Waterproof Cycling Socks – (2022 UPDATED GUIDE)

Are Waterproof Cycling Socks Worth It?



Cycling can be a tedious and demanding activity, especially if you are doing it in harsh conditions. The last thing you want is to be in such a situation while wearing the wrong kind of attire. Being in the ideal clothing gear will go a long way to ensure that your ride doesn’t turn into a struggle.

Since your feet do the most work during cycling, it makes sense that you would want to prioritise them when searching for the right cycling gear.

And this doesn’t only entail the right pair of shoes but, also a nice pair of socks. If you are an avid cyclist who enjoys going for long outdoor bike rides, here is why you should get yourself a pair of waterproof cycling shoes.

You’ll have a comfortable ride


Waterproof socks for cycling are a great accessory that will keep you comfortable throughout the ride.

They are made using warm and stretchy material that makes for a tight fit. This means you won’t have to worry about your socks getting loose and sliding down your ankle no matter how fast or vigorously you are riding.

These protective socks also have a layer of padding on the heels and toes to reduce the impact against your feet as you ride.

You can go cycling for hours without your feet numbing out and getting sore. Finally, waterproof cycling socks are made of multiple layers of fabric that make them cushiony and more shock absorbing. This will make sure that you can look forward to the next riding session as eagerly opposed to waiting for your feet to heal.

Your feet will remain warm and dry


Waterproof Socks such as the ones we create here at ArcticDry are suitable for all kinds of weather and will come in even handier when you are cycling in wet conditions. They are manufactured using waterproof technology that will block off any moisture outside from getting into contact with your feet.

Even when you have to walk through puddles of water after it has rained or carry your bike through a muddy dirt road in the woods, your feet will remain dry.

Waterproof cycling socks further make use of insulating technology that will keep your feet warm in cold situations.

This keeps the cold outside from getting through your socks to your feet, ensuring that even though the conditions outside are ice-cold, your feet stay warm at all times. The combination of waterproofing and insulating properties results in a superior pair of footwear that serves as a good investment.

You will use them for a lifetime


Waterproof socks are built to last! This is because they make use of high-quality material that will remain intact even after days of continuous use. These socks are resistant to both abrasions and punctures that may be caused but outdoor elements like debris and small twigs.

You’ll also have an easy time maintaining them as you only need to hand wash them with ordinary detergent after use. Moreover, they won’t shrink after being washed the way ordinary socks would. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore their maintenance altogether.

You can use them in multiple situations


The name “waterproof cycling socks” does not limit the use of these amazing footwear to cycling. The truth is these are a versatile footwear accessory that can be used in a varied number of conditions and for multiple purposes. Their practicability ensures that apart from using them while cycling,

Waterproof socks give you the comfort of donning in other sporting activities like snorkelling, skiing, snowboarding, running, river rafting, fishing, and many more.

Waterproof cycling socks are also comfortable enough to be used for your day to day activities. This will include anything from commuting to work to manicuring your home garden or carrying out plumbing work in the backyard. There is basically no limit to the use of these socks; provided you maintain them as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Your feet will be less sweaty


Going out for a bike ride gets your feet working by pushing on the pedals, which means that they will have to perspire. Continuous perspiration will get your feet all sweaty and wet, making the experience very irritating and uncomfortable. Thankfully, waterproof socks for cycling will keep you from such a circumstance. They have moisture wicking properties that will absorb and release any sweat inside your socks.

They are also very breathable to allow free airflow inside your socks and give your feet the comfort of uninterrupted breathing. This not only ensures that your feet are dry, but also cozy and comfortable.

You get great value for your money


Even though waterproof socks a bit costly, they are far more effective than any other cheaper options you can find. Their general performance is superior and they deliver on all promises by the manufacturer.

They will keep your feet warm and dry, protect you from minor injuries, last a lifetime, and prove to be useful in multiple situations.

Their versatility is equal to none, meaning you’ll have a hard time finding another accessory to substitute them. When you consider all the benefits that waterproof cycling socks offer, you will realise that the value they offer overwhelms the cost by far.

The next time you plan to go out biking in wet or cold weather, you might want to think about suiting up appropriately for the conditions. A new pair of waterproof cycling socks is one piece of footwear accessory you should definitely consider when you go out shopping for cycling gear.

Questions & Answers

Are Waterproof Cycling Socks durable?

We can’t speak for all brands of waterproof cycling socks, but for the one’s we produce here at ArcticDry, we can confidently say that our’s are some of the toughest on the market.

They are made from 3 layers with the central layer being a waterproof membrane, therefore this means they are inherently more durable than your average cycling sock.

If you look at the reviews we get for our own arcticdry waterproof cycling socks you’ll see no’one has ever had an issue with durability.