Waterproof Socks

Waterproof Socks

What are Waterproof Socks?

Waterproof Socks are specially designed socks with one function in mind: being completely Waterproof and protecting you from wet feet.

They work by being multi layered and having a central layer that consists of a waterproof membrane. This membrane is porous enough to allow water vapour to escape, but not porous enough to allow water/moisture inside the sock.

They have a fantastic application to many different sports to help prevent wet feet and keep your feet dry, such as Wild Camping Trips, Hiking, Cycling, Running, Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Golf, Fishing and much more. They are perfect for Men, Women & Children.

If you would like to know more, please read the rest of this page, or for quicker infomation, please read our article below or click here: The Benefits of Waterproof Socks

What can they be used for?

Ok so what can they be used for? They are perfect for a variety of sporting activities, including extreme sports. They are also suited for every day activities to help keep your feet dry.

Hiking & Walking

These socks are a fantastic addition to anyone who is into hiking, trekking, rambling or backpacking. They are portable, lightweight and of course will protect you from the elements, ie: Rain, Mud, Snow, Ice.

If you’re looking for our suggestions on the best hiking products, check out our page: Best Hiking Gear


Cycling is another sport that lends itself to the usage of Waterproof Socks. The general poor weather conditions at least here in the UK mean that often during a Cycle you are left with soggy feet and/or legs. Waterproof socks are the perfect solution to this, especially the ones here at ArcticDry as they are made from Nylon which are lightweight.

Why you need Waterproof Cycling Socks


Golfing is an extremely popular sport and guess what? Waterproof Socks are an absolute peach for this sporting choice. We have so many customers that use our Socks for Golfing, and its because the same problem occurs, when you’re on the green you can often get soggy feet, and Waterproof socks are the perfect solution.

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Waterproof Socks for fishing are an obvious combination. Fishing is a sport/hobby where at some point its likely you will get wet feet, whether thats intentionally or unintentionally. Now, a great solution to this is to grab a pair of Kneelength Waterproof Socks, as they are slightly longer and offer a bit more protection.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding is yet another endeavour in which Waterproof Socks are the perfect choice. Snow and Ice can ruin your feet, especially if you dont have good footwear. Therefore, the best choice would be to grab a pair of waterproof socks to protect yourself.

Material Composition

Waterproof Socks typically come in one of two “blends” shall we say. Here at ArcticDry we currently produce both, with our Nylon / Coolmax Blend being our Bestseller (due to being more lightweight & moisture wicking.

Nylon & Coolmax Material Blend

This blend of materials utilises the lightweight and moisture-wicking properties of Nylon. Nylon does not absorb water the way other fibres do and this makes it perfect for Waterproof Socks to keep your feet dry

100% Merino Wool Socks UK

100% Merino Wool Socks offer more warmth and slightly more comfort, merino wool is known for its thermal properties and thus is a very popular sock for those in the Military. Merino wool helps to keep your feet dry.

Weatherproof Socks

Hydrostatic Head Pressure Rating

ArcticDry Socks are designed to be able to withstand a hydrostatic head greater than 10,000mm. (BS3424: Part 26; Method 29A: 1990)

This basically means that if a huge column of water was hitting the sock from above, the sock can withstand the pressure of the water, still providing waterproof protection despite the added pressure force.

Why does HHPR Matter?

Hydrostatic head pressure rating is very important when it comes to analysing the performance of waterproof socks / weatherproof socks.

Companies like Berghaus & Northface often design their infamous waterproof jackets to be able to withstand pressures of a minimum of 8,000mm, so 10,000mm is plenty enough to protect you from the elements!

How do you wash waterproof socks?

Washing them is easy..


As strange as it sounds, washing these type of socks is not as daunting as it sounds.

You don’t need special waterproofing treatment, waxes, waterproof sprays or any other chemical. Due to the Waterproof Membrane being located in the central portion of the sock, you can wash the inside and the outside thoroughly with no risk of damage to the membrane.

Step 1:

Fill a bowl with lukewarm soapy water. It’s important not to use boiling hot water (no matter how smelly you think your feet are) as you don’t want to damage the product.

