The Warmest Womens Winter Boots (UPDATED)

The Warmest Womens Winter Boots


Womens Winter Snow BootsPriceRatingView
Berghaus Women's Supalite Ii GTX High Rise Hiking Boots£139.004.5 / 5View
Danner Women's Raptor 650 7" 400g Mid Calf Boot£132.004.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Tremblant Pull on Polar Waterproof Ankle Boots£934.5 / 5View
Merrell Thermo Rhea Mid Waterproof Women's UK£994.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Haven Mid Lace 39S Leisure Boots£217.53 4 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Kanaga Gore-tex Waterproof Low Rise Hiking Boots£99.994 / 5View
UGG Womens 1095141 W Adirondack Boot Iii£236.994.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Ii Snow Boots£108.574.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Boots Slim Pack II Lace£100.834 / 5View
Keen Terradora Lace Winter Boots£1404 / 5View

What are the warmest womens winter boots?

As we approach the winter season, we can’t help but start preparing for the impending cold temperatures. It’s all fun and games as you watch the snow falling from your window until you have to go out and suddenly you can’t feel your fingers and toes. There’s only one way to keep the frostbite at bay, and that is to use the best pair of hiking boots possible.

Your feet should be among the main concerns when stepping out into the snow since they are closest to the ground.

To protect them, you need a practical pair of winter / snow boots that will keep your warm and cozy whenever you have to venture outside.

While there is no shortage of snow boots in the market, finding the best out of thousands of choices can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we are here to ensure that you don’t beat your brains trying to figure that out. In this post, we look at the best womens boots for snow and generally shocking UK weather!

Read on to find out more!


Choosing the Right Winter Boots – Buyer’s Guide


Womens Winter Snow BootsPriceRatingView
Berghaus Women's Supalite Ii GTX High Rise Hiking Boots£139.004.5 / 5View
Danner Women's Raptor 650 7" 400g Mid Calf Boot£132.004.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Tremblant Pull on Polar Waterproof Ankle Boots£934.5 / 5View
Merrell Thermo Rhea Mid Waterproof Women's UK£994.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Haven Mid Lace 39S Leisure Boots£217.53 4 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Kanaga Gore-tex Waterproof Low Rise Hiking Boots£99.994 / 5View
UGG Womens 1095141 W Adirondack Boot Iii£236.994.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Ii Snow Boots£108.574.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Boots Slim Pack II Lace£100.834 / 5View
Keen Terradora Lace Winter Boots£1404 / 5View

The best winter boots come with unique features that allow them to perform extremely well in shielding you from the snow. These are what you should pay attention to when you decide to go shopping for a pair of winter boots. They include:



To even be considered as the best winter boots, they must be waterproof, if not, the outer layer should at least be water-resistant! The general rule of thumb is that “waterproof” boots can handle rainwater and deep snow, making them suitable for use during the winter season.

On the other hand, “snowproof” boots can merely repel snowfall, so they won’t serve you well in the thick of winter.

If they are indeed only water-resistant, then all you need to do is pair them with a pair of our waterproof socks and you’re fully protected.

Rather, they are better suited for activities like walking around town in light snow or skiing on mountain resorts. So, when you decide to buy winter boots, make sure that you only consider models that have been labeled “waterproof” and not “snowproof”, if you want protection from serious precipitation.


Walking on snow and ice can be very tricky! The slippery nature of the ground can easily cause you to lose your footing and end up sustaining a “lousy” injury. As such, you need shoes with the right amount of traction to keep you stable as you walk. Whatever kind of shoes you decide to buy, you want to check the nature of the soles first.

Make sure the soles are tough and chunky with deep lugs that will enhance your grip on the ice.

Generally, rubber is considered as a great material for the sole. The same technology used in hiking boots is also applied to snow boots, whereby features such as Gore-Tex and Vibram soles are used for ruggedness and water-resistance.


If you’re trying to fight off the cold, then warmth should be your number one weapon! Some winter boots may come with a temperature rating, e.g. -15°C, which means they have been tested at low temperatures and shown that -15°C is the lowest temperature they will perform well at.

To be super warm, be sure to find boots with built-in insulation.

Some manufacturers may use a thick lining of fleece, sheepskin, or even felt to enhance the level of warmth inside the shoe.

