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ArcticDry Waterproof Socks – Medium

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ArcticDry Waterproof Socks are durable, 100% Waterproof sports socks intended to be pushed to their limits. Whether you’re a cyclist, hiker, snowboarder, fisherman or you’re trekking through the Arctic snow, our socks have you covered.

Our technology ensures that 3 layers keep your feet warm, dry and fundamentally comfortable in your sporting or recreational endeavour.

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100% Waterproof Socks

ArcticDry Waterproof Socks are triple layered sports socks that are designed to protect your feet from the elements no matter what sport you are doing.

They are warm yet light, comfortable yet tough, and most importantly 100% Waterproof, allowing you to do much more without having to worry about your feet getting drenched.

They are perfect for a wide range of sporting activities including cycling, hiking, fishing, golfing, rowing and much more!


Do Waterproof Socks Work?

Simple answer is yes, waterproof socks do work. But just how do they work? In ours here at ArcticDry there are 3 layers, with the middle layer being composed of a waterproof membrane, which is porous enough to allow water vapour to escape, but not enough to allow water to enter. If you want to know more information please refer to our article: Waterproof Socks – Do they work?

What can they be used for?

Most of our customers use them for the following sports and endeavours: Mostly Cycling, Hiking, Golfing, Fishing, Running, Snowboarding and Skiing. We have had feedback from people who compete professionally in a number of sports, as well as a number of recreational activities such as Rambling, Rockclimbing, and general usage on holiday.

How do you wash waterproof socks?

On this product, we believe this is truly the most asked question, despite the simplicity of the answer. It’s a very simple 3 step process (we’ll attach an infographic below so you don’t forget).

How do you Wash Waterproof Socks

  1. Step 1: Fill a bowl with lukewarm soapy water. Its important not to use Hot water as you don’t want to damage the product.
  2. Step 2: Turn the socks inside out and wash thoroughly. Using products like washing up liquid are ok as they will not damage the integrity of the waterproof membrane.
  3. Step 3: Turn them inside out once again and finally clean the outside layer, making sure to adhere to step 1, not using hot water or any chemicals that may damage the product.

Material Composition – What are they made from?


Here at ArcticDry, our socks are made from a blend of Nylon and Coolmax. This blend of materials utilises the lightweight and moisture-wicking properties of Nylon. Nylon does not absorb water in a similar way to other materials, and this makes it perfect for a Waterproof Sock Design.

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13 reviews for ArcticDry Waterproof Socks – Medium

  1. Steven Thompson

    Awesome product! Waterproof Socks are an essential part of my kit during fishing trips, and they are perfect for keeping out the water.

  2. ally watson

    Fantastic pair of hiking socks, I really thought they would struggle with my outdoor hikes, but they have performed fantastically. Only thing is i wish there were more colours.

  3. dave taylor

    Great pair of waterproof socks! i tried waterproof socks aldi but i was really disappointed, so i came here to ArcticDry online and then ended up purchasing them on Amazon. This guide here is also a great resource:

  4. gemma davies

    Great waterproof socks!

  5. tony simpson

    Not bad, wish they did more colours though!

  6. gianni cassagrande

    they work a treat, never thought i would try waterproof socks

  7. laura jackson

    Was very skeptical buying these, but after a few months having them i’m very impressed. Waterproof socks are now a part of my hiking toolkit.


    ArcticDry Waterproof Socks have really surprised me. I originally got some waterproof socks aldi, and was not impressed, so switching to this brand i have been very happy.

  9. james murphy

    They work brilliantly

  10. todd lane

    fantastic waterproof socks

  11. Steven J Davies

    Really good product, only thing like someone else mentioned is that i wish they did more colours, but the actual product is great and functions like it is supposed to!

  12. Kevin O’Brien

    There’s a lot of comments here with not too much substance, so i’ll try my best to give a realistic review here on Arcticdry Waterproof Socks. I’m going to break it down into a simple pros and cons list:

    – 100% Waterproof. I have taken these up mountains, round the Lake District and Snowdon, as well as using them for road cycling and general poor British weather, they have always done what they say they do. Truely Waterproof Socks
    – Warmth – They are very warm!
    – Thickness – For me personally they are perfect thickness, not too thick like some hiking socks which just make your feet feel cloistered, but of course they are made from 3 layers, so thick enough to keep you warm in the winter, but kind of give you a bit of breathing space also.

    – They should do a few more designs for women, so my wife can feel more motivated to come hiking with me haha.
    – Would be nice if they came in a little bag so you can store them away.


    I am very happy with my ArcticDry Waterproof Socks, they are not just water resistant, but waterproof, and this makes them rank leaps and bounds above other brands in my opinion who have let me down. I will only use ArcticDry Waterproof socks from now on.

  13. tony james

    Great little product!

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