The Best Womens Walking Boots [2022 UPDATED]

The Best Womens Walking Boots



Hiking offers a great opportunity to improve your health, with enormous benefits to your mental, as well as emotional wellbeing. (Especially during these tough times during Coronavirus)

It comes as no surprise that more people in the U.K. are adopting it as a pastime and taking the opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

However, to make the most of your hiking adventure, you need a functional pair of walking boots that will offer you the best performance on the trail.

This is no mean task, especially when you start shopping around in stores. There are numerous brands of hiking shoes out there and this can easily overwhelm any uninitiated hiking enthusiasts.

If you’re a lady looking for reliable outdoor footwear, the following are the best womens walking boots to choose from.

Best Womens Walking Boots – Reviews


Tecnica Forge GTX Womens Walking Boot


This is the kind of boot you go for when you want to embark on a hiking or backpacking trip! The Tecnica Forge GTX is an over-the-ankle leather boot that has been designed for ladies’ use and features a reduced heel, instep volume, forefoot, and gender-specific malleolar pad placement to limit ankle pressure points.

The boot will fit you snugly straight out of the package without compromising your comfort.

Despite its wide toe box, the laces snap behind the ball of the foot, which keeps your foot from swimming inside the boot. Tecnica’s revolutionary heat molding process ensures that you get the perfect fit too.

This serves to shape the footbed to conveniently align with the shape of your foot and custom tunes the heel pocket for a snug and comfortable fit.

If you were to place an order for a pair of Tecnicas online, the dealer would still be in a position to take your shoe through the custom fit process; something that lasts a mere 15 minutes.

The custom-fit isn’t the only great thing that these boots offer,

you’ll notice the gusseted tongues on the Tecnicas, which employ an overlapping wrapped construction to eliminate pressure points.

This means less stress for you over day-long hikes.

Furthermore, self-locking laces tighten the ankle while leaving the toe box looser on ascents.

The combination of custom fitting and tuneable lacing eliminates the break-in period when you buy these boots and save you the worry of developing blisters or hot spots.

The manufacturer used Gore-Tex material on this shoe, which is waterproof yet still breathable enough to keep your feet fresh all the time. This allows your feet to remain dry and warm even while trekking in the rain or crossing rivers and mud puddles.

A Vibram Forge MegaGrip outsole has been included to offer exceptional traction even on slippery and slimy surfaces.


Another interesting addition on the shoe is the reverse chevron lug pattern on the outsole that will pull the brakes on your hike when going downhill, ensuring that you never lose your footing. You also get a two-layer EVA midsole that enhances your level of comfort on the trail.

The midsole adds a bouncy feeling when hiking whereas the thermoplastic urethane shank protects your feet from bruises arising from rocks and undergrowth.

Overall, the Tecnica Forge GTX is a rugged and durable hiking boot that will enhance your outdoor escapades. It comes in a variety of colours that will suit any style preferences you may have and if you don’t fancy the full-height version, you can always opt for the mid-height design!


  1. Custom fitting for a snug fit

  2. Superior traction on the loose trail

  3. Rugged and durable construction

  4. Waterproof and breathable for all-weather hiking

  5. Gender-specific customisation


  1. Not versatile compared to some competitors; the moulding has to be done by a Tecnica dealer.

Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Boots


The last thing you want happening to you on the hiking trail is twisting an ankle!

These are the boots to ensure that you remain injury-free for a satisfying hiking experience. Vasque are well known in the industry for producing some of the best womens walking boots.

The Vasque Breeze GTX hiking shoes come with unparalleled support and stability to keep you healthy throughout the trek.

These mid-cut boots are engineered for durability and versatility while their waterproofing capabilities allow you to hike in all kinds of weather conditions.

The Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots feature Gore-Tex material in their construction, which helps to protect your feet from moisture if you have to hike in snowy or rainy conditions.

Even though the boot can get pretty hot in summer, the Gore-Tex remains breathable enough to let your feet enjoy some fresh air and keep cool in the unforgiving heat.

Abrasion-resistant mesh panels, as well as venting on the leather upper serve to eliminate the build-up of moisture inside the shoe, which can lead to irritation and even painful blisters.

The fabric wicks out the moisture inside and channels it out the boot to ensure that your feet remain dry at all times.