Step 2:

Turn your socks inside out, and thoroughly wash them in the lukewarm soapy water. If you don’t have soap at hand you can even use a body wash type product, none of these will damage the waterproof lining.

Step 3:

Turn them inside out and repeat the process. Allow them to air/hang dry and do not dry on a radiator or heater. Ideally just keep them outside and let them dry in the open air.

What you need to know before you buy

Before you purchase Waterproof Socks

Before you spend your hard earned money on a brand new pair of waterproof hiking socks, it’s worth noting a few things. Namely the size of your feet, and what you’re going to use them for.

Is this a product that you really need for your sport of choice? For some sports the risk of getting wet and cold are more-so than others, so you may not need them

Another key thing to think about is how much waterproof protection do you actually need? If you just need to protect your feet and ankles then our ankle-length socks are a perfect fit, however if you’re after higher levels of protection then perhaps a Kneelength Waterproof Sock is more suitable instead of a mid calf waterproof hiking sock.

If you want to know more or have further questions about waterproof hiking socks, please check out our FAQ below:


Due to being made from Nylon, Spandex & Coolmax, ArcticDry socks are a bit more forgiving than some other products on the market, for reference please see our Size Guide below:

SizeFoot Size
SmallUK 4-8 / EU 37-42
MediumUK 8-11 / EU 42-46
LargeUK 11-13 / EU 46-48

Mid Calf v Kneelength

The material used in both of these sock designs is exactly the same, but with the kneelength socks, as opposed to mid calf you get more protection, so if you need protection up to the knee then this may be the best product to purchase.

Kneelength waterproof hiking socks are perfect for activities like Fishing, Wading, Boating etc, with the Ankle-length socks being more perfect for Cycling, Running, Hiking, Golfing and much more.

Benefits of Waterproof Socks

Waterproof & Warm

This should come as no surprise, but waterproof socks are by definition waterproof and keep your feet warm.

This is because are made from 3 distinct layers & inherently means they have more insulation than your regular hiking sock. This means that not only do you get waterproof protection from the elements, but they keep your feet warm.

Resistant to Debris

Having a pair of these socks will protect you from external debris.

While hiking you may step on various things which could injure you, but because these are made from 3 layers, you stand a better chance of being protected compared to if you were wearing a thin pair of normal socks or cheap hiking socks.

Practicality & Comfort

Being that they are made from 3 layers, this type of sock lends itself to comfort.

Compared to a regular hiking sock, the material composition is more forgiving, less itchy and more snug. Meaning what exactly? Well you can enjoy your hike a little more, and a little longer; without fear of your socks wearing out and causing blisters.

Traction & Anti-Slip

While they aren’t made from rubber, waterproof socks can really add a little to your traction partially due to the material they are made from and also being that they fit quite snug and unlike a normal sock or football/soccer sock.

they wont move around too much leading to the risk of slipping.

Chemical Resistance

These socks are inherently protective against not only the elements, but also chemical elements (to a degree, obviously we are not saying they are resistant to sulphuric acid!)

If there are various nasty chemicals that have spilled during your hike or unfortunately get splashed onto your feet, this product will indefinitely protect you more so than a regular pair of hiking socks.

Antistatic protection

Having a pair of these socks are useful for protecting against shock and static.

The reason being is that they are multilayered and waterproof, meaning that if water cannot penetrate and touch your skin, you are fundamentally protected.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

This added benefit may not be as obvious when you first think about it, but here’s how they can help massively with hygiene..Being that they are Waterproof, they protect your feet from external gunk, grime & nastiness that may want to creep in to your hiking boots.

This of course is a huge bonus because depending on what it is, it could cause infection, irritation or worse. Fundamentally, having a pair of waterproof socks is a huge bonus to your kit.


Now this kind of goes without saying, but with normal hiking socks they are not that well rounded in terms of what you can use them for.

However, with these type of socks you are able to use them for many different sports, such as hiking, cycling, fossil hunting, fishing, golfing and many more, meaning that you don’t need to go out and purchase a sports-specific pair of socks for each activity. These socks have you covered for every endeavour.

