Why choose Water Resistant Socks?

So, why do you need a pair of Waterproof Socks?

There are many reasons why you may need a pair of fully Waterproof Socks. Let’s illustrate a few examples below:

1. Cycling

With Cycling you are inherently exposed to the elements: Wind, Rain, Snow, Ice, oh and if you’re lucky, the odd bit of sunshine! (In the UK at least). If you have ever ridden in the rain, you know the pain of taking your socks off after a ride, or if you prefer to not wear socks then godspeed, because your cleats will be utterly drenched.


You have a few options to combat this, either use overshoes (which can be a pain sometimes to put on, and some brands are rather clunky) or grab a pair of Waterproof Socks which will allow you to finish your cycle and not have completely soaked feet!