You’ll also like the aggressive tread pattern on the Breeze’s sole, which assist to enhance grip and keep you from losing your footing.

Horizontal ridges in the toe area bite into the ground on steep trails whereas deep lugs on the heels help to manage your speed on the descents.

These boots also come with a tailored heel pocket, as well as Achilles support, to provide extra control without interrupting your comfort.

Technical Specs:
Vasque Walking Boots

While it might not be the most padded hiking boot out there, the EVA midsole does a great job of providing shock absorption on rocky and uneven terrain. There is also a polyurethane shank to keep the shoe laterally stable on rough trails.

Another crucial feature on this shoe is the flexible fabric on its gusseted tongue that simplifies the task of tightening the ankle lacing. The laces also remain tight all through the hike so that it doesn’t feel like your feet are swimming inside the shoes.

On the downside, the Vasque Breeze best womens walking boots have a narrow build and this might be a problem for ladies with wider feet. If you feel they don’t offer you the ideal fit, I recommend trying the men’s version.


  1. Super stable for a mid-height boot

  2. Breathable and waterproof

  3. Shock-absorbent EVA midsole

  4. Rugged build


  1. Not suitable for wide feet

  2. A little bit heavy

Lowa Explorer GORE-TEX Mid W Women Hiking Boots


If you’re searching for the best womens walking boots, look no further than Lowa.

This boot sports a traditional split-leather design that you may feel is stiff and even awkward to walk in yet delivers a lightweight and flexible performance you wouldn’t have expected from a full leather boot! The Explorer GTX Mids are versatile enough to be used on various kinds of adventures.

Whether you want to go on a multi-day trek or an overnight backpacking trip, these shoes will let you clear tens of miles without beating your feet up.

They have a supple leather upper consisting of a thin toecap to block off stones and other small debris on the trail.

This helps to minimise wear and tear while also reducing the weight of the shoe.

A meshy fabric cuff has been integrated into the design to suck out moisture building up inside the shoe when you are trekking under the hot sun. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry while saving you the discomfort.

The level of comfort when wearing the Explorer GTX Mids is enhanced by the shock-absorbing midsole, especially during hikes on rough trials. This is reinforced by an extra cushioning wedge placed in the heel area to reduce the impact on those prolonged trips.

This hiking boot boasts an easy walking flex that comes from the debris-resistant gusseted fabric tongue, as well as the cutouts at the heel and ankle.

Meanwhile, a high-quality MegaGrip Vibram sole ensures that you maintain solid footing even while hiking on slimy rocks.

The Vibram sole also helps to make the Explorers a versatile pair of boots thanks to their aggressive lugs, which bite into mud and rocks to keep you stable. You’ll also appreciate how close together the lugs have been placed; this keeps you from tripping on forest tracks and thick undergrowth.

Webbing lacing on the shoe has been coupled with metal ankle hooks to let you control how tightly you want to cinch down the boot.

Furthermore, you get to control where your foot gets the most support and leave enough room to breathe, this is why in our opinion the Lowa’s are some of the best womens walking boots.


  1. Lightweight for an all-leather boot

  2. Applicable in various conditions

  3. Stable traction on slippery surfaces

  4. Shock-absorbing midsole


  1. The manufacturer should have gone with a more technical lacing system

Merrell Bravada Waterproof


Some hiking situations require that you put aside the high-top boot design and go for the low-cut models. This is especially true when going on light hikes on relatively level ground.

Low-cut hiking boots are not only lighter but also feel cooler than their high-top counterparts. The Merrell Bravada walking boot was designed just for this!

It comes with a knit, meshy upper that features a stretchy tongue attached on either side to keep any debris on the trail from getting inside the shoe.

Its lace loops have also been welded on using the same TPU the Bravada uses for abrasion resistance on the sides and toes.

The shoe has an unusual heel design whereby unlike most boots, the heel pull tab is not a loop. Rather, it’s a higher cut Achilles that enables the shoe to hug your ankle snugly without forming blisters and stress marks.

Also, a bouncy EVA foam midsole protects your feet from shock on rough trails and ensures that you remain comfortable throughout your adventure.

