The Best Down Jacket – UK (UPDATED GUIDE)

The Best Down Jacket UK



Best Down Jacket UKPriceRatingView
The North Face Thermoball Jacket£162.854.5 / 5View
Arc'Teryx Men's Cerium Jacket£345.994.5 / 5View
The North Face Nuptse Jacket£1704.5 / 5View
Columbia Pike Lake Jacket£108.664.5 / 5View
Berghaus Extreme Micro Down Jacket£236.11 4.5 / 5View
Columbia Women's Barlow Down Jacket£91.264.5 / 5View
Black Diamond Down Jacket£113.994.5 / 5View
Berghaus Popena Womens Down Jacket£141.935 / 5View
Regatta Women's Fermina II£54.074.5 / 5View
Columbia Outdry™ Ex Eco Down Jacket£420N/AView

If you are going hiking or mountaineering, it is almost inevitable that you’ll be dealing with low-temperature conditions.

This can easily turn your time in the outdoors into your worst nightmare, especially if you didn’t bring the right type of clothing.

The right down jacket can do a great job of shielding you from undesirable conditions, aka: 8 months of the year in the UK!

These deliver efficient and lightweight cold weather protection against without weighing you down with bulkiness.

They can also easily be stowed away and carried, making them the perfect gear to take on a hiking trip. If you’ve never had a down jacket before, then let this article guide you towards the best choice! 🙂 If you’re not after down, then check out our other recent article: The Best Waterproof Jacket Under 100

In this post, we will be reviewing the best hikers jacket filled with down that you can buy today!

Best Down Jackets – Buyer’s Guide


Down jackets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are a few decisions you might have to make during shopping to ensure that you carry home the ideal jacket for you.

Some of these include the following:

Down Vs Synthetic Fill


Among the major choices you’ll have to make is whether to buy a down-filled or synthetic-filled jacket. Down (goose) filled jackets usually offer the ideal warmth to weight ratio compared to any other insulating material.

Naturally, it is a highly compressible material and this is what makes it the perfect choice when balancing between warmth provision and weight.

The only grievance is that it is expensive and has poor moisture management attributes.

On the other side, synthetic filled jackets handle moisture better than their counterparts. They manage to retain some insulating value despite being wet and also dry faster. Not to mention that they are cheaper down the line. On the downside, synthetics aren’t as compressible, which increases the weight of the jacket.

Overall, down jackets are better preferred by most outdoorsmen but depending on the environment you’ll be hiking in, the choice is yours to make!

Moisture Management


One of the major critics of down jackets is that they lose their insulating property when they get wet and take and entirety to dry. This becomes a problem when there is an unexpected downpour on the trail. A wet jacket won’t shield you from the cold!

A possible way to try and mitigate this would be to find a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) fabric shell on the jacket.

This goes a long way to enhance the waterproofness of the jacket, helping to avoid dampness when it rains.

However, you should note the DWR doesn’t make a jacket waterproof; the best solution for you would be prevention. You want to try your best to keep the jacket dry, even if it means finding shelter when you notice the dark clouds gathering. Alternatively, you can wear a rain shell over your down jacket.

Some manufacturers choose to use hydrophobic down on their jackets. This implies that the down has already been treated with DWR, which helps to keep it from absorbing moisture and getting wet. This also expedites the drying process, although it’s not an air-tight solution! In todays list of best down jacket uk, finding a jacket with good moisture management is essential.

Down Fill Power


Down fill power refers to a metric that determines the quality of down in your jacket. Down with greater fill power offers better warmth and is more compressible compared to down with less fill power.

Regarding the best down jacket uk, a fill power of 800 and above is considered as high quality and will provide you with the required level of warmth. As expected, a higher fill power equates to a higher price tag, so you also want to consider your budget when making this decision.

Shell Fabric

Most down jackets utilise modern lightweight fabrics, which provide an excellent balance between durability and weight. The most ultralight down jackets will typically use 10 denier or 7 denier for the shell and liner. While these deliver amazingly lightweight results, they require great care to last.

Elsewhere, you can also find down jackets with 20 denier fabric. This may not be as lightweight but offers significantly higher durability.

