Do Waterproof Socks Actually Work? (UPDATED GUIIDE)

Do waterproof socks actually work?


Yes, waterproof socks do actually work. They work because they have an impermeable waterproof membrane in the central layer which stops water from entering, but they are also porous enough to let your feet breathe. They actually work very well, and ours here at ArcticDry are fully Waterproof.


Some people look at waterproof socks with a fair share of skepticism.

The thought of a sock that will prevent water from getting to your feet, as well as keep them from getting hot and sweaty seems like a long shot.

But thanks to advancements in technology (for example here at ArcticDry), the latest waterproof hiking socks being produced may actually live up to these specifications.

You might be in need of a pair of this useful footwear accessory the next time you plan a hiking adventure or hit the road for a fishing trip, so it would make sense to know the answer to the following question:

Do waterproof socks work?

Waterproof socks will come in handy whenever you want to waterproof your feet in wet conditions. If you’ve ever found yourself in a rainy situation that ended up in a week of healing from mildewed and peeling feet, you’ll understand the need for these socks.

Waterproof socks like the ones here at ArcticDry utilise a mix of waterproofing and insulating technologies, in addition to high-grade construction to bring you a functionally superior product.

The socks are constructed using soft fabric, mixed with StretchDry technology & PU to create a waterproof, windproof, and breathable sock that will apply in numerous outdoor activities.


There are several useful properties that make waterproof socks such a useful and practical product for any outdoor enthusiast.

If you are wondering how these amazing footwear accessories can be of help to you, you’d be glad to know their many qualities as follows:

They are 100% waterproof



Waterproof socks come with waterproofing technology that allows you to wade through puddles of water without getting the moisture to your feet.

This a very important feature if you plan to go hiking in icy or snowy conditions.

The socks will also prove quite crucial if a better part of your daily schedule involves being in wet conditions. Whether it’s sporting activities like snorkelling, cycling, fishing, and river rafting or simply doing plumbing work, these socks will ensure that your feet remain dry at all times.

They will protect you from the irritating feeling of having wet feet, aside from reducing the possibility of developing mildew on your feet.

The waterproof socks here at ArcticDry are perfect for sportsmen and sportswomen because they use technology that makes gives the sock an impermeable waterproof layer that makes sure you can ski, snowboard, or run all day without getting your feet wet.

They allow your feet to breathe and stay warm


The impressive thing about waterproof socks is that despite being impermeable to water, they still come with breathable membranes that allow air to flow freely through to your feet.

It also ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the hike. This is achieved by finding the perfect balance between waterproofing and breathability, thanks to the high-quality materials that are used during the manufacturing process.


The technology can be compared in simple terms to the one used in wet suits, in which a stretchy, close-fitting fabric is used that doesn’t allow water to get through.

For example, ArcticDry waterproof socks make use of a three-layered water-resistant system that helps to keep your feet warm and dry, yet still, allow for ample breathability.

They will protect you from minor injuries


Waterproof socks are designed to be tough and rugged, ensuring that you can use them in harsh terrain without the risk of getting scratched. If you have to walk through debris-filled terrain with broken pieces of glass, small twigs, and stones, you can count on these amazing accessories to keep your feet safe.

The socks have multiple-layered designs that make them strong and abrasive-resistant. This should also assure you that they aren’t easily punctured and won’t allow any of these tiny particles to get to your skin.

You can’t say you’ll find the same quality in ordinary socks.

What’s so impressive about the socks we produce here at ArcticDry is that they feature a sophisticated triple layered combo of nylon, spandex, and Coolmax, in addition to a waterproof inner membrane that results in an unbreakable product.

They are super comfy


Waterproof socks are also very comfortable to walk in. The three layers of material they are made of make them cushiony and do a good job of absorbing shock as you walk.

This means you can stay on a hike all day long or run a half-marathon with a reduced “pounding-effect” on your feet. No more worrying about sore and aching feet when you finally get back home from your outdoor adventure.

The aspect of comfort is reinforced by soft padding on the toes and heels that protect your feet from the strain as you step on the ground.

There is also enough room for toes to wriggle, not to mention a tight-fitting design that won’t trouble you with sagging socks while taking part in strenuous activity.

They are very durable and low-maintenance


We already know that waterproof socks are built for harsh conditions, meaning it will take more than just a scratch for them to deteriorate in performance. The implication is that they will last for years while offering all the qualities that pushed you to acquire them in the first place.

But the best part is that not much is required to keep this incredible footwear accessory in top-shape. For instance, when it comes to ArcticDry waterproof socks, washing them involves a simple process that won’t take you a minute.