The Bravada’s sole might be low-profile but it’s appropriately aggressive for a light hike on a friendly trail. You’ll have the stability required to remain on your twos the whole time.

On the downside, the Merrell Bravadas are not waterproof, so you might want to steer clear of the wet trails if you want to enjoy your hike!


  1. Great for light hikes

  2. Good value for the money

  3. Lightweight build

  4. Breathable


  1. Not waterproof

Keen Women’s Explore Vent

This is another low-cut design shoe that will be suitable for ladies who like to travel light.

The Keen Explore Womens Vents have all the makings of a reliable low hiker.

These include a grippy sole with braking lugs, cozy EVA foam midsole, as well as a stability shank to make for a fun hiking experience. What it lacks in waterproofness, this shoe makes up for in breathability, thanks to a series of mesh across the shoe.

This means there is a free flow of air inside to keep your feet cool and fresh everywhere you go. TPU overlays have been used to provide the shoe with a solid structure that holds up well on the trail.

This includes abrasion resistance coupled with rock protection at the toe to protect you from injury.

Selective padding has been applied to the medial and lateral sides of the shoe to soak in the shock while hiking on bumpy and rocky trails, helping to enhance your level of comfort.

The low-profile lacing on these shoes is not only user-friendly but also easily wraps around the heel to secure your foot into the boot sole. This results in a snug fit and stable performance on prolonged hikes.

There is an Achilles cutout to provide a non-restrictive feel of a sneaker while the midsole spreads out wider than the heel to offer extra stability and cushioning.

The shoe comes with an all-terrain gum rubber sole that offers impressive gripping with 4mm lugs.

Another exciting feature Keen included on this shoe is an infusion of probiotic technology that breaks down sweat and odor naturally without heavy metal chemicals.

So, if you care about the environment, this is a hiking shoe you might want to try out! It comes in 4 different colorways that you can incorporate into your outfit to remain stylish even on the trail.


  1. Great choice for summer hiking

  2. Super breathable design

  3. Simple lacing system

  4. Great traction


  1. Not built for the more technical terrain

SALOMON Women’s Quest 4d 3 GTX W High Rise Hiking Boots

salomon womens quest best walking boots for women

Salomon are well known in the industry for producing some of the best womens walking boots.

These are highly technical women’s hiking boots that are stacked with high-quality features to offer you superior performance. The Salomon Womens Quest 4D GTX come with a Gore-Tex waterproof liner that protects you from wetness and makes them safe to use during the autumn and winter months.

These will also come in handy in summer when you have to walk across brooks and streams during your hike.

You get an enormous amount of support from these boots thanks to a 4D advanced chassis that guides your foot in the toughest of terrains, helping to reduce fatigue over long trails.

These women-specific boots offer a snug fit with an adjustable lacing system that boosts support in high-impact areas such as the heels, toes, and arch.

The Salomon Womens Quest GTX might appear heavy but they are very manageable on the trail. You’ll be able to clear a fair distance before they start weighing you down. The boots also incorporate running shoe technology that includes the advanced chassis.

This serves to increase cushioning and shock absorption on prolonged walks, which results in a more comfortable experience with less fatigue.

This is one of the best womens walking boots when it comes to backpacking adventures and treks in the mountains.

The high traction Contagrip on the sole ensures that you remain upright and solid on all kinds of tricky and slippery terrains.


  1. High-tech construction

  2. Stable grip

  3. Waterproof Gore-Tex material

  4. 4D advanced chassis


  1. Gets heavy over prolonged hikes

Hoka Scarpe Donna


The boots come with a charming design, with a nice blend of colors to impress any fashionable hiker. But their beauty goes deeper than the skin, the Hoka Scarpe Donna Walking Boots are extremely comfortable with ample cushioning to make for a pleasurable hiking experience. They are also not as heavy as they look! Despite their high-cut design, the boots feel featherweight on the trails, which enables you to remain mobile whenever you need to on the trail.

The leather and suede construction allows for durable use on unfriendly terrains, ensuring that you get to go on multiple expeditions while enjoying the same quality of performance.

Several practical features on these shoes will grab your attention from the word go! This includes the eVent waterproof feature that helps to keep you dry and warm when hiking through snow and wet tracks.

