Can You Use Waterproof Socks for Sailing? (2022 UPDATED)

The Benefits of Waterproof Socks for Sailing


If you’ve ever tried sailing before, you know it can be a wet & dreary affair!

It’s a common misconception, but for most sailors, they aren’t geared up with fully waterproof overalls like your deep sea fishermen, usually they’re in shoes of some sort, and at most a pair of wellies. A great way of ensuring your feet remain comfortable in the cold is to invest in a pair of waterproof socks for sailing.

Unlike sailing boots, waterproof socks will not only assist to keep your feet dry and warm but also prove to be quite practical during your sailing adventure.

What are Waterproof Socks?


Waterproof socks resemble any other ordinary socks, only that they have been specially designed to keep water and moisture from reaching your feet, even when it gets inside your shoes.

This is thanks to a special three-layer construction that features a waterproof and breathable membrane sandwiched between a smooth-fabric inner layer and a durable outer layer.

Waterproof socks for sailing help to ensure that your feet are protected from the cold while keeping them comfortable throughout the sail.

The advantages of Waterproof Socks

There is a range of benefits that come with purchasing waterproof socks.

While most people assume that they are merely meant to protect you from moisture; the truth there is a lot more that they bring to the table. The following are the benefits of waterproof socks for sailing:

Protect your feet from wetness


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “waterproof socks” is protection from the water. This is a crucial property that will come in handy for anybody planning a sailing trip.

It goes without saying that when you sail, you are exposed to the possibility of getting wet from every angle.

Whether it is the strong waves from the surrounding sea or a heavy storm that ambushes you in the middle of a trip, you can always expect to get wet one way or another.

With waterproof socks, your feet will remain dry and warm, which is a result of the waterproof and breathable membrane in the sock construction. Even when the water gets into your sailing boots or deck shoes, you can rest assured that your feet will remain dry.

This will help to protect you from deadly frostbite and conditions like swelling or numbing that come as a consequence of prolonged exposure to wetness.

Keep Your Feet Comfortable


Waterproof socks are also practical when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable in the harsh sailing conditions. Their triple-layer makes them thicker than ordinary socks, which ensures that they are bouncy to walk in.

This reduces the pressure exerted on the soles of your feet as you walk or run up and down the sailing boat. The inner layer is usually constructed for comfort and insulation, with materials such as merino, wool, bamboo, and polyester being used for this part.

These have a soft texture that keeps your feet cozy when they rub against the fabric. Meanwhile, the outer layer of the sock is padded to provide extra cushioning when you move around.

All these features are meant to make you comfortable throughout the time you’ll be sailing.

Enhance Traction and Slip Resistance


It is quite difficult to maintain your footing in wet conditions such as those associated with sailing. The water keeps on getting on deck, exposing you to the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

It is also possible to slip inside your sailing boots when the water gets inside them. However, all this will be a thing of the past when you don a pair of waterproof socks for sailing. Firstly, they are made with spandex material that hugs on to your feet to provide a tight fit.

This helps to improve traction when you walk and the padded heel and toes make your feet less shifty inside your shoes. The enhanced grip ensures that you remain stable at all times, even while wearing wet shoes.

They are Durable


Durability is one of the many benefits of waterproof socks for sailing. Despite their application in tough and demanding conditions, these socks have a rugged construction that allows them to serve you diligently for years with deteriorating in functionality.

The outer layer is constructed using nylon and other synthetic fibers that make them formidable enough to be abrasion and tear-resistant. This means that they won’t lose their shape easily despite being used regularly.

It also ensures that you’ll be protected from any debris, such as small stones and broken pieces of glass that somehow get inside your shoes. They won’t be able to puncture the socks and end up hurting your skin.

They are Versatile


Another feature that makes these socks such an invaluable investment is that they have limited applications. Apart from being used for sailing purposes, waterproof socks will be suitable for practically any form of outdoor activity that you participate in.

In any sport that will warrant protection from moisture, including skiing, snorkeling, running, snowboarding, etc. waterproof socks will prove to be a handy part of your gear.

Their high level of practicality also allows you to use them just like ordinary socks. You can wear them to the office on those cold winter mornings or when it rains without feeling out of place.

Breathability and Moisture-wicking Properties


Waterproof socks are quite breathable, unlike ordinary socks. The inner layer features numerous perforations that are tiny enough to stop water molecules from getting through but large enough to allow gas molecules to pass through.

Together with their moisture-wicking qualities, your feet remain dry even when you sweat inside your socks. The heat from your body causes the sweat, in form of vapour, to move to the colder outer layer of the socks, keeping you dry and comfortable even when the conditions at sea are hot and sunny.

Easy Maintenance


Waterproof socks are also quite easy to care for. All you need to do is hand wash them in lukewarm or cold water mixed with mild detergent and air dry to get them clean again.

It will take you merely a matter of minutes to get your socks ready for another session of use.


Clearly, the benefits of waterproof socks for sailing cannot be emphasized. You need to keep your feet warm and comfortable when you take on a demanding activity such as sailing. Investing in a fresh pair of waterproof socks will be a great first step to ensuring that you have a fulfilling adventure at sea.