The Best Walking Boots for Men (2022 UPDATED)

The Best Walking Boots for Men (2022)



Walking Boots for MenPriceRatingLink
SALOMON Men's Quest 4d 3 GTX High Rise Hiking Boots£1404.5 / 5View
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Leather Mid GTX Hiking Boots£88.36 4.5 / 5View
La Sportiva Men's Tx5 GTX Low Rise Hiking Boots£161.974.5 / 5View
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Low Rise Hiking Boots£139.884.5 / 5View
Meindl Bhutan MFS Men's Hiking Boots£188.984.5 / 5View
Scarpa Men's Terra GTX Walking Boots£217.305 / 5View
Adidas Men's Terrex Free Hiker Fitness Shoes£127.364 / 5View
VIVOBAREFOOT Men's Tracker Firm Ground Walking Shoe£187.50 - £190.004 / 5View
Hoka One One Sky Kaha Hiking Shoes Men Black Olive/Green 2019£160.994 / 5View
Danner - Mens Trail 2650 3" Sneakers£138.95 - £271.924.5 / 5View
Columbia Men's Terrebonne Ii Mid Outdry Walking Shoe£66.70 - £233.234.5 / 5View

When it comes to the world of hiking boots, practicality is key!

Any avid hiker, rambler, or day walker will tell you that a good shoe is rugged, supports your ankles, and provides great traction on all kinds of terrains without compromising your level of comfort.

Modern Hiking Boots can now be both Rugged and Lightweight, but which one should you invest your money in? Well read on…


Because of this, there are thousands walking boot designs that you’ll find in the market. Choosing just a pair from all these may not be your typical trip to the store.

Luckily, we are here to ensure that you won’t waste the whole day contemplating the ideal shoe for you. In this post, we discuss the best hiking boots for men in 2020!

Best Walking Boots for Men – Buyers Guide


Several factors are unique to the best performing boot brands in the market. These are what you should prioritize when you go shopping for a pair in the store. They include the following:


It goes without saying that comfort should be at the top of your list.

Trekking is no walk in the park (no pun intended), especially when embarking on a long-distance journey on rugged trails.

It takes a lot of stamina to do this, which is to a great extent enhanced by the comfort level the boots you’re wearing offer. Features that increase the comfort of a shoe will include things like padding and lightweight design, etc.



Support is crucial on the trail and helps to prevent unwanted injuries that may cut short your adventure.

The boots you buy should offer great ankle support to prevent it from rolling on loose climbs.

Furthermore, the design of the sole should be sturdy and the lacing system solid.

Water Resistance


Most walking boot designs can block a certain degree of wetness, which is crucial if you have no forecast of what the weather will turn into.

However, if you know you’ll be hiking on snowy trails or crossing creeks and streams, then you’ll need to get a fully waterproof shoe that will protect your feet from the wetness at all times.

The boots will also have to be treated with waterproof membranes occasionally to maintain their performance if you wear them regularly on hikes.



A good pair of walking boots should resist water without trapping moisture inside. This is because sweaty feet need to breathe and stay dry, which is only possible if the vapor gets an escape route. Moisture-drenched feet are also prone to blistering and other unhealthy foot conditions like Trench’s foot. These can easily be avoided by getting a well-ventilated and breathable shoe.



Your boots need to keep you upright at all times by ensuring that you get a sure footing in all kinds of environments. This is made possible by good grip on the outsole and will come in quite handy in muddy tracks, snowy mountains, and wet rocks. Traction on a boot is enhanced by rich treading on the sole and deep lugs for braking when going downhill.



If you’re hiking in rough and unforgiving trails, your shoes should have the ruggedness to cope with such conditions for the long haul. Look for durable materials such as leather on the boot’s outer or other solid synthetic fabrics.

Generally, a durable pair of walking boots should last you between 300 to 500 miles without suffering broken soles, eyelets, seams, laces, etc.

The Best Walking Boots for Men – Reviews


Walking Boots for MenPriceRatingLink
SALOMON Men's Quest 4d 3 GTX High Rise Hiking Boots£1404.5 / 5View
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Leather Mid GTX Hiking Boots£88.36 4.5 / 5View
La Sportiva Men's Tx5 GTX Low Rise Hiking Boots£161.974.5 / 5View
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Low Rise Hiking Boots£139.884.5 / 5View
Meindl Bhutan MFS Men's Hiking Boots£188.984.5 / 5View
Scarpa Men's Terra GTX Walking Boots£217.305 / 5View
Adidas Men's Terrex Free Hiker Fitness Shoes£127.364 / 5View
VIVOBAREFOOT Men's Tracker Firm Ground Walking Shoe£187.50 - £190.004 / 5View
Hoka One One Sky Kaha Hiking Shoes Men Black Olive/Green 2019£160.994 / 5View
Danner - Mens Trail 2650 3" Sneakers£138.95 - £271.924.5 / 5View
Columbia Men's Terrebonne Ii Mid Outdry Walking Shoe£66.70 - £233.234.5 / 5View

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX High Rise Hiking Boots

When thinking of the best walking boots for men, Salomon was our first thought.

