The Best Walking Boots Under £100 (2022 UPDATED)

The best walking boots under £100


Best Walking Boots Under £100PriceRatingLink
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Walking Boots£88.374.5 / 5View
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Walking Boots£80.294.5 / 5View
Mountain Warehouse Suede & Mesh Walking Boots£354 / 5View
Merrell Women's Moab 2 GTX' Low Rise Hiking Boots£764.5 / 5View
Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Chukka Boots£994.5 / 5View
KEEN Men's Targhee Exp Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Shoes£634.5 / 5View
TOG 24 Ingleborough Walking Boots£654 / 5View
ARIAT Men's 10002183 Hiking Boot£954.5 / 5View
XPETI Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots£68.994.5 / 5View
Vasque Womens Walking Boots£934.5 / 5View

One of the best ways to spend your pastime, whether over the weekends or during the holidays, is to embark on a hiking adventure. A nice pair of walking boots will come in handy to make sure that you not only have a satisfying experience but also keep your expedition from turning into an injury-laden nightmare.

To effortlessly tackle the rugged tracks, slippery slopes, and plunging valleys you are bound to encounter on the trail, you’ll need a sturdy hiking boot that is up to the task.

But with dozens of boots available out there, just what should you choose?

Not to worry! We are here to make sure that you leave the store with the appropriate hiking shoes when you go shopping for a pair. In this article, we review the best hiking boots under £100 available in the market today.

Best Walking Boots Under £100- Buyers Guide


Before deciding to buy the first pair of boots you come across in an apparels shop, a little due diligence will prove crucial. The following are a few essential factors that will guide you towards making the right choice:



Breathability is another important aspect that you should look for in walking boots before deciding to purchase.

Breathable materials and ventilation on the shoe keep your feet from getting too hot and sweaty, which is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy.

These types of shoes allow for a free flow of fresh air inside, making sure that your feet remain comfortable while saving you the foul odor that hits you when you get out of your shoes after a day-long hike in the woods.



The nature of the hiking trails can range anywhere from rocky and slippery to meandering and uneven! These are all tricky surfaces that can easily knock you off balance.

As such, you’ll need the kind of shoes that will keep you vertical at all times.

Choose a pair that offers a sufficient amount of traction for the terrain you’ll be hiking in.

Look for a deep and detailed tread pattern on the sole if you want to plow through muddy tracks while carrying a heavy backpack. This will make your experience easier and enhance your safety!


Among the most essential aspects of selecting a pair of walking boots is finding the right size for your feet! The worst thing you can do is to settle for a shoe that “just about fits you”.

Wearing ill-fitting boots is a sure way of getting blisters and developing corns; two things that are dreaded by hikers around the world! To avoid this, make sure the shoe fits snugly; not too loose or too tight.

There should be enough allowance for the thickness of the sock you plan to wear.

If possible, try on the boots before you buy them, especially in the afternoon. This is because some people experience minor swelling of their feet later in the day, and this is when they are likely to be at their largest!



Ideally if you’re looking for the best walking boots under £100, they should be waterproof. When you set out on a hiking escapade, it’s always wise to anticipate the worst weather scenarios.

After all, nobody knows what Mother Nature has in store for you. In case of an unexpected downpour, you must get a waterproof pair of walking boots.

This ensures that your feet remain warm and dry when the trail is wet and muddy, helping to keep you comfortable throughout the hike.

Furthermore, wet feet can easily result in blisters, making your experience miserable but this can all be avoided when you wear waterproof boots!


Several extra features in walking boots help to boost their practicality on the trail and these are something you might want to consider as you contemplate between different brands. One such feature is padding, and this goes a long way to influence your level of comfort when wearing the shoes.

Whether you want ample padding or just a little is a matter of preference. Another thing to look out for is arch support.

Flat-footed individuals tend to require extra arch support whereas some people will find this uncomfortable. Furthermore, you can still look at the color and style of the shoe if you want to incorporate them into your outfit.

