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ArcticDry™ Ultimate Outdoors 100% Waterproof Backpack (UPDATED DESIGN)


Introducing the ArcticDry Ultimate Outdoors Waterproof Backpack, perfect for a wide range of sporting activities! In Stock Now on Amazon


Advanced Waterproof Technology

The ArcticDry Waterproof 30L Backpack is made from Premium PVC and engineered to take the strain of the elements, whether that be Rain, Mud, Sleet or Snow!

Rolltop Design

The rolltop design is a feature that allows you to securely fasten your drypack, and quickly move on to your next destination with comfort of mind knowing your items are protected from the elements.

Shoulder Straps & Handle

Whether you want to use this as a traditional backpack or just carry it around while on your adventures, you can do both.

The ArcticDry Waterproof 30L Backpack comes with sturdy & robust shoulder straps aswell as a thick handle for you to carry it around!


2 reviews for ArcticDry™ Ultimate Outdoors 100% Waterproof Backpack (UPDATED DESIGN)

  1. Alex Walsh

    Fantastic Waterproof Backpack. I have used this on so many hikes recently and the durability factor is something i love. I’ve put everything in this waterproof backpack including my phone, other valuables, food and drink, and the backpack itself has remained strong and waterproof.

    Perfect gift from my wife this was, i’ve always wanted a waterproof backpack and now i have one.

  2. arthur davis

    Solid waterproof backpack, does what it says it does and protects all my valuables from the elements. Only thing i wish ArcticDry did is offer this type of product in a slightly smaller package, for example like the current “manbags” people are carrying around, or a bumbag type product.

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