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Walking Boot is an amazing backpacking boot that was designed for technical terrain hikes such as trail hiking and scree skating.

According to the manufacturer, the shoe is engineered around running shoe-adopted technology, although its weighty feel doesn’t exactly support this claim.

Generally, the Salomon brand is renowned for its quality outdoor and adventure gear, and this 4D 3 GTX does not disappoint when it comes to taking on the punishing trails.

The boot features a flexible lacing system with a range of motions to hold your feet securely enough to prevent slipping on tricky surfaces. The middle eyelet has little gripping teeth to reinforce this.

These ankle-lock laces pull your heels into the back of the boot to keep your toes from sliding forward as you descend steep slopes. Your comfort while wearing this boot is well taken care of thanks to an array of features.

These include a suede nubuck leather outer that enhances the durability of the shoe while preventing injury to your feet on impact.

A Cordura-type fabric upper results in a thick, protective feel around your feet while a rubber bumper has been included to provide extra toe protection.

You also get a GORE-TEX waterproof lining on the walls of the shoe that helps to keep your feet moisture-free while hiking in wet conditions. The GORE-TEX material is, however, still breathable enough to ensure that your feet remain aerated for your hiking comfort.


The sole unit of the shoe consists of a removable Ortholite insole, as well as an EVA midsole that provides lush cushioning while absorbing shock on rocky trails. The ContraGrip outsole provides great traction to help you stay upright on all sorts of surfaces.

These shoes would be the perfect companion for serious backpackers looking to clear tough trials without wearing themselves out.

They offer a snug and sturdy fit that conveniently protects the ankles and the pivot point is less flexible compared to previous versions.

Although the 4D 3 GTXs are easy to break-in, we advise that you go on a few brief walks before taking them on the trail!


  1. Comfortable to wear
  2. Sturdy design
  3. Waterproof and breathable
  4. Great traction & Solid Lace Up system


  1. Durability issues with the metal eyelets

MERRELL MOAB 2 MID Walking Boots


The Merrell Moab 2 Walking Boots are an affordable pair of hiking boots for individuals who hike occasionally and those who avoid relatively extreme terrains. Despite their budget price, these boots tick a lot of boxes as far as the best walking boots for men are concerned.

The boots are waterproof, although not fully, yet maintain a level of breathability that allows your feet to stay comfortable in hot and humid hiking environments.

They also offer decent ankle support to protect your heels from rolling while the lacing system is solid and user-friendly.

A major highlight on this boot is that it offers a snug fit straight out of the box; no breaking in required! This is a credit to the combination of a cushioned tongue and collar, refined insole, and flexible footbed.

The design of the shoe comes up relatively low on the ankle, which tends to reduce the ankle support.

This modest support and stability point to the fact that a higher percentage of the Moab 2s market is composed of day hikers as opposed to extreme adventurers and mountaineers.

The trusty outsole offers a respectably long shelf life and can withstand damage well.

The tread pattern on the outsole doesn’t go particularly deep, which makes it suited for a limited range of terrains

It also may not be a good idea to carry a heavy load when hiking in this boot.

Nevertheless, the traction is just enough for walking over dirt and rock. The shoe is also available in a non-waterproof version that would be great to wear in warmer months given the enhanced breathability.


  1. No break-in period
  2. Great for short and friendly hikes
  3. Lightweight
  4. Price-friendly


  1. The traction could be better

La Sportiva GTX Walking Boots


These walking boots will be the ideal choice for a regular hiker or trekker looking to get busy in the cold winter months; they are a solid contender for best walking boots for men. They are designed for mountaineering adventures and come with an extremely durable and supportive construction. While they might not be the most technical shoe in the market, the La Sportiva GTX Hiking Boots boast a great all-year-round design that delivers for basic mountaineering or heavy backpacking.

The shoe features a water-resistant leather upper, as well as insulation to protect your feet from wetness while keeping them warm and cozy.

A Dry-Best lining has been included to wick moisture out of the shoe to ensure that you don’t struggle with sweaty feet while preventing blistering and bad odour.

