10 Reasons You Need A Good Hiking Backpack (2022 UPDATED)

Why it pays to have a good hiking backpack


When it comes to planning a hiking trip, you have no choice but to prepare the right gear, and one of the most essential accessories you can bring along is, most probably, a hiking backpack.

But before picking one, you must make sure that the type of backpack you choose will offer you the best performance.


Considering that there are dozens of brands available in the market, this can prove not to be an easy task. You need to realise that picking the right backpack is a science on its own and that there are various parameters that need to be taken into account while doing this. Pick too big a bag and you might end up with too much unnecessary weight; choose one that is too small and it may not be able to carry all your necessary supplies.

It is, therefore, key that you take your time while shopping for the ideal bag for your outdoor adventure. The following are reasons why you need to get yourself a good hiking backpack.

You’ll have a stress-free hike


One thing you want to be sure of when going on an outdoor hike is that you’ll remain at ease throughout the experience. This is especially true if you plan to cover a long and treacherous trail. The kind of hiking backpack you are carrying will go a long way to determine how comfortable your expedition will be. If the load of supplies you are carrying is heavy, you need a backpack that will distribute the weight evenly so that you don’t get easily fatigued.

A good hiking backpack will come with shoulder straps and a hip belt to shift most of the weight to your hips as opposed to having it hanging off and straining your shoulders and neck. The back is further contoured to reinforce the aspect of comfort.

Hiking Backpack Straps

Furthermore, they are usually padded to reduce the impact of the mass that is weighing down on you so as to prevent aching and soreness. You also get a bag with an internal and an external frame, both of which serve to distribute the weight of the load and ensure that the pack rests properly on your back.

The implication here is that you have a comfortable hike even if you’ll be doing it for days on harsh terrain. A good example is the hiking backpack at ArcticDry.co.uk; it features padded straps and back that allow for a happy and comfortable outdoor escapade.

You’ll have enough space to pack


A good hiking backpack ensures that you have just the right amount of space to carry all the supplies you need without burdening you with a heavy load.

It provides the perfect balance between capacity and weight, which is very crucial if you plan to camp out for more than a night.

hiking backpack arcticdry

Any successful hiking experience dictates that you bring along enough water and food resources, extra clothing, first-aid kits, navigation tools, and any other items that will come in handy in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

The problem with going for a big backpack is that you risk filling it with tons of stuff that will only end weighing you down during the hike. It is crucial that you pick a bag designed to accommodate everything that you must bring along yet still maintain an easy-to-carry weight.

For instance, the hiking backpack here at ArcticDry has multiple pockets in addition to the main storage compartment; these allow you to capitalise on the space. They also come with a 30L capacity that would be ideal for both day and long hikes. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to carry all the important items for a fulfilling day in the outdoors.

Your belongings will be secure


The right hiking rucksack should ensure that all your belongings remain secure throughout the journey. It should leave no chance for items to get lost or fall off easily.

Remember that hiking can be a treacherous activity, especially when you are doing it in turbulent conditions such as a storm, where the terrain is slippery.

ArcticDry Hiking Backpack

It is possible that some items may fall from your pack when you have to trudge through such conditions, more so if your backpack has an insecure design. This is not something you want to happen to your crucial supplies like water or food. Thankfully, a good hiking backpack will prevent this by securing everything you are carrying.

These bags come with lockable double-zippers on every storage compartment so that all your belongings are safely locked inside. This also prevents any would-be thieves from getting into your bag when you unsuspectingly leave it unattended to.

These are the kind of security features you’ll find on the waterproof hiking backpack by ArcticDry. All the storage compartments have zippers to lock in everything safely, in addition to a thread mesh to provide extra capacity. This should guarantee you that nobody will ever walk away with your valuables, let alone get to them.

It allows you easy access

ArcticDry Hiking Backpack for Hikers

Finding the right type of bag ensures that you not only get to pack all the necessary items for the hike but also do it in an organised way.

