The Benefits of Waterproof Socks (UPDATED)

What are the Benefits of Waterproof Socks?



One thing that can surely mess up your outdoor adventure is getting your socks wet. It’s something we’ve all faced while out on a hike, and its something you have to get used to.

However, hopefully by reading this article on the obvious benefits of waterproof socks, you’ll be convinced that they are a must have item to carry around in your backpack.

Now, whether it is erroneously stepping in a pool of water or walking in puddles after it rains, the irritating feeling of wetness inside your shoes is enough to drive you bonkers!

This is why it is very important that you find the appropriate piece of inner-footwear while planning an outdoor trip.

One useful type of inner-footwear that might interest you is waterproof socks. These will not only keep your feet from getting wet but also come with a myriad of benefits.

Waterproof socks are very practical pieces of footwear that serve a varied number of purposes. They prove to be quite convenient in outdoor escapades and work well for different sporting activities.

From waterproof socks for hiking, mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, snorkeling, fishing to kayaking and cycling;

these socks will go a long way to ensure that you remain comfortable. They are designed to offer various benefits that you won’t find in the ordinary socks you are used to. Let us consider some the many benefits of waterproof socks that you will get from acquiring a pair of this kind of socks.

They Are Waterproof and Warm


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “waterproof hiking socks” is protection from moisture.

This is an essential property that will come in handy when hiking in wet/snowy conditions or taking part in sports like river rafting.

The socks ensure that the water doesn’t get to your feet, keeping them dry and warm.

Not only is it uncomfortable for your feet to be wet, but prolonged exposure to wet conditions can lead to undesirable health conditions such as trench foot.

This causes your feet to become numb, swollen, sore and discoloured. It is not something you want to have to deal with when you are out with family or friends on a fun day in the outdoors. Wearing this type of sock is a sure way of preventing trench foot and ensuring that you have a hassle-free outdoor experience. The benefits of Waterproof socks are huge, especially if you are an avid sportsperson.

ArcticDry Waterproof socks are made with 3 separate layers, making them warm, but at the same time, not too thick like some hiking socks on the market currently. This allows you to have warm feet but not sweaty feet, which is a big plus for many that purchase our product.

Hygiene and Cleanliness


When it rains while you are out hiking, chances are you’ll be stepping on puddles of water. Floodwater can really be dirty and unhygienic. If you are walking through large amounts of floodwater, there is a high possibility of exposing yourself to all kinds of contaminants; toxic substances, chemicals, raw sewage, animal waste, pesticides, and bacteria.

Data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency shows that continued exposure to contaminated floodwater can be associated with health conditions such as stomach upsets, flu symptoms, and intestinal problems.

If you have to walk outside after it has rained, one way to stay safe and avert all these health risks is to don a pair of waterproof socks. The ones we sell here at ArcticDry are triple layered for extra protection and really provide a solid level of protection.

Walking through debris


Physical hazards are not only found in floodwater, walking through snow or muddy conditions makes you vulnerable to all kinds of hazardous debris.

Strong winds, raging floodwaters, and moving ice can cause various sorts of dangerous items to be uprooted from the ground and be exposed on the surface. Even the tiniest piece of broken glass is enough to cause significant harm if it finds its way to your feet. This is one of the many fantastic benefits of waterproof socks.

Waterproof socks have a sturdy design that not only keeps the moisture out but also small pieces of debris that can puncture your skin.

Apart from wearing the appropriate shoes, having these on increases the level of safety when you have to walk through debris.

Traction and slip resistance


It can be quite challenging to get your footing right in wet conditions. If you have to hike or run in an area where it has just rained or snowed, the risk of slipping and hurting yourself is significantly enhanced.

This is especially true because normally, you are focused on where you are heading and not necessarily what’s under your feet. Waterproof Cycling Socks are designed partially with a Spandex material that provides increased traction to keep you from sliding inside your shoe. You won’t have to worry about falling in slippery conditions with this kind of footwear.

Chemical and solvents resistance


Water isn’t the only fluid that should worry you when you are outdoors. There are numerous chemicals, fuels, and additional solvents that can spill in your path and pose a great health risk. Generally, not many socks are designed to resist these kinds of solvents.

That’s why it would be wise to take extra precaution in case of any unexpected situations with a pair of Waterproof Socks.

Fortunately, these socks have chemical and solvent-resistant properties that will prove crucial if you ever get exposed to these toxic conditions; one of the many useful benefits of waterproof socks.

Shock and antistatic protection


Fallen power lines are a common consequence of different extreme weather conditions; a serious threat! And although you should never touch or approach a downed power line, you may sometimes find yourself having to move around fallen power lines that are blocking the road.

These socks keep moisture off your feet that help to reduce the risk of an electric shock.

Think about it logically, if the water never comes into contact with your skin, you cannot be electrocuted (in most circumstances). Regardless, it’s a layer of extra protection that you may very well need.

Practicality and comfort


One crucial advantage that waterproof socks have over regular socks is their high level of practicality. They are extremely durable and will remain in good shape even after months of use.

The fact that they protect your feet from moisture and the cold also means that your feet remain in the ideal state of comfort.

There is no irritation or pain, so you can comfortably continue with whatever sporting activity you are taking part in wet weather conditions. One of the many benefits of waterproof socks is the fact they are comfortable, with our socks here at ArcticDry being made of 3 layers, so they are ultra comfortable.

ArcticDry Waterproof Socks are practical in the sense that you can fold them up, back them in your backpack and be on your way in no time. They are not super thick like some large hiking socks or football socks, so can easily be stored and transported on your hiking journey!

Being triple layered also, they are incredibly comfortable and perfect for mid to long distance hikes due to the fact you wont get blisters as quickly.



Despite their specific structure, there is no limit to the number of activities that waterproof socks are applicable. They can be used for numerous sports activities and endeavours such as cycling, hiking, running and much more.

For instance, one weekend you may have them on during a long-distance hike and the next you can go fishing or kayaking in the same pair. They can be a great alternative to ordinary socks even when commuting to walk or playing soccer and basketball. In a nutshell, there is no activity restriction for the use of the socks.

Do Waterproof Socks Work?

If you have never heard of waterproof socks before, you are likely to be a sceptic, but we hope that by reading this article on the obvious benefits of waterproof socks, you have been converted and grab yourself a pair of ArcticDry Socks. They are such a useful item to carry around in your hiking kit, they offer salvation if you have a poor quality pair of hiking boots or similar.

The benefits of waterproof socks are plenty, as well as convenient. Here at ArcticDry we pride ourselves on the quality of our own Waterproof Socks; with tens of thousands of people already purchasing and loving our products on Amazon UK.

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