All you need to do is turn them inside out, hand wash in lukewarm water using soap, then turn them back inside out before hanging to dry.

You can use them again as soon as they dry, and you need not to worry about them losing shape through shrinking or getting loose.

They can be used for multiple adventures

Multipurpose Waterproof Socks

When thinking of acquiring a pair of waterproof socks, you might want to consider getting more than just a pair. This is because they have proven to be a useful item of wear to always have in your wardrobe.

There is no limit to the number of situations you can use your waterproof socks.

They are so versatile that they will comfortably apply in long outdoor hikes in all kinds of conditions, as well as remain relevant in sporting activities like snorkelling, ice skating, kayaking, cycling, Paddleboarding golfing, fishing, and the list goes on.

Waterproof socks are still flexible enough to be used for everyday activities. Whether you are commuting to work on a rainy day or performing some plumbing work on your backyard, these socks will fit in perfectly in those situations.

The number of benefits that waterproof walking socks provide is endless and this should be a true testament to the functionality and practicability of these amazing products.

If you keep on finding yourself in cold and wet areas, whether it’s through your work or during your pastime; buying a few pairs of waterproof socks would be an investment worth making. You get real value for your money here at ArcticDry, and you get to enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Questions on Waterproof Socks

What are Waterproof Socks made of?

An interesting question! And this will typically be different for each company depending on the blend of materials used. For the socks we make here at ArcticDry we use a blend of Spandex, Nylon and Coolmax.

We use this blend of materials because of their various properties, including being stretchy and also antimicrobial. Thicker wools and cottons would make the product bulkier, and more prone to smelly feet or poor breathability.

Why are Waterproof Socks so expensive?

Waterproof Socks are expensive because of the functions that they provide, aka: protecting you from the elements: Mud, Snow, & Rain.

A normal pair of socks is made in a much simpler way also compared to Waterproof Socks, and because it’s more complicated to make a Waterproof Sock, it means that the price is slightly higher, sorry!

How do you wash Waterproof Socks?

It kind of sounds like an oxymoron, how do you wash waterproof socks? Yet it’s not as difficult as one would think it. You don’t need to use any special chemicals, or do anything crazy to wash your waterproof socks, simply do the following:

Step 1: Fill a bowl with warm soapy water, make sure not to use boiling hot water or any chemicals (like bleach) that will damage the product or the stitching unnecessarily

Step 2:Turn your ArcticDry Waterproof Socks inside out, being careful with the product and not to damage any stitching, then simply wash with the lukewarm soapy water.

Step 3:Turn them inside out again and begin to clean the outside layer of the sock. Leave them out to air dry, and do not let them dry on a hot radiator or use a hairdryer. Let them drip-dry and then they will be ready to use again, pronto! 😀

Can I use Waterproof Socks for Running?

The answer is most definitely yes, a lot of our customers here at ArcticDry use Waterproof Socks for things like tough mudder events but also just general keep-fit type of stuff too. The reason they work well as Running socks is because they aren’t inherently super thick like soccer/football socks, so you can use them easily for your daily run without feeling like you’re being dragged down.

Can I use Waterproof Socks for Swimming?

This is a question we actually get quite a lot at ArcticDry, and while we are working on a product similar to this at the moment, currently this product does not exist. With our socks you’re essentially protected up to the highest point of the sock, so unfortunately if you wore them during a deep sea dive, then you’ll get wet feet like anyone else.

This is definitely a product we are interested in and something we’ll keep you updated on!

Waterproof Golf Socks – Are they good?

Based on our own customer research here at ArcticDry, Waterproof Golf Socks are incredibly popular at the moment, with a ton of athletes choosing to use them out on the green. Especially in UK weather which is notoriously bad.

Waterproof Socks – Hunting & Fishing

Our socks work just like they would for any boating enthusiast or hiker, for hunting & fishing they also perform fantastically. The Kneelength socks would be recommended to Fishermen as they need that extra bit of protection typically, and for those hunting you have the choice, but either way they are a perfect fit for both hunting and fishing alike.

What are the Best Waterproof Socks?

Well obviously there is no comparison to the ones we produce here at ArcticDry. We take every care to ensure our products are fully waterproof, made from the finest quality materials and rigorously tested before leaving the warehouse.

Being a UK based brand, we have a high quality standard to adhere to, in laymans terms: Our products need to be good, because British people would basically tell us the product sucks, we’re very honest like that!

We strongly believe we produce the best waterproof socks, because we have a huge passion for this flagship product of ours, and we believe fully and truly in the performance of this product.