Most of these shell fabrics are also DWR treated to keep away the moisture and prevent the jacket from getting damp.

Will a Hood be Necessary?

A hooded down jacket will be a nice choice as it protects your face from the cold winds, and in this article about the best down jacket uk, it’s an essential feature in our opinion, but not all winter jackets are made equal!

It ensures that your head remains warm since it is attached to the jacket and this helps when it comes to heat retention.

If you’re going on a multiple day camping adventure, a hooded jacket will come in handy when it’s time to sleep. Moreso, if your sleeping bag is hoodless. The best part is that the hood doesn’t add much weight to the jacket!


The best down jackets UK have handwarmer pockets usually located at the front. These are designed to sit above the backpacks hip belt when you fasten it. It is even better when you find a jacket with zippered handwarmer pockets because this allows you to store small items and accessories such as keys and phones.

To increase the storing capacity of the down jacket, some manufacturers include chest pockets, either internally or externally. Generally, a good down jacket should have two handwarmer pockets to go with one chest pocket.

The Best Down Jacket UK – Reviews


Best Down Jacket UKPriceRatingView
The North Face Thermoball Jacket£162.854.5 / 5View
Arc'Teryx Men's Cerium Jacket£345.994.5 / 5View
The North Face Nuptse Jacket£1704.5 / 5View
Columbia Pike Lake Jacket£108.664.5 / 5View
Berghaus Extreme Micro Down Jacket£236.11 4.5 / 5View
Columbia Women's Barlow Down Jacket£91.264.5 / 5View
Black Diamond Down Jacket£113.994.5 / 5View
Berghaus Popena Womens Down Jacket£141.935 / 5View
Regatta Women's Fermina II£54.074.5 / 5View
Columbia Outdry™ Ex Eco Down Jacket£420N/AView

The North Face Men’s Thermoball Jacket


The North Face Thermoball down jacket is a versatile all-season layer that will impress you with its serious mountain performance. It is made of 100% rip-stop nylon shell that is hardwearing and best suited to handle the rigors of the outdoors.

This has been reinforced by a 100% polyester insulation to retain the warmth inside and keep you comfortable in the freezing conditions. Synthetic fill has been used on the Thermoball, meaning you still enjoy its insulating properties even when it gets a little damp.

This makes the jacket a great choice for rainy weather, especially if you want to avoid animal-related clothing.

The nylon shell is water-resistant and will keep away snow and rain to some extent. Meanwhile, the insulation serves to trap air and reduce heat loss so that you are protected against the cold.

The collar of the jacket rises high and secures at the front to shield your neck against the cold winds and a chin guard has been included. You also get two pockets on either and its concealed main zipper gives it a seamless appearance when you put it on.

The down jacket gets its name from the insulation, which is also referred to as Thermoball.

Overall, it offers a nice fit with a lightweight design that won’t trouble you with bulkiness.

It is available in a range of exciting colors that you can incorporate onto your outfit.

Choose from adventurous options such as Cardinal red, Sequoia red, Asphalt grey, Blur, Gingerbread brown, etc. On the downside, it doesn’t come with a hood, so you might want to carry a hat to shield your head against the cold breeze.


  1. Retains insulation wen damp
  2. Fits true to size
  3. Available in multiple colors
  4. Packable and lightweight


  1. No hood

Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody


The Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody is a remarkable piece of outdoor gear that you’ll want to have during a camping trip. It boasts a stylish unisex design that allows you to remain fashionable even as you try to fend off the cold temperatures.

The Cerium LT Hoody features both down and synthetic fibers for its insulation material.

It mixes duck down and Coreloft synthetic fibres to retain its insulation properties even after exposure to moisture.

The Coreloft fibers perform exceptionally well in humid conditions and are also quick-drying. These have conveniently been used in areas that are prone to moisture, such as the wrist cuffs, under the armpits, and below the chin.

The 850 fill-power of the jacket is quite impressive by industry standards and helps to ensure that you get the level of warmth you desire. The outer shell of the jacket features Airetica 20*10 denier ripstop nylon that is not only soft to the touch but also abrasion-resistant.

You’ll appreciate the range of useful features that the manufacturer incorporated into this jacket. Firstly, there are two zippered hand pockets that you can bury your hands in when it gets unbearably cold or store any small items like keys.