It has multiple compartments where you can separately arrange supplies that become necessary at different stages of the hike. For instance, things like the tent, flashlight, toiletries, etc are needed at night whereas maps, guidebooks, and compasses are more useful during the day.

The ideal bag has multiple outer pockets that will allow you to stow away such items for quick access. There is no chance of wasting valuable time searching for objects when you know which section of the backpack you’ve placed them. These bags also have an easy-to-open system that will get you inside the bag in a matter of seconds. No more struggling with faulty zippers that keep on going off track. These types of smooth-running zippers can be found on the ArcticDry hiking backpack.

You will have a durable product

Durable Hiking Backpack

Getting the right type of hiking backpack allows you to use it on multiple adventures for years without having to worry about deteriorating performance. Any avid hiker knows that one way or the other, you are going to have to face the elements when you hit the trails. From heavy downpours to a scorching sun or even a blizzard, anything can happen when you are in the wilderness.

Prolonged exposure to such harsh elements can render your bag useless.

That’s why you need a tough backpack like the one from ArcticDry. These bags feature a rugged design that can comfortably cope with these kinds of conditions. The fabric used to make the bag is also tough and resistant to tears and abrasives. Here at ArcticDry we manufacture our backpacks using high-quality premium tarpaulin that is extremely rugged and will last you a lifetime.

You can use it for various adventures


A good hiking backpack is extremely multifunctional and spoils you with the luxury of using it for multiple purposes in a wide variety of terrain. Sometimes, you might want to use your bag for more than just hiking and this shouldn’t limit you. The right bag will be applicable in practically any type of outdoor escapade.

If your schedule entails a lot of sporting activities such as cycling, boating, or mountaineering; you can comfortably use your hiking backpack to carry all the necessary supplies you’ll need on your adventure. One great feature of the ArcticDry backpack is that it is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and has the right capacity to make for a perfect companion when going on hiking, rowing, biking, paddle-boarding, etc trips.



One of the worst conditions you can find yourself in while hiking in the wilderness is a wild storm.

Getting rained on is a sure way of turning a nice day in the outdoors into your worst nightmare.

Your luggage not only gets heavier when it soaks in water, but you also stand the risk of messing up valuable supplies like food. If you are carrying any electronic gadgets such as a phone or radio, it may also mean that they will likely get spoiled. This is a sure recipe for disaster, especially if you end up stranded in a downpour that doesn’t look like it will stop in the near future.

Raining Hiking Backpack

What you need is a rucksack that is fully waterproof to keep your belongings dry in all kinds of situations. You won’t have to worry about a damp backpack, in addition to the undesirable hiking conditions. This is the kind of quality you’ll find on the ArcticDry hiking backpack. It is 100% waterproof and will prevent all your items from getting wet, allowing you to continue with your adventure once the weather conditions calm down.

You will look stylish in your backpack


Apart from the practicality and functionality of a backpack, one other feature that many outdoor enthusiasts look for in a bag is style. You also want to look good while carrying your bag and feel sexy while doing it. This is something you may want to consider when shopping around for a good hiking backpack. And it is possible to find given the design and colours of a rucksack.

Such aesthetic features ensure that you can blend in perfectly to the outdoor environment. They also allow you to incorporate the colours into your outfit. You’ll find this in the ArcticDry hiking backpacks which come in subtle black and ice blue colours that will enable you to remain fashionable even while in the middle of nowhere.


Buying a rucksack for your hiking trip may mean that you carry out enough due diligence to end up with the ideal product. This will entail looking out for a number of features that will guarantee you a good time in the outdoors. After all, the last thing you want is for your trip to be cut short prematurely by a simple malfunction.

It’s a good thing that buying the right hiking backpack will protect you from such a nightmare and make sure that you make the most of your time in the outdoors. So before you set out on your next hiking adventure, be sure to invest in a good hiking backpack.