Why You Need A Pair of Waterproof Walking Socks

The Lowdown on Waterproof Walking Socks!


When the cold season sets in, it is very important that you keep your feet dry and warm at all times. The same is true if you are a fan of physical activities such as running or hiking that can get your feet all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Although the first footwear accessory that most people think of in these wet conditions is a pair of boots; they fail to realise the importance of getting waterproof socks

. These are actually more convenient because they are in direct contact with the skin and will prove to be a valuable investment when you need your feet to stay dry and cozy. The following are reasons why you should get yourself a pair of waterproof walking socks.

1. They are comfortable


A pair of waterproof walking socks will help to keep your feet dry, warm and cozy. Whether you are walking to work on your daily commute, taking part in a half-marathon or fly fishing, these will be the perfect accessories for you.

Waterproof socks combine function and comfort with a three-layer design (consisting of a central waterproof membrane layer) made of different fabric linings that cushion your feet when walking.

This reduces the “pounding effect” during running or long treks, ensuring that your feet remain at ease. A high-quality pair can give you a high sense of assurance that you won’t get easily fatigued no matter how long or treacherous the journey you are about to set out on is.

2. They protect you from the elements


Waterproof socks do a good job of stopping water from getting to your feet. This makes them very suitable for outdoor activities where you are exposed to water such as surfing, water rafting, golfing (during winter games) and even skiing.

Manufacturers (such as us here at ArcticDry) make use of a “wet suit design” on the socks that keeps your feet warm with your body heat while creating a barrier between the cold outer air and your feet. This will prove beneficial if you find yourself hiking in snowy regions where your feet are exposed to wet and cold conditions for an extended period of time. You won’t have to worry about the risk of frostbite as long as you keep your socks on. .

3. They are practical


These types of socks are very practical and you’ll realise that there are barely limitations to their use. They have a stretchy and close fitting design that easily takes the shape of your foot when you slide into them.

This firm fit enables to prevent blistering while keeping them from sagging or riding, which can be quite unpleasant. They also feature anti-slip bottoms that provide extra traction while keeping you from sliding inside your shoes.

Some designs have moisture wicking properties that will suck out any sweat or dampness inside the socks when your feet perspire.

A combination of all these qualities means that waterproof walking socks will fit in perfectly for routine endeavors like going to work or outdoor sporting activities such as racing, cycling, and skiing.

4. They are clean and hygienic


The fact that waterproof socks help your feet to remain dry in wet situations ensures that you are protected from health conditions like trench foot. Prolonged exposure to wetness may cause swelling, numbness, and discolouration on your feet. This is followed by a repugnant foot odour when you remove your socks, which will get you kicked out of the tent if you ever go out camping with friends.

Luckily, waterproof socks contain an interior lining of functional yarn with antibacterial properties that serve to prevent bad odour.

This also suggests that wearing the socks will protect you from undesirable health syndromes like flu and stomach upsets if you have to walk through floodwater which is usually full of toxic substances such as raw sewage, pesticides, and bacteria.

5. They are durable and low-maintenance


These socks use a blend of fabrics that makes them sturdy and less vulnerable to tear and wear. You can use them for all kinds of strenuous activities but they’ll retain their initial shape even after recurrent use.

Manufacturers use high-quality materials combined with advanced technology to come up with a product that will last for eons without deteriorating in performance. You’ll also be impressed with their ease of maintenance.

All you need to do is remove the socks after use, turn them inside-out, hand wash in cold water using a little detergent, and hang to dry…easy peasy! Despite their premium price compared to ordinary socks, you can’t deny that waterproof socks are a valuable investment worth every single penny in the long run.

6.They are multi-purpose


There is no limit to the number of applications that waterproof walking socks have! They can be used by practically anyone who has feet. It is possible to use these socks during a hiking expedition in the woods one week and still wear them while running a half-marathon the next and they will feel just as comfortable both times.

These will also conveniently fit in a long list of activities such as fishing, hunting, skiing, golfing, snorkelling, skiing, golfing, walking, snowboarding, just to mention a few. In a nutshell, waterproof mtb socks will primarily prevent your feet from getting wet but have very little reservations to where or how you can use them. Just make sure that you clean and maintain them as is necessary.

7. They protect you from injury

Waterproof walking socks make it easy for you to walk through debris without risking minor cuts or punctures to the skin. If you have to hike in an area filled with debris, these socks would be a wise choice of footwear. The small pieces of broken glasses, twigs, stones, and other small yet harmful particles that would normally be found in a heap of debris can easily harm you if they get inside your shoe.

This is especially true if you are wearing ordinary socks that will be punctured without much trouble. However, when it comes to waterproof socks, you might actually avoid possible injury. These socks use durable materials and feature multiple layers that will protect your feet from any harmful debris. Broken glass or discarded safety pins will stand no chance of getting to your skin.

8. They can protect you from an electric shock

These socks have shock and antistatic abilities that will come in handy in conditions that expose you to this risk. One of the most common aftermaths of a number of extreme weather is downed power lines. It is, therefore, not strange to encounter a fallen power line when you are walking in the neighbourhood after a storm; a huge risk!

Thankfully, a pair of waterproof socks will prevent the water from getting into contact with your skin and shield you from possibly getting shocked. If you have no choice but to go to work after it has rained heavily, donning a pair of these socks might just be the cushion between you and an electric shock

Waterproof walking socks may not necessarily be your preferred choice of daily footwear, but they are definitely a great option to keep in your wardrobe. This is quite true if you tend to spend most of your time in the outdoors or in wet conditions. So the next time you are considering footwear for your coming outdoor expedition, don’t forget to have a pair of waterproof socks on your shopping list; you’ll be surprised how handy they turn out to be!