You get an air-cushioned midsole with a honeycomb heel grid that will flex on impact to offer extreme comfort over longer distances. You should, however, note that this shoe won’t be the best choice for extreme cold weather alpine adventures. If this is the kind of activity you’re into, then a snow-specific shoe would be your best bet.

The Vibram toe cap aids to shield the front of the shoe from damage when plowing through rocks and snow while the full shank provides support when carrying a heavy load or backpack.

The boot also works with automatic crampons that are suitable for icy adventures and allow you to effortlessly transition between terrains and climates.

On the downside, the Dry-Best lining is not as effective as a Gore-Tex lining as far as breathability is concerned, so moisture is bound to build up inside on those longer trips.


  1. Crampon compatible
  2. Snug fit straight out of the package
  3. Warm and cozy to wear


  1. Fairly rigid

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid


Next on our list of best walking boots for men is a fine pair from Lowa.

Weighing more than 1kg, the Lowa Renegade GTXs are not exactly the lightest trail walking shoes out there, although they do come with the ease-of-wear and agility of a lightweight boot.

Despite more people looking for lightweight options when it comes to trail running boots, the Renegades haven’t been entirely forgotten. This is thanks to the superior support, protection, and comfort that allow it to be a favorite year-round option for backpackers and trekkers.

It is a pricey boot that will have you contemplating whether to splash out on it, but the superior overall performance it offers, especially on steep terrain will make your decision easy.

It also boasts enhanced stability and support that avid walkers look for in a trail boot.

The Renegades are pretty firm and have the right stiffness to support you on uphill climbs. A soft collar and midsole ensure that you enjoy some level of comfort while shielding you against the rocky trail underneath.

The benefit of choosing this boot over its lightweight counterparts is that you get a Vibram outsole with quite a thick tread pattern to maximise traction on all kinds of surfaces.

This means you can hike on everything from soft dirt and snow to rocks and roots without losing your footing. It also ensures that you’ll have the confidence to descend loose and dusty trails, as well as ascend wet and slippery hills.

Breathability is always an issue when it comes to leather boots. However, the Renegades sport a thin outer layer that allows air to flow inside the shoe as the moisture escapes to the outside.

The Gore-Tex liner helps to increase the versatility of the shoe, allowing you to use it on snow, shallow water, and even mud trails without getting your feet wet. Finally, the shoe is available in various sizes and can fit various shapes and sizes of feet.

On the downside, the shoe feels a little rigid when worn, which might cause slight discomfort on longer trips.


  1. Comes in a wide range of sizes
  2. Gore-Tex material
  3. Extremely stable with good traction


  1. A little bit heavy

Meindl Men’s Bhutan Mfs Hiking Boot


Meindli is a company with a reputation for its build quality and keen attention to detail. The Meindl Bhutan hiking boots do not stray from the company’s core competency; it was upgraded from a popular predecessor to add durability and comfort to its overall performance, although it maintains the same weight. While it is a little bit heavy by modern standards, various features will get your attention away from the weight.

If you prefer a traditionally-designed walking boot and don’t mind the weight, this is a nice choice for you.

The Bhutans have a relatively stiff underfoot with a rigid sole, which can be discomforting over a longer-distance hike. Thankfully, a memory foam system inside the shoe enhances support and comfort by making it easy on your foot’s impact zones.

Its solid chassis makes the boot tick on rough trails and changing terrain while the soft ankle cuff offers great support to prevent sprains. It also keeps dust and grit out without suffocating your feet. Despite its substantial weight, the Renegade feels pretty nimble, which suits it for backpacking, mountaineering, as well as hill climbing. </p.

A waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Performance lining has been incorporated to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry when the hiking environment is hot and humid.

Generally, this boot will serve you better in cooler temperatures as there are very few mesh panels and things can get warm pretty quickly in hot environments. A memory foam inside the boot molds snugly to the shape of your feet, making for a comfortable fit.

This is enhanced by the Digifix lace-up system, which holds your foot securely and keeps the boot from sliding around. There’s also a multi-grip Vibram sole that offers reliable traction on various terrains, with a well-designed tread pattern to keep you from losing your footing.


  1. Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner
  2. Durable build
  3. Comfortable memory foam padding
  4. Vibram outsole for traction


  1. Heavier than many brands in the market

Scarpa Terra Gore-tex Walking Boot


The Scarpa Terra Walking Boot is a sturdy, mid-level hiking boot that is designed for hill walkers as opposed to serious hikers. It, nevertheless, offers enough comfort and support on lighter trails.

Constructed using full-grain leather, the boot is fully waterproof, so you can wade through mud puddles and cross creeks on the trail without worry.