Other brands like Sorel produce boots with booties inside that are entirely removable and allow you to keep them on when you go inside the house. Ideally you want a pair of snow boots womens that are warm even in super cold weather.


Just like any other types of shoes you wear; winter boots need to feel roomy and comfortable. There should be enough wriggling room to move your toes freely without suffocating you. However, what’s unique about snow boots is that they need to fit you snugly right from the get-go; no breaking in! They will keep you warm even when you’re in the coldest of UK weather.

You also want to put on a thick pair of socks (Of course we recommend our world famous waterproof socks), so ensure there is enough extra space when you test your chosen chose pair of boots.

Also, if the shoes come with laces, check that the fit is snug and secure when you lace them up.

You don’t want to be dealing with sore feet when you already have the cold to think about!

If you have thick socks then you’ll need a pair of boots that can accomodate for this also.


Comfort is another crucial aspect when it comes to winter boots. Apart from the ideal fit, other features are used inside the shoes to enhance your level of comfort when wearing shoes. For instance, there should be ample padding inside the shoe to absorb shock as you walk and reduce the impact felt.

Some manufacturers use an EVA inner sole to make the shoe feel bouncier.

In some cases, extra cushioning can be found on the tongue and sides of the boot to protect your feet from tightness and eventual soreness.


Finally, price is an aspect you’re always going to consider when you decide to invest in winter boots. Ideally, you should spend within your means so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later on. You can find decent snowshoes for around 100 pounds, but there is no limit to how high the price can go.

If you are on a budget, always try to balance between the best features and the cost you’re comfortable with.

But if you have money to spend, then don’t spare any expenses. After all, there is only one winter in a year!

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The Warmest Womens Winter Boots – Reviews


Womens Winter Snow BootsPriceRatingView
Berghaus Women's Supalite Ii GTX High Rise Hiking Boots£139.004.5 / 5View
Danner Women's Raptor 650 7" 400g Mid Calf Boot£132.004.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Tremblant Pull on Polar Waterproof Ankle Boots£934.5 / 5View
Merrell Thermo Rhea Mid Waterproof Women's UK£994.5 / 5View
Merrell Women's Haven Mid Lace 39S Leisure Boots£217.53 4 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Kanaga Gore-tex Waterproof Low Rise Hiking Boots£99.994 / 5View
UGG Womens 1095141 W Adirondack Boot Iii£236.994.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Ii Snow Boots£108.574.5 / 5View
Sorel Women's Boots Slim Pack II Lace£100.834 / 5View
Keen Terradora Lace Winter Boots£1404 / 5View

Berghaus Women’s Supalite Ii GTX Winter Boots


The Berghaus Women’s Supalite Ii GTX Winter Boots are the perfect fit for the modern woman looking to tame the winter cold without compromising their sense of style. These boots are quite easy on the eye, with a very classic hiking boot look; they also weight less than a kilo!

Berghaus designed these hiking boots with a rugged Leather outdoor material that can cope with the tough outdoor winter conditions. The nylon is also waterproof and offers complete protection from the ice and snow, ensuring that your feet remain dry at all times; perfect for winter hiking.

Integrated insulation inside the shoe serves to keep your legs and feet toasty when temperatures fall to unbearable levels.

The manufacturer applied their patented OPTI STUD technology to the design of the winter boot, and this enhances traction over tricky and rough trails. The sole features deep and dense lugs that will keep you upright on the slippery ice.

Another great thing about these winter boots is that they feel lightweight and won’t weigh you down on those long walks being less than 1 kilo in weight!


  1. Classic design

  2. Insulation for warmth

  3. Great traction on the ice

  4. High Quality & Comfortable


  1. Runs a bit small

Danner Women’s Raptor 650 7″ 400g Mid-Calf Boot


If you’re looking for the warmest womens winter boots, make a point of checking out the Danner Raptor 650s. This exciting mid calf hiking boot comes with ample stuffing and cushioning inside, which should be enough to keep your feet warm and cozy even as the temperatures fall below freezing point.

The inside of the Danner Raptors is stuffed with around 400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, which results in some of the coziest boots around. Meanwhile, the outer features a 100% waterproof barrier that prevents water and snow from getting to your feet, helping to keep them dry and warm. Overall, great for winter hiking.

On the upper side of the shoe, a mix of full-grain leather and wool results in rugged and comfortable shoe construction.

