The Best Camping Tents UK – Vango, Coleman & More (2022 UPDATED)

The Best Camping Tents UK (UPDATED)



Nothing makes for a more exciting pastime than packing the family van, rounding up all the kids, and heading out for a camping retreat at a nice campsite.

While there isn’t much that is required for a great adventure in the outdoors, it goes without saying that a quality tent is the ultimate essential piece of camping gear.

There are a number of features that should be considered when shopping for the ideal tent to be used during your time in the outdoors. Given the numerous designs and brands available in the market today, it’s not easy to find the best tent for camping. Let’s kick off this article with a mini buyer’s guide on what to look for, and then we’ll showcase some of the best tents available in the UK at the moment.

Best Tents for Camping – Buyer’s Guide


There are many features of modern day camping tents, and especially if you’re a beginner to camping / wild camping, you’ll want to know what to look out for and what tents are going to give you the best bang for your buck!

Below are some of the main features to look out for when purchasing a camping tent:

Different Types of Tents to Consider

There are various types of tents to consider, all useful for different things, for example the best tent for family of 4 will be different than a dome or geodesic tent used for solo wild camping. Let’s start with covering all the different types of tents.

Popup Tents


Popup Tents are often used by students and those into partying at festivals, as they can be easily set up, and contrary to popular belief, also easily packed away.

They make a good beginner tent, but do lack the features you’d expect if you want to use it for proper camping / hiking expeditions.

Dome Tents


Dome Tents are super popular with those interested in solo wild camping and recreational/hobbyist campers. They’re often used by families for a day at the beach, as they can be purchased cheaply.

Dome tents are also lightweight so fantastic for those looking to hike & camp stealthily without being too conspicuous.

Geodesic Tent


Geodesic Tents are the type of tents mostly used by those into wild camping and serious hiking enthusiasts. They are more stable than Dome Tents and full Geodesic Tents are made with a minimum of 5 crossover points to make them more stable during storms & heavy loads such as heavy rainfall and snow.

Do I really need a geodesic tent?

The answer is really dependent on what you’ll be using the tent for, if you don’t think you’re going to use it in super harsh weather, then you can opt for what’s known as a semi-geodesic tent, which has a minimum of 3 crossover points, is still stable, but allows more portability meaning you can pick it up and re-pitch when you want.

Tunnel Tent


Tunnel Tents are often used by families who go camping, as they are easy to pitch and are arched in the middle to create a “tunnel”, hence, tunnel tent!.

However, dome tents are not free-standing like other types of tents on this list, so will need to be pegged. Either way, they offer a fantastic way for families to go camping without having to go out and purchase dome tents or popup tents separately.

Inflatable Tent


Inflatable tents, such as this one from Berghaus are becoming more and more popular these days as they are quite easily to set up, and once done, you simply deflate and pack away.

The only issue with these tents is that some manufacturers are more trustworthy than others, and some brands may not have the best quality sealing on their products, aka: leading to easy punctures & repairs being needed. We recommend sticking with the bigger brand names for these type of products.

Ridge Tent


Ridge Tents are made with a pole at each end and connected with a cross/ridge pole that provides quite a stable camping tent structure. These types of tents are not seen to often, especially with wild campers as they are bulkier and more obvious to see, but for a nice summers day at a good campsite, these are perfect for family camping.

Tipi / Bell Tents


Tipi/Bell Tents are constructed with a single pole design then stabilised at multiple points and pegs outside to create a very traditional, and spacious camping tent.

One thing to note however, is that Bell Tents often do not come with inners, meaning that this type of tent should ideally only be used in spring / summer months, otherwise you may end up soggy and wet!

Other Tent Features to Look out For:



Groundsheets are more often than not built into the tent, to protect you from dirt and moisture. From here typically what you’d then do is add your sleeping mat, and then your sleeping bag ontop.