The Vibram sole is another reliable feature that allows the boot to shine on all kinds of conditions.

Among the most impressive aspects of the Terras is the instant level of comfort you feel the moment you slide your foot inside them.

Firstly, there is little to no break-in required, meaning you get a snug fit straight out of the box. Ample padding inside ensures that you can hike with them for extended periods without developing blisters or feeling the impact of hard surfaces.

Also, the boot features a stiff nubuck leather upper that, together with reinforced heel cup and toe box, add a bit of weight but makes it more practical to wear. The Gore-Tex lining is a guarantee that your feet will stay dry come rain or shine, although the manufacturer could have done better on its breathability.

You don’t get thermal insulation inside the Terras but it’s surprising how warm you feel when you are inside them, even in colder environments.

Deep lugs on the outsole allow for a stable grip on various surfaces to keep you upright through grit, mud, slush, and even gravel.

On the downside, the shoe’s upper is prone to markings so you might want to watch out for scratches on the leather during your hikes. Also, some clients complain that the shoe runs small; if possible, try the shoe on before purchasing. Anyway, this is definitely one of our favourite boots on this list of best walking boots for men.


  1. No break-in period
  2. Pretty comfortable
  3. Great traction


  1. No thermal insulation

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker


Thanks to its Terrex range of all-weather shoes, Adidas has extended its footprint to the traditional outdoor market. The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Boots come with a combination of street style and performance material that make them versatile in different kinds of situations. They are manufactured using a super stretchy Primeknit material that is common on Adidas running shoes.

This offers you a snug fit and the comfortable seal around the ankle makes you feel like you’re wearing sneakers and not hiking boots.

But that’s not the only tech Adidas borrowed from its running shoes, the Free Hikes employ an extra bouncy Boost cushioning system that keeps you comfortable even as you trample over sharp rocks and bumpy patches on the trail.

The sole also comes with a Torsion bar that aids in minimising the amount of flex in the squishy sole whereas the Continental Rubber outsole offers excellent traction on all manner of terrain.

These boots will be great for anyone looking for an untraditional experience that is entirely refreshing.

However, all the comfort and style on the Free Hikes come at a price.

The boots are not waterproof and walking through dewy spring grass may leave you with wet socks just a few minutes into your adventure.

We wouldn’t advise hiking in them on wet terrain; they are better suited for the summer trails and camping trips. Their versatile design also allows you to use them as trail running shoes without taking away from your comfort.


  1. Offers all-day comfort
  2. Stylish construction
  3. Refreshing performance & Snug Fit


  1. Not suited for wet hiking
  2. Not enough support

Vivobarefoot Tracker Walking Boot


These boots have been designed to give you the barefoot walking experience. They allow your feet full freedom to move without excessive amounts of bouncy EVA foam inside the sole. The Vivobarefoot Tracker Walking Boots are made from extra-soft hydrophobic leather, which you’ll commonly find in the more casual shoe designs, to provide you with a refreshing alternative to the bolt-on lumps of plastic on many designs in the market.

You get a lot of comfort from this shoe thanks to a very wide toe box that gives your toes plenty of wriggling room, even for those with large toes.

Despite this, it doesn’t feel baggy or takes away from the fit.

The full height ankle support prevents you from sprains while a nicely shaped heel cup enhances your level of comfort during the hike. There is a thermal insole that provides almost three times the thermal protection you get from ordinary insoles, leaving you with a great all-year-round boot.

The Vivobarefoots are exceptionally flexible and will twist in all directions, which may sound counter-intuitive, but when stomping forest trails and uneven paths, they feel impressively stable.

You can credit this to the fact that your feet are free to do what they are naturally designed to do; adjust to various terrains. Something that will need getting used to is that you feel almost every rock and tree root underneath, which might be a little weird if it’s your first time wearing these shoes.

Nevertheless, the Pro5 sole is quite tough and impervious to tires, meaning you stand little risk of injury as you hike.

It features 5mm multidirectional lugs that make for excellent traction on loose surfaces. Thankfully, the manufacturer appreciates that their barefoot-style shoe is an acquired taste that may not be for everyone; that’s why they offer you a 100-day money-back guarantee for all their orders.

This is a generous incentive that should ease your doubts if you’re hesitant about buying their product.


  1. 100-day free trial
  2. Natural barefoot style
  3. Pro5 sole


  1. Takes getting used to

Hoka One One Sky Kaha


The Hoka One Walking Boot is a fast-rising player in the world of footwear manufacture that is turning heads with its remarkable athletic products. With the Sky Kaha, the company took an unusual approach to athletics by applying its design to a full-sized walking boot.