A Vibram Megragrip outsole with multi-directional lugs also helps you to remain steady on your feet on all kinds of terrains. Meanwhile, the boot uses an adjustable lacing system to provide you with a custom fit.

This means you get to enjoy wearing them straight out of the box, although the laces feel a little bit stiff the first time you try to loosen them. The boots are pretty supportive and the high-cut design helps to prevent ankle sprains on steep and loose terrain hikes.

The manufacturer also provides a low-cut version that would be more suitable for warm weather hiking.


  1. Comfortable to walk in

  2. Nice-looking colors & custom fit

  3. Stable Vibram sole

  4. Rugged leather outer


  1. Laces can be stiff on the first time

  2. Not great for summer use



One of the most practical things about the Inov8 Roclite 335 Hiking Boots is that they have a very lightweight design. Whether you’re trekking on a gravel road or wading through wet sand, these versatile boots will be sure to keep you upright in all situations. Weighing just 335g, the Roclites are hardly noticeable on the feet.

You can wear them on those full-day hikes without having to worry about fatigue.

They also feature a PrimaLoft Gold Eco insulation for heat and water protection. This helps to enhance their versatility, ensuring that you can use the shoes both in moist and hot conditions.

The shoes feature a rubber toe cap that keeps stones, twigs, and other small debris from getting inside during hiking. They are also sufficiently flexible to provide an allowance for any swelling in your feet, which might come about towards the end of an extended hiking session.

While they might offer a substantial level of water-resistance, they are not 100% waterproof, so don’t go wading through brooks and mud puddles if you want to remain dry.

One of the standout features on this shoe is the graphene-infused rubber grip. For the sake of perspective, graphene is 200 times stronger than steel despite being just one atom thick. You can imagine the kind of durability you get from the Roclite G335s!

The G-grip soles provide you with impressive balance on all sorts of surfaces. Meanwhile, the PrimaLoft insulation ensures that your feet remain warm on cold-weather hikes. The mid-cut design of the boots conveniently supports the ankle and offers ample padding without leading to a buildup of moisture.

PrimaLoft’s also features breathable properties that enable a free flow of air to maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside the shoe.

If you are in the market for a lightweight yet rugged trail boot with some water-resistance properties, look no further than the Roclite G335 boots.


  1. Lightweight design

  2. PrimaLoft insulation

  3. G-Grip soles

  4. Nice ankle support

Anatom Q2 Ultralight Women’s Walking Boots


If you feel more at home wearing a classically styled boot as opposed to super-bright colors, the Anatom Quadra 2 Ultralight Walking Boot will make for a great hiking boot choice. These lightweight and waterproof hikers have a versatile design that is well-suited for both casual day hikes and multi-day expeditions.

They will also come in handy when you want a secure boot for hiking in the winter, as well as spring months.

The shoes provide you with a secure fit that prevents rubbing and blistering even after hours of trekking.

This is thanks to the adjustable lacing system, which is not only user-friendly but also allows you to manage how tightly you want the shoe to fit.

The Anonatom Q2 walking boots have a 100% waterproof liner that will shield your feet against wetness when trekking in cold or moist conditions. The liner is also quite breathable, allowing your feet to remain dry during those extended walks.

You also get ample support from these shoes to enhance your level of comfort.

They feature asymmetrical heels that make for a more natural roll and a Vibram 3-angle lug construction helps to instill directional tracking and braking for easy hikes on downward slopes. The insole is made up of Bioform Ultralite material that offers antimicrobial properties, ensuring that you don’t get smelly feet even after hours of wearing the boots.

The PU midsole provides a cushion that absorbs impact to shield your feet from soreness. For a relaxed time in the outdoors, these classic styled walking boots will come in handy in any kind of weather.


  1. User-friendly lace-up system

  2. Stable Vibram outsole

  3. Cushiony midsole for comfort

  4. 100% waterproof and breathable liner


  1. Some clients have experienced problems with sizing

Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Q2 Mid Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots


The Merrell Womens Siren Edge Q2 Walking Boot was designed for speedy and light day hikes. It comes with a welterweight airiness that you would expect from a synthetic fabric mesh hiking boot. Nevertheless, their posture-aligning construction ensures that you get all the support you require.

The Siren Edge Q2s have been engineered to offer stability and comfort to the female form.