Waterproof Socks for Running

Perfect for Running & Toughmudder

Waterproof Socks for Running are extremely useful, and plenty of our customers use Waterproof Socks for running events and tough-mudder style obstacle course races.

But aren’t they sweaty?

This is not an issue with the socks we produce here at ArcticDry as the waterproof membrane we use is porous enough to allow water vapour to escape, yet able to block water from entering and ruining your race!

Aren’t they too Thick?

ArcticDry Socks are thick enough to keep you warm, yet thin enough to allow you to do things like Cycling, Running, Hiking and much more. In essence, they are thin thermal socks.

Do i need special shoes?

Nope. Waterproof Running Socks such as ours here at ArcticDry are perfectly fine to use with normal running footwear.

The Best Waterproof Socks

Why our’s are the Best Waterproof Socks.

High Quality Materials

ArcticDry Socks use the highest quality Nylon, Spandex, Coolmax, & Merino Wools. We also make sure our waterproof membrane’s are rigorously tested to ensure they are the best waterproof socks they can possibly be.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5* Customer Feedback


It sounds cliche, but we really do pride ourselves on our customer service. If you aren’t happy with your product simply let us know the problem, and we’ll fix it.

Our customers on Amazon have given us 5* Feedback across almost 200 reviews (with the only negative ones being related to Amazon Delivery)


Where can I buy ArcticDry Waterproof Socks?

Waterproof Socks Amazon

ArcticDry Waterproof Socks are currently available on Amazon. We have built up a reputation on Amazon as can be seen from our reviews and also our private customer feedback.

We are currently number 1 on Amazon UK for Waterproof Socks. Our quality and customer service is unmatched, and if you ever have an issue with your Amazon order, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Where is the link to purchase them?

Please either purchase ArcticDry Waterproof Socks here on Amazon, or simply while on Amazon search for ArcticDry

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, through Amazon refunds are accepted and allowed, if the product has not been used or the packaging damaged.

Do you sell on ArcticDry.co.uk also?

We have plans to fulfill orders via our main website here at ArcticDry.co.uk. We will inform everyone on social media and email when this is the case.


Questions about Waterproof Socks

Popular Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions (and our answers of course) here at ArcticDry. Hopefully if you’ve ever thought the same we have answered your question! 🙂

Can you Use Waterproof Socks for Swimming?

No, but you can use our Kneelength Waterproof Socks for Wading & Shallow Water, alot of Fishermen use this product when they are out and about fishing.

However, they make the perfect accessory to use at the Beach, whether you just want to protect your feet from fish biting at your ankles, or from various tough terrain in shallow water/pools.

Are Waterproof Socks Durable?

Yes, extremely durable. They are constructed from 3 separate layers and are able to Withstand a Hydrostatic Head of over 10,000mm, aka: They are pretty dam tough!

How do you Wash Waterproof Socks?

If you haven’t seen the section above ^ then please visit this guide on How to Wash Waterproof Socks.

Are Waterproof Cycling Socks Good?

Waterproof Cycling Socks are perfect for Road Cycling, MTB, BMX Riding and more, as often cyclists get extremely wet and muddy during rides, so they’re the perfect companion.

ArcticDry Waterproof Cycling Socks are perfect because they have the combination of being pretty lightweight, coupled with being made from 3 layers & waterproof, the best of both worlds!

Are Waterproof Hiking Socks worth purchasing?

Absolutely, many of our customers are Hikers and they have Waterproof Socks as an essential part of their Hiking Equipment.

They’re extremely versatile in a hiking situation, whether you just want a pair of warmer socks, or whether you’re after pure waterproof protection.

How long do Waterproof Socks last?

This depends on how you take care of your product. Many of our customers have had their socks for years with no problems, however, when washing them, make sure to use lukewarm water and wash them inside out, without using any harsh detergents.

Are they similar to Gore-Tex Socks?

ArcticDry Socks are veyr similar to Gore Tex Socks in the sense we use a waterproof membrane. However, Gore-Tex Socks are a brand of waterproof material, and not used by all manufacturers.

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