However, many manufacturers now offer the groundsheet as extra, meaning you’ll have to purchase your tent then an additional groundsheet to place down underneath. It helps to protect you from the ground and keep your heat in your body, as opposed to being transferred to the cold floor underneath.



Flysheets are typically a waterproof sheet that is either prebuilt into the tent design or added as extra (like the image to the left). This can also act as a windbreaker in certain camping/hiking situations, but mostly it’s just super useful to have as a water-repellent, and the more water you can keep away from your tent the better!



A Tent Porch is an added feature to some tents that is more suited for those who are intended to camp with their families. It also adds an extra bit of space for those looking to extend their tent but who do not wish to purchase a larger more expensive tent.

Best Tents for Camping UK – Reviews


Berghaus Air 4 Inflatable 4 Person Family Tent


Starting off with an inflatable 4 person family tent, the Berghaus Air comes highly recommended by many people, both hobbyist campers and seasoned camping enthusiasts alike.

Unlike some other inflatable tents, it comes with High-performance inflatable beams and quick release air valves, which can make setting this tent up for your family an absolute breeze.

It’s also 100% waterproof and the groundsheet, flysheet and inner tent are fully fire retardant, which are critically great features to have on an inflatable family tent.

  • Waterproof
  • Fire Retardant Flysheet & Groundsheet
  • Quick Release Air Valves
  • More colours would be nice

Vango Odyssey Family Tunnel Tent


The Vango Odyssey Family Tunnel Tent is a perfect choice for those looking for the best family tent for windy conditions. The Vango Odyssey comes with a tension band system which ensures stability in windier conditions, which let’s face it, in the UK is very often the case.

It comes with a Hydrostatic Head Pressure of 4000, which is more than enough for a family tent to protect you from the rain.

It’s dimensions are 200cm (H) x 280cm (W) x 495cm (L) and can comfortably accommodate 5-6 people with ease.

  • 4,000mm HH Rating
  • Pvc Windows
  • “Lights Out” Inner Tent, aka: Less morning light let in
  • More colours once again would be nice

Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent


Coleman are known for the quality of their tent systems, and the rocky mountain 5 plus family tent is no exception.

This tunnel tent comes with 2 XXL blacked out bedrooms, meaning less morning light, and healthier sleep while out camping! It also comes with a 4500mm HH Pressure, which is more than some of the other camping tents on this list.

It’s a very lightweight, yet durable tunnel tent, with the poles being made from fibreglass, and has dimensions of 4.55 x 3.1 x 1.85m (LxWxH); 2 bedrooms: 6m² + living area: 5.1m² = 11.1 m² total.

  • 4500 HH Pressure
  • Fire Retardant Flysheet & Groundsheet
  • Comes with a UV Guard
  • Bit Pricy

Coleman Octagon 6 Man Festival Dome Tent


One of Coleman’s best selling tents, introducing the coleman octagon 6 man festival dome tent.

It features 360 degree views and even has a separate room for those who want a bit more privacy, most likely perfect for parents who want the security of all being in the same tent, but the ability to have your own personal space.

The dimensions are 3.96 x 3.96 x 2.15 m (LxWxH); 1 bedroom: 15.7 m² total; pack size: 85 x 30 x 30 cm (20.7 kg).

  • 360 Degree View & Enhanced Ventilation
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight for a tent of this size
  • Perforated inner tent loses heat easily

Coleman Blackout Dome Tent


The Coleman Blackout Tent is a fantastic feature on this list for the very simple fact it blocks out 99.9% of daylight, perfect for those who want to go hiking but also not be woken up at the crack of dawn by the rising sun.

It’s fully Waterproof and made with a built in UV Guard, thus protecting you from those harmful rays.

It’s definitely one of the best camping tents uk edition! It’s a quality dome tent, and the type of quality you’d come to expect from a company like Coleman. Check out the pros and cons below:

  • Taped Seams
  • Waterproof with a 4500 HH Pressure
  • Too small for a large family camp.