The rubber soles have a low-heel type that makes you feel like you’re in trainers. Darren ensured that you’ll get maximum comfort with the inclusion of an open-cell PU Ortholite footbed for adequate cushioning.

Furthermore, the Vibram Escape outsole is paired with Megagrip technology to enhance traction when walking on slippery snow.

Deep lugs make for good grip on slippery surfaces while the sprung middle provides needed support to your foot.

This should guarantee that you will stay upright throughout the journey.

Overall, these exciting winter boots deliver a lightweight build that you could run a half-marathon with through the snow. They offer a great bang for the buck if you’re looking to buy from the 100-pound range. Unfortunately, the shoe fits too snugly to let you wear thick ski socks with them.


  1. Extremely warm and comfortable for winter hiking

  2. Great traction on the Vibram sole

  3. 100% waterproof snow boots

  4. Good value for money


  1. A little too tight

  2. Not enough room in the toe-box

Merrell Women’s Tremblant Pull on Polar Waterproof Ankle Boots


Fashion meets function when it comes to this charming pair from Merrell. The Tremblant Pull-on winter ankle boots come with a nice sense of style but they’ll impress you with more than just their looks.

These snow boots are designed with a suede upper, delivering a seamless look that you can easily incorporate into your winter outfit.

The material is also waterproof to keep your feet dry and warm when it precipitates. A sealed seam construction further ensures that no water gets inside the shoe.

There is also low bulk insulation that helps to keep your feet warm as you battle the cold conditions while the fleeced inner lining helps you to stay comfortable. At 692, the boot is conveniently lightweight to ensure that you maintain your stride no matter how long you have to walk in the snow.

The insole features a removable EVA foam that offers ample padding when treading on icy terrain. This serves to absorb the shock as your feet pound the ground and keep your feet from getting sore. A molded nylon arch shank also protects your foot from tightness when fit in the shoe.

Merrell used Air Cushion in the heel to keep your foot stable while also absorbing shock.

The rubber outsole is sticky and provides adequate grip on the slippery and icy surface.

You’ll also appreciate the faux-fur collar detail on the shoe if you appreciate stepping out in style.

Overall, the Merrell Tremblant Pull-on winter boot will be a great addition to your winter wear! The only problem is that they are slightly wider than you’d expect. They may not be the right fit for ladies with small and narrow feet. Some customers also claim that the shoes aren’t as waterproof as the manufacturer claims.


  1. Cushiony EVA mid-sole

  2. Lightweight and comfy

  3. Fashionable snow boots

  4. Affordable winter boot


  1. Not waterproof

  2. A little too wide

Merrell Thermo Rhea Mid Waterproof Women’s


If you’re looking for a cross between a hiking boot and a snow boot this cute-looking pair will offer you the performance you desire. The Thermo Rhea winter boots are a great option for any excursions and expeditions you plan to have in light winter weather.

Your feet won’t have to suffer at the hands of the dreaded winter cold; this is guaranteed by the 200g PrimaLoft insulation inside the shoes, which keeps you warm and cozy without overheating. This is reinforced by an additional 2mm of insulation around the toe area and traps enough heat to protect your toes from frostbite.

The outer shell features a full-grain waterproof leather material that that staves off moisture to keep the inside of the shoe dry. A medial size zipper on the shoe makes it easy for you to slide your foot into the shoe. This also saves you the time and trouble that comes with unlacing the boot every time you want to remove them.

The Thermo Rhea provides a nice fit and leaves enough room for you to pair them with thick ski socks for extra warmth.

On the outer sole, you’ll find Vibram Arctic technology that works great in the slippery icy ground. The 5mm lugs on the sole offer plenty of traction and keep you from losing your footing when walking.

Overall, this mid-calf winter boot from Merrell offers plenty of protection from the cold snowy conditions experienced during winter. However, they are relatively wide, so you might want to go test out the pair at the store before buying.


  1. Vibram arctic sole offers stability

  2. Plenty of insulation for Deep Snow – Super Warm

  3. Comfortable snow boots

  4. Easy to put on and remove


  1. Can be broad for some people

Merrell Women’s Haven Mid Lace 39S Leisure Time and Sportwear Boots


Merrell are known for making some of the warmest womens walking boots, and these ones are no exception.

