will be a wise idea.

It will even be wiser if you bought yourself more than just a pair to have extra socks in the wardrobe.

So the next time you plan to go kayaking, make sure you make the most out of it by carrying a new pair of waterproof socks for kayaking. Remember not to limit the use of your waterproof socks to just kayaking; you can use them in many other situations as mentioned above.