You also get an adjustable hood with drawcord for manual adjustment to ensure that your head is well insulated.

A drawcord hem allows you to trap the heat inside while a zippered internal pocket r enhances the storage capacity.

When you are not using the jacket, a stuff sack has been included for secure storage and easy carrying. This reduces the likelihood of losing your jacket when you’re not wearing it.

On the downside, the manufacturer used a very slim performance cut for this down jacket. The implication is that the Cerium LT may not offer the best fit for some people, especially those who prefer a wider fit with more space below the armpits.


  1. Cute design
  2. Internal chest pocket
  3. Adjustable hood
  4. Durable shell fabric


  1. Slim cut
  2. Expensive

North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse

The 1996 Retro Nuptse jacket from North Face has proven to be a hit among winter lovers and is a firm contender in our search for the best down jacket uk. It has the kind of look you’ll find in a fashion magazine, so if you want to get your winter fashion on, then this is the right product to have in your wardrobe.

You won’t only be impressed by the funky design of the jacket but also the protection it offers against the cold temperatures.

This is thanks to its 700 goose down fill-power, which keeps you super warm and comfortable.

The boxy silhouette of the Retro Nuptse leaves enough room underneath for you to add several layers. This will come in handy when it gets unbearably cold. The shell of the jacket is both water and windproof, ensuring that you feel right at home in both snowy and rainy conditions.

This also keeps the moisture out and stops the down from losing its thermal properties. A hood has been included and attaches to the jacket to ensure that there is no heat loss. When you don’t want to use the hood, you can easily stow it under the collar.

The cuffs can also be cinched to ensure that cold air doesn’t get in through the sleeves.

Another exciting thing about this jacket is that despite its size, it packs down pretty easily into its own pocket while taking up so little space.

This makes it easy to carry when you’re not wearing it.

The only negative is that the Retro Nuptse is relatively short and will not protect your hips from the cold. Otherwise, it is a stylish outdoor gear that you won’t mind having when the cold season sets in.


  1. Trendy design
  2. Very warm
  3. Water and wind resistant


  1. The hood is not completely removable

Columbia Pike Lake


The Pike Lake down Jacket from Columbia comes with an everyday design that you can wear whenever you feel like. Its puffy and oversized look makes it a great choice for the cold season and you can find both male and female versions, although with different colours.

When it comes to features, both versions offer practically the same thing. The polyester insulation does a decent job of keeping you protected from the cold.

This is reinforced by an Omni-Heat reflective lining that ensures you remain toasty even when the temperatures drop.

Another useful feature on the Pike Lake is the internal media pocket, which comes in handy when you have important items that require safekeeping.

Two zippered hand pockets on either side pocket also help to ensure your free hands find warmth when it gets too cold.

An adjustable hood has been included to make for a nice fit but it’s not removable, so you’re stuck with it all the time. Elastic cuffs and hem work to keep the draft out. One grievance about this jacket is that it is not waterproof, so you want to keep it from moisture whenever you can.

Nevertheless, it is quite breathable and won’t take long to dry if it gets damp. Other than that, this will make a remarkable choice for anyone who likes to explore the outdoors in the cold months of the year. Not to mention that it is pretty affordable, which is essential while looking for the best down jacket uk!


  1. Contemporary design
  2. Quite affordable
  3. Great value for money
  4. Warm and breathable
  5. Omni-Heat reflective lining


  1. Not waterproof

Berghaus Ramche Micro Down


The Berghaus Ramche Micro Down is a high-level mountaineering and hiking jacket that offers bucketloads of insulation against cold weather. It wouldn’t be a list on the best down jacket uk without Berghaus. It is a slimmed-down version of the Extrem Ramche 2.0, which makes it more suitable for mild winters and less extreme temperatures.

This jacket is filled with Nikwax Hydrophobic down, helping to maintain comfortable and lightweight warmth.

It also means that you shouldn’t worry when you get a little wet from an unexpected downpour as the wetness won’t affect the jacket’s insulating performance.