The Merrell Haven Mid Lace Boots are designed with full-grain waterproof leather on the outer shell to guard against moisture. The leather is also tough and makes for durable use in the winter season. You also get a nice blend of wool and nylon to complete the outer material construction. Meanwhile, the sole is made of rubber to offer needed traction on the wet and slippery ground.

The block-shaped heel is only 2” high and will be great for walking long distances. Designed with a traditional lace-up closure, you’ll have an easy time sliding your foot inside and lacing up to get the right fit. Inside the shoe is a molded EVA midsole that provides cushioning while enhancing shock absorption as you walk on the ice.

Wearing the Haven Mid Laces feels warm and comfortable. This is enhanced by 100g insulation so that your feet remain cozy all day.

There is also ample room in the toe-box area for you to move your digits whenever you feel like. They also fit true to size and you won’t need a break-in period to feel at home when you wear them.

Finally, these boots have a stylish semi-official look that you can pair with a catchy winter outfit whenever you want to join friends or family for an outing. They are also conveniently lightweight; you won’t get fatigued from wearing the boots the whole day.

For just under 100 pounds, you get a good deal when you buy the Merrell Haven Mid Laces!

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  1. Nice and fashionable design

  2. Lightweight and comfortable

  3. Easy to wear & Keep your feet warm


  1. They are only suitable for light winters

Berghaus Women’s Kanaga Gore-tex Waterproof Low Rise Hiking Boots


This is another stylishly designed pair of winter boots from Berghaus that allows you to fight off the winter as you express your fashion savvy! The Berghaus Women’s Kanaga Gore-tex Waterproof Low Rise Walking Boots will keep your feet feeling warm and comfortable when you have to venture out on those cold, crispy winter days. On our list of warmest women’s winter boots, these are a top performer for sure.

They are lightweight and keep your feet warm when you wear them with winter socks.

Berghaus guarantee reliability and performance thanks to a range of technologies that have been applied throughout the boot’s design. Top among them is the insulating technology that combines recycled PrimaLoft Eco with AF fabric, which offers your feet the warmth you get from a sleeping bag.

The AF outer shell is water repellent, as well as durable, ensuring that your feet remain free from moisture on the multiple trips you make to the outside. Under the foot, you’ll find a 200g PrimaLoft Eco insulation that enhances comfort when wearing the shoe.

Another interesting feature is the high-abrasion splits on the sole that borrow from climbing tire rubbers to provide adequate traction on when walking on the slippery ground.

The outsole employs a patented OPTI-STUD lug pattern with studs that use a temperature-sensitive compound, which hardens as the temperatures drop.

Wearing the boot requires a simple “pull-on” mechanism that should take much of your time.

There is also a medial zip up to let you slide your foot inside with relative ease.

Overall, the shoe looks cute but it is just as functional. Any fashion-forward female trying the brave the pinch of the winter should definitely try this one out!


  1. Cute design for a winter boot

  2. Easy to wear snow boots

  3. Ample PrimaLoft for insulation

  4. Good grip


  1. Not for use in extreme winter weather

UGG Adirondack III Boots


The Adirondack III boots from UGG are designed to handle intense winter weather and depths of snow. They are just what you need to handle everything the cold season throws at you!

A waterproof leather outer protects your wetness while an insulating wool lining inside makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling when you wear the boots.

If you fancy, you can either roll down the top to expose the wool or flip them up so that they warm the lower calf and ankle warm; whichever your preferred style. The shoe features a Vibram outsole that is not only tough but also provides a great grip on icy conditions. These also manage to keep you in extremely low temperatures; as low as -20°C.

You can choose from a variety of colours that the boot is available in, including white, brown, and black to match with your winter outfit.

The Adirondacks are light and comfortable to wear. You’ll be impressed by how warm they feel when you put them on.

Pair them with skinny jeans or even leggings to step out into the winter in style.

You won’t find tougher boots in the market that can cope with tons of snow like the Adirondack IIIs. They also offer a nice fit and will look good on almost anybody.

The one problem I have with them is that they come with a hefty price tag. Other than that, these are the shoes to last you several spells of winter!


  1. Stable Vibram sole

  2. Comfortable wool lining

  3. Water-resistant

  4. Made for extremely cold temperatures


  1. Pricey

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots


These winter boots were specifically made to plow through mounds of snow and tackling extreme winter conditions. But aside from shielding you against the icy conditions, you also get to do it a fashionable way.