The shoe is not like anything you’ve ever known before, and this is a credit to a lightweight design that is lighter than the average walking boot despite sporting a bulky construction.

For a big shoe like the Sky Kaha, the fit it offers is almost flawless!

You get to enjoy sneaker-like softness and improved support on uphill climbs.

While the ankle support is not as sturdy as the Salomon’s above, the high-top design should give you enough confidence when scaling hills with uneven surfaces.

The lightweight build of the shoe helps you to remain mobile on the trail and the gentle convex design of the sole encourages forward movement. These are just the kind of shoes you need to stay on the move.

The combination of a lightweight design, comfort, and a three-layer midsole allows you to tear through terrain without struggling. Additionally, a sticky Vibram outsole has been included to provide reliable gripping performance that helps you to remain upright all the time.

We can’t forget to mention the 360-degree eVent waterproof feature, which serves to protect your feet from moisture and cold when hiking in wet conditions.

If you are concerned about the design of the shoes you wear, you won’t be impressed by the odd look of the Sky Kaha. They are bulky and a little orthopedic-looking!


  1. Comfortable to walk in
  2. Lightweight design
  3. Three-layer midsole foam padding


  1. Bulky and not much ankle support

Danner Trail 2650


Danner are an old company but not known by everybody, however, here they are on our list of the best walking boots for men 2020.

The Danner Trail 2650 walking boot comes with a rugged textile and leather upper that make for durable performance.

It has a breathable mesh lining that maximizes airflow into the shoe to keep your feet aerated at all times while allowing hot air inside to escape to the outside.

This keeps your feet cool and dry, making them an ideal choice for use during the hot summer walks.

You also get a lightweight EVA midsole referred to as “Trailguard”, which molds the midsole to the outsole, helping to minimize weight while boosting strength.

This leaves you with a boot that can effortlessly suck up the terrain while keeping you comfortable over long-distance hikes. The sticky Vibram sole offers decent traction, although you won’t feel very stable on a mountain climbing expedition with the grip they offer.

At the back of the shoe, you’ll notice a lump of plastic that is Danner’s attempt at reinventing the old heel locking system found on bulkier boots. While you don’t get the kind of grip that a Salomon boot will offer you, the Trail 2650s are still reassuringly secure for a low-cut designed walking boot.

The breathability and comfort offered by these shoes take a little away from the water-resistance. This is to say you can expect wet toes if you decide to walk through long dewy grass on those morning hikes.

Also, the leather will take too long to dry. Generally, these shoes are better suited for warmer environments.

One last thing to note is the Trail 2650s tend to come up big as far as size is concerned, so you might want to get half a size smaller for the ideal fit (if you don’t get to try them before buying).


  1. Pretty lightweight
  2. Comfortable and breathable
  3. Stylish design


  1. Allows moisture in

Columbia Terrebonne II Outdry Mid


It wouldn’t be a list of best walking boots for men, without a pair from Columbia! Here we are featuring the Columbia Terrebonne 2 Hiking Boot

A standout feature that on this shoe that can be picked out from its name is OutDry technology.

The technology, which belongs to the group behind Columbia, enables a waterproof membrane to be laminated on the upper of the boot. Typically, most waterproof boots in the market feature a waterproof bootie that’s placed inside. </p.

The benefit of the OutDry method over this is that the outer waterproof membrane leaves no opportunity for the water to sit on the shoe and sip inside.

Also, the method reduces the bulkiness of the shoe compared to the other designs.

Having said that, the Columbia Terrebonnes sport a low-cut design that makes them look like an ordinary shoe. This means the weight is significantly reduced, leaving you with a lightweight walking boot that feels pretty practical on those light hikes.

You don’t get much grip on the outsole and this is one aspect that makes the shoe better suited for friendly trails. They also have a wide toe box to give you plenty of wriggle room while a reasonable amount of cushioning ensures that you remain cozy all the way.

The uppers are mainly made of leather and feature a mesh tongue area. Lastly, the lacing is respectable for an entry-level and seems solid enough.


  1. Pretty lightweight & Comfortable feel
  2. Great for light summer walks
  3. Nice cushioning


  1. Not built for technical terrains


Thats a wrap! Our list of the best walking boots for men 2020!

To get the most out of hiking expedition, you must find an appropriate walking boot to use on the trail. The best hiking shoes provide you with a mix of comfort, durability, water-resistance, and overall versatility on different terrains.

These are features that you get on the best walking boots for men reviewed above, so you might want to consider them the next time you go shopping for hiking gear.