According to the manufacturer, the Ramche Micro Down continues to perform up to 16 hours even after getting wet. Another interesting bit about this jacket is that it features an internal lining that can reflect heat back into the body, ensuring that you get a boost of temperature under the jacket by almost 10%. It’s certainly one of our favourites in our search for the best down jacket uk.

The shell fabric is water-resistant, as well as windproof, and this goes a long way to guarantee you’ll remain comfortable in the face of cold winds. Berghaus also employed body mapping technology to uniformly and effectively distribute the down inside the jacket.

A semi elasticated hood on the Micro Down assists in protecting your head from the cold whereas elasticated cuffs ensure that the draft is kept out.

You will find great use in the two zipped handwarmer pockets when your hands are free and cold, plus the internal storage pocket will keep any important items you are carrying.


  1. Internal mesh lining
  2. Hydrophobic down
  3. Body mapping technology
  4. Wind and water-resistant shell fabric


  1. Slimmed down version not suitable for big bodies

Columbia Barlow Women’s Jacket


The Barlow Down Jacket from Columbia that will surprise you with its cold-weather performance. If there is anything like being too warm, then this is the down jacket to demonstrate that. A great option for women, the Barlow comes to its own when you need it the most.

This jacket features 450 down fill-power, which is complemented by the 100 grams of synthetic insulation.

Add to this the thermal reflective lining and you have the perfect recipe for superior warmth performance.

If you live in a region that experiences mild winters, then the Barlow might turn out to be too warm for comfort. However, it is just what you need when the temperatures hit sub-zero degrees.

The jacket is quite long and goes all the way down to the hips. This makes for enhanced protection against the cold. A Sherpa-lined collar helps to lock in the warmth around the neck and makes sure that no heat is lost to the outside.

You also get elastic cuffs and an adjustable waist that not only makes for a secure fit but also seals in your body heat and keeps the draft at bay.

The hood is conveniently removable, and so is the synthetic fur trim.

Before we forget, the Columbia Barlow is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the down getting damp when it rains. It also ensures that you remain warm even in snowy conditions. It’s one of our favourites here in this list for the best down jacket uk.

Zippered side pockets have been integrated into the jacket, with the male version of the Barlow having one more pocket than the female version. In both cases, you’ll find an interior pocket that you can securely store any important documents or accessories you are carrying.


  1. Down and synthetic insulation mixture
  2. Multiple zippered pockets
  3. Super warm
  4. Removable hood
  5. Adjustable waist


  1. Premium price
  2. Limited color variety

Black Diamond Access Down Hoody


Black Diamond has done a great job of upgrading their insulation jacket lineup to produce remarkable products like this one, the Black Diamond Access Down Hoody. This amazing product weighs 4.7 ounces to ensure that you remain lightweight and comfortable on the trail.

It uses 700 fill-down to provide you with decent warmth in the face of freezing conditions.

The outer shell of the jacket is made of sturdy polyamide ripstop fabric to make for durable use.

You’ll also like the comfortable fit of the Black Diamond, which comes with a moderately trim cut but still leaves enough room underneath in case you want to add more layers. DWR coatings on both the shell fabric and down insulation enable this jacket to resist moisture and retain its insulating properties in humid conditions.

Two zippered hand pockets on the jacket allow you to safely store small items and these are complemented by a zippered chest pocket.

The elastic cuffs help to keep the heat inside while a nice hood has conveniently been included to protect your head from the cold.

The generous amount of down-fill in the Access Down Hoody sets it on the border between mid-weight and lightweight categories. It is also competitively priced, ensuring that you’re getting good value for your money.

When it comes to the downsides, the jackets 4.7-ounce weight means it’s on the heavy end of the spectrum as far as down jackets are concerned. Also, it is only available in a hooded design.


  1. Offers nice warmth
  2. Great value for money
  3. Comfortable fit
  4. Durable shell fabric


  1. Only available in a hooded design

Berghaus Popena Micro Down Jacket


The Berghaus Popena comes with a cute pink feminine colour that allows you to stay fashionable in the cold. Despite its tiny appearance, the jacket packs a serious punch of warmth that will shield you against the freezing temperatures.

The shell fabric is made out of Pertex Microlight double mini-ripstop that is pretty tough to deliver long-lasting performance.