Vango Waterproof Apollo 500 Outdoor Dome Tent


The Vango Waterproof Outdoor Dome Tent is a perfect addition to this list. It has a linked in groundsheet and the ability to be pitched in less than 10 minutes, which is somewhat faster than a lot of the other tents on this list. Its a 5 person Tent and has plenty of room to accommodate for a small family.

It comes with a Hydrostatic Head Pressure of 3,000, which is certainly not the best on this list, but should be fine for most intents and purposes, although in pretty harsh conditions in the UK Winter, this may not be 100% suitable.

  • lightweight
  • Unisex
  • Waterproof
  • Seam Sealed
  • More colours would be nicer

Coleman Darwin Dome Tent


This dome tent from Coleman comes with a one-of-a-kind WeatherTec+ system that you’ll find crucial when the conditions outside aren’t so friendly. It will shield your family from a heavy downpour, gusty winds, and even a scorching sun. Key to note that this tent is roughly suitable for 3-4 people, any more than this and you may struggle.

The tent also contains a power cord vent that allows you to run AC power to the tent using an extension cable to power any electric appliances you may have. Furthermore, you get a mosquito mesh and organiser pockets on the inside of the tent.

The flysheet is made of long-lasting polyester and a rising groundsheet will protect you from bad weather. Truly one of the best camping tents on Amazon and anywhere else at the moment, it’s a firm favourite here on our list of best camping tents uk.

  • lightweight & sturdy
  • UV Guard 50+
  • Waterproof
  • For a very large family not the best.

Bfull Dome Camping Tent


This lightweight tent will allow you to travel light and comfortable. It folds up greatly and its compact size ensures that you won’t need too much space to carry. Despite its lightweight, the Bfull Dome comes with durable features including polyester flysheet and fiberglass poles that can withstand strong winds and storms.

This 2-3 person tent has a nice shape when set up with ventilation windows to ensure sufficient and free airflow without reducing the temperatures inside the tent.

You also get a mosquito mesh and a hook where you can hang a lantern as extra features. This amazing product costs £58.99 on Amazon.

Toogh Auto Pop-Up


The Toogh pop-up will cover more than just a couple of your camping needs. It was built with a focus on a prompt setup that can be done in a matter of minutes. The high-quality materials give it a durable build that offers comfort to go with several application options.

You have enough room inside with dimensions of 240 x 220 x 150 cm, and at a weight of 7kg; this tent is far lighter and smaller compared to the standard family tents.

This means it is very compact when folded, allowing you to comfortably pack, travel with, and store. It has enough capacity to hold 3 adults easily and comes with two entrances, a zippered mesh window, and wall vents to provide you with adequate airflow.

You also get inner wall pockets where you can store your smartphone and other small items, as well as a lantern hook. The Toogh Camping tent is affordable, with a price tag of only £59.99 on Amazon.


There we have it, our list of best camping tents uk edition! Including some of the finest tents from Vango, Coleman and Berghaus. If you’re in doubt whether or not to splash out on a big brant tent such as these, then hopefully the guides above have helped you out in making your decision.


Whats the best camping tent for family purposes?

For a family tent you’ll want something ideally that can accommodate for 5-6 people, that has an inner tent lining, is waterproof and finally has a porch. Having a porch for a family tent pays dividends when you’re out in the wild camping and want a bit of extra space.

We would recommend the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5+ Family Tent which we reviewed above. It has all you need to take your family away camping with the peace of mind that they will be protected from the elements.

Whats the best camping tent for cold weather?

This is a tough question and essentially it comes down to a few things: It needs to be waterproof and come with a inner tent lining. This is essential as if you purchase a Bell Tent or something without an inner tent linine/groundsheet, then you’ll be exposing yourself to the elements and especially when you have a family it’s important to keep them warm.

Ideally we would recommend a Vango or Coleman Tunnel Tent or if there is one large enough, a 5-6 person Geodesic Tent.