When there is a crazy snowstorm and you have to navigate several feet of snow, these are shoes to turn to! The Sorel Joan of Arctics are almost one foot tall, ensuring that both your ankle and calf remain dry and warm. A suede leather shaft delivers a rugged construction and is waterproof to keep off any form of moisture.

You also get a faux fur finishing on the cuffs that helps to highlight the style of the boot. Simple to operate the lace-up system makes it easy to put on the boots while a strong vulcanised rubber section covers the toe box to keep them dry and warm at all times.

According to the manufacturer, these snow boots can cope with temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celsius.

The tread under the outsole has deep lugs to offer plenty of grip when walking on the slippery snow and ice. Lightweight design allows you to wear them throughout the day without them dragging you down.

The boots come in a range of charming colors and styles that you can choose from to incorporate into your winter outfit. Whether you are running errands in the city or taking it easy in the country, this rugged yet stylish set of winter shoes have all it takes to serve you in both contexts.


  1. Great for cold temperature use

  2. Very warm and comfy snow boots

  3. Multiple styles and colors

  4. Grippy sole for stability


  1. Costly

Sorel Slimpack II Lace Boots


These snow boots come with an array of features that make them the ideal choice for snowy conditions. They are warm, waterproof, lightweight, and feature a slim and cute design. You also get a chance to select from various colour options to fit your preferences.

If you’re tired of those clunky winter boots that wear you down after a few hours of wearing them, the Slimpack IIs from Sorel is the exact fit for you! Because of their slim build, they are better suited for those light winter days when there is just a little snow getting in your way. Don’t use them in extreme conditions!

Their distinctive “duck boot” design is similar to what you see on most rain and winter boots but with extra cute elements like wool accents and attractive laces to separate them from the rest.

Its full-grain leather upper is completely waterproof to prevent wetness inside while a vulcanized rubber outer covers the lower side of your foot.

These help to make the shoe splash-proof, enabling you to stomp through paddles without worrying about getting wet. A ball of wool felt collar on the upper of the boot enhances warmth and a sense of style to the boot. Your comfort when wearing the shoes is taken care of by the microfleece lining that helps to keep you toasty and cozy.

Despite being waterproof, the Slimpacks are still breathable to let out the hot air when it gets a little hot. The outer sole is also grippy and helps to maintain your footing and keep you on your twos all the time. Overall, these are hiking boots that you can wear in the city streets on those light winter days.


  1. Waterproof design

  2. Slim and comfortable winter boot

  3. Great traction

  4. Insulated inner


  1. Not rugged for extreme winters

Keen Terradora Lace Winter Boots


If you like to turn heads your way when you step out in the streets, then you’ll fall in love with these cheerful cherry-red winter boots from Keen. Borrowed from the brand’s fan-favorite Terradora line, this winter version has proven to be just as popular among the ladies; they’re perfect for winter hiking.

The boot rises to the calf and features a stability shank that delivers lightweight support. You won’t realise the weight no matter long you wear them. Cozy quilted insulation inside the shoe keeps you warm when temperatures drop. It has the ability to perform incredibly well to temperatures as low as -31.7C.

The outer shell is made out of a waterproof nylon fabric that keeps out the moisture while ensuring your feet are dry and warm all the time.

Despite this, they still prove to breathable enough not to affect your comfort levels on those warmer snowy days. For added comfort, the inside is lined with a soft fleecy material that will be a delight to feel against your feet.

Furthermore, there is a low-density EVA mid-sole to cushion your footbed as you walk. The rubber sole used greatly enhances traction while the low-heel design ensures that you don’t get fatigued easily. The fit is almost perfect and you’ll have an easy time sliding your foot inside when you put them on.

The only grievance about the Terradora is that their ankle opening is a little bit wide. If the lacing is not done tightly enough, this leaves an avenue for the snow to leak inside and mess up your outdoor winter adventure.


  1. Nice color and design

  2. Warm and cozy winter boots

  3. Lightweight build

  4. Waterproof yet breathable snow boots


  1. Ankle opening too wide


After it’s all said and done, a cozy pair of winter boots is something you can’t afford to exclude from your list of winter gear. While there are so many options that the UK market offers you, the above models have proven to be the warmest womens winter boots you can count on to survive the winter.