The fabric is quite thin and this gives the jacket a lightweight build that packs down easily.

The shell is also treated with a water repellent finish to enable you to remain safe in rainy and snowy conditions. It also dries up pretty quickly when it gets wet. Insulation is provided by 650 fill-power made up of a mixture of 90% down and 10% feature.

The manufacturer keeps the fill in place by stitching it in pockets as you see in a sleeping bag and the sewn lines help to enhance the feminine look of the Popena. Its lengthy design, especially at the back helps to keep away the draft and the waist drawcord ensures that no heat gets to escape.

A padded hood not only offers warmth but also comfort and features a drawstring that allows you to secure it around your face. You also get two zipped hand pockets on either side where you can throw in your gloves or hats when you are not using them.

The elasticated cuffs are reinforced with a Velcro tab to tighten things further and keep out any draft.

One negative you might notice on the Berghaus Popena down jacket is its slim fit, meaning that it won’t be a great fit for heavy-bodied individuals.

Overall, you’ll have a great time in the cold outdoors when you are donning this amazing down jacket. Not to mention that it comes with a decent price tag, considering the performance you get!


  1. Durable shell fabric
  2. Elasticated cuffs
  3. Waist drawcord
  4. Zipped pockets


  1. Small fit

Regatta Fermina Women’s Jacket


The Regatta Fermina Jacket is another great option for women who want a practical piece of gear to keep them warm in the cold autumn and winter months, and a solid contender in our list of the best down jacket uk. It boasts a cute slim-fit design and is available in a variety of cool colors for those who want to experiment with different outfits.

The Femina is manufactured using 100% polyester and features Thermo-Guard insulation to keep you cozy and warm when the cold starts to bite.

The outer shell fabric is quilted and made of Micro Poplin. This comes with water-repellent and wind-resistant properties to offer further protection from the cold.

A hooded collar is paired with removable faux fur that not only gives the jack a trendy look but also shields your face against the chilly breeze. It is also adjustable to allow you to secure it appropriately around your head.

Two zippered hand pockets on the outside enable you to shelter your free hands when the temperatures are unbearable.

There is also a security pocket inside where you can safely stow away important items like house keys.

The Femina is machine washable, so you shouldn’t have a problem maintaining its attractive shape. Overall, this is a cute-looking and high-performance product that may just give you the confidence you need to face the dreaded winter.


  1. Removable faux fur trim
  2. Thermo-Guard insulation
  3. Wind resistant outer shell
  4. Cute feminine design


  1. The zip can be a little fiddly

Columbia OutDry Ex Eco Down


The Columbia OutDry Ex Eco down jacket will impress you with its eco-friendly design if you have a soft spot for the environment. You’ll notice this right from its appearance! The jacket is very white and this stems from the environmentally-conscious production process the jacket goes through.

It is completely un-dyed, which allows the manufacturer to save around 50 liters of water while making it compared to standard jackets.

Other earth-saving touches on the jacket include the use of a fluorocarbon-free waterproof membrane, as well as a 100% recycled polyester.

But away from the eco-design, the OutDry Ex is just as impressive when it comes to keeping you warm. You can credit it to the 700 fill-power goose down, which provides decent thermal efficiency. This has been enhanced by the application of a technique on the down baffles known as bonding as opposed to stitching.

The implication here is that the very little heat, if any, gets to escape.

The goose down is also ethically sourced, so you can rest assured that no geese were injured during the making of a Columbia OutDry down jacket!

Two zippered handwarmer pockets will aid in keeping your free hands warm and cozy while the elasticated cuffs ensure that cold air is kept out. Meanwhile, an adjustable hem makes for a secure fit and prevents heat from escaping to the outside.


  1. Eco-friendly design
  2. Bonded down baffles
  3. Adjustable hem
  4. Zippered pockets


  1. Only one color


A down jacket may just prove to be the most important clothing gear you wore when you set out on a mountaineering trip in the cold outdoors. The level of warmth it offers in unrivalled and its lightweight design is just perfect when you are trying to cover a great distance on foot.

If you are in the market for the best down jacket in the UK, the reviewed products above have the fit and profile to offer you the kind of performance you’re after!