They feature a waterproof membrane (M Select Dry) that is fully waterproof but permeable enough to let moisture inside the shoe to escape to the outside.

The shoes also have a microbial treatment of M Select FRESH to ensure that you don’t struggle with stinky socks or feet. The Q2s athletic build may entice you into a light jog if you grow tired of the walking.

The design of the shoe puts them somewhere between low and mid-cut, which goes a long way to ensure they remain lightweight. However, the padded tongue prevents debris from getting inside the shoe.

A simple lace-up system makes for a user-friendly design that is reinforced by metal hooks and lacing eyelets for a secure fit.

The mesh synthetic upper also helps to enhance ventilation so that your feet remain aerated. The M Select Grip may not be as effective as a Vibram sole, but it still offers decent traction to keep you vertical on various trekking surfaces.

Overall, this lightweight and athletic shoe will keep you comfortable on your light outdoor hikes and the best part is that they are cheaply available.


  1. Lightweight design

  2. Simple lace-up system

  3. Comfortable fit

  4. Affordable


  1. The shoe rubs against the heel while walking

Scarpa Terra Gore-TEX Women’s Walking Boots


Our last choice for the best womens walking boots is the Scarpa Terra GTX, they are well known for producing some of the best womens walking boots. This shoe will offer you the performance you expect on all kinds of conditions without compromising your grip.

The all-round boots feature a soft leather upper that reduces friction and blistering while its Gore-Tex inner membrane is waterproof to protect your feet in wet hiking conditions.

The Scarpa Terras were designed with the UK paths and trails in mind.

Their lightweight build allows you to don them on a light picnic or stroll but they are sturdy enough to use in rugged tracks and muddy conditions.

The thick, Buoyant Vibram sole used on the shoes provides you with stable and reliable traction to ensure that you never lose your footing on various kinds of terrain.

The innersole is also lushly padded to ensure that you enjoy superior levels of comfort on the trail.

Finally, these shoes offer a snug fit straight out of the box, so you won’t have to worry about breaking into them if you decide to get a pair.


  1. Vibram Energy outsole

  2. Excellent traction on slippery surfaces

  3. Comfortable out of the box

  4. Waterproof GTX to keep feet dry


  1. Limited designs


The best womens walking boots should offer a great balance between comfort, stability, and versatility. This is the only way to get the most out of your hiking adventure. So, the next time you go shopping for a hiking shoe, be sure to prioritise the above aspects.

The reviewed brands above are just some of the many practical hiking boots available in the market if you expect a great time in the outdoors.


How Do I Care for My Hiking Boots?


Good maintenance of your walking boots will go a long way to uphold their performance while ensuring that you get years of service.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that this is the case.

For instance, don’t just throw your boots to the corner the next time you get back home after a long hike.

Instead, try to remove the grime, dirt, and mud once you catch your breath. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub off the dirt or rinse thee shoes in warm water mixed cleaning gel if you feel they’re too filthy.

If you own fabric boots, try to keep them ultra-water-repellent using a proofer or a light spray that will not mess up the original coating. On the contrary, if you have leather boots, you might want to apply a light and breathable wax as an extra protective step. This is because leather is like skin and the wax helps to restore its natural oils to enable it to wick away water.

This also enables the leather to retain that fresh, smooth, and leathery look. When it comes to the frequency of waxing or spraying your boots, this will depend on how often you hit the hiking trails. If you hike regularly, then twice a month should do.

Should I buy leather or fabric hiking boots?

Leather is a very flexible material and also comes with water-resistant properties, although it may not be as durable as you’d like.

On the other hand, the technology used in synthetic boots, such as polyester, vegan-friendly, and nylon has experienced so much advancement to result in a lightweight and more affordable shoe. The only problem is that they tend to tear easily and absorb water.

Luckily, features like a clever waterproof lining such as eVent and Gore-Tex help to keep your feet dry in wet situations.

In the end, your choice will boil down to the kind of conditions you’re hiking in. For instance, a highly waterproof boot will be ideal for most conditions in the U.K. but these are not what you want to bring along on a trip to the Sahara. Most of the boots in our list of the best womens walking boots will feature either leather or fabric, so its really personal preference.