Best Walking Boots Under £100 – Reviews


Best Walking Boots Under £100PriceRatingLink
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Walking Boots£88.374.5 / 5View
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Walking Boots£80.294.5 / 5View
Mountain Warehouse Suede & Mesh Walking Boots£354 / 5View
Merrell Women's Moab 2 GTX' Low Rise Hiking Boots£764.5 / 5View
Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Chukka Boots£994.5 / 5View
KEEN Men's Targhee Exp Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Shoes£634.5 / 5View
TOG 24 Ingleborough Walking Boots£654 / 5View
ARIAT Men's 10002183 Hiking Boot£954.5 / 5View
XPETI Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots£68.994.5 / 5View
Vasque Womens Walking Boots£934.5 / 5View

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Leather Mid GTX High Rise Hiking Shoes


If you’re a fan of light summer hikes, this is one of the best walking boots under £100 you can find.

The Merrell Moab mid-hiker Walking Boot was designed for summer hiking adventures and comes with a well-ventilated design that consists of breathable leather for uninterrupted airflow. This prevents your feet from turning into a sweat-drenched mess while hiking in hot conditions.

A mesh upper enhances the free flow of air for a comfortable walking experience.

This boot comes with a built-in FRESH system that you are going to appreciate if you struggle with smelly feet. This one of a kind feature helps to eliminate undesirable foot odor and saves you the trouble of applying powders and deodorant inserts.

The mid-cut design of the Moab features a 4-inch shaft from the arch that offers moderate ankle support without burdening you with the height of a high-top.

You also get an Ortholite system that has been incorporated to provide for an anatomical footbed inside the shoe for extra support. This implies that you not only enjoy a comfortable fit but also a very low likelihood of experiencing fatigue.

Another important feature is the built-in shock absorber in the shoe that includes air cushion heels for additional comfort.

The gum rubber sole has a deep tread pattern that will give you the needed traction on loose surfaces, making sure that you don’t miss a step.

Finally, the Merrell Moab boots are waterproof, so you can hike in mud puddles and dew-filled grass without having to worry about the moisture.


  1. Highly breathable shoe
  2. Durable leather material
  3. A nice fit to keep your feet comfortable
  4. Lightweight mid-cut design for the ultimate summer hike
  5. Waterproof lining
  6. Odor-resistant FRESH system


  1. The mesh upper might enable free airflow but may also allow dust to get inside. Be sure to clean it and prevent a buildup of dust in the upper portion.

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Walking Shoe


This is another practical shoe that you can turn to whenever you feel like exploring the open spaces. Designed with expert craftsmanship, the Columbia Ridge walking boots boast a richness of leather than provides you with natural support in the tricky trails. They are also available in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure that you find a shoe that perfectly fits and matches your color preferences. </p.

The high leather uppers span 5 inches from the arch to ensure that you get maximum ankle support.

This boot comes with a solid construction that is defined by a blend of leather, suede, metal, and mesh materials to deliver durable performance.

This is reinforced by a UP coat for enhanced resistance to water and moisture in general, keeping you comfortable even while hiking in wet areas. The inclusion of a waterproof seam keeps the moisture out as your feet remain warm and dry.

The Columbia Newton Ridge walking boots are pretty lightweight and comfortable to use; you can have them on for full-day hikes without getting irritated.

They have a Techlite patented midsole that offers a high energy return with each step that you take, helping to stave off fatigue.

The midsole is also designed using lightweight materials for improved functionality. You get extra comfort from the ample padding in the shoes that has been focused on fiction prone points to guard against the formation of blisters and corns.

This also makes for a snug fit that allows for extended use without getting exhausted.

The rubber soles have an Omni-Grip patented rubber build that grips solidly in all kinds of situations without leaving marks on the surface.


  1. Incredible arch support
  2. Keeps your feet dry in rainy conditions
  3. Quite durable build
  4. Holds up well in more challenging trails
  5. Comfortable padding for prolonged use


  1. It can be uncomfortable for hikers who don’t require arch support

Mountain Warehouse Rapid Womens Waterproof Boots


These will be a reliable choice if you’re looking for the best walking boot under £100 for women that won’t dent your bank account. Mountain Warehouse Rapid Waterproof boots are built using a water-resistant upper, coupled with a waterproof membrane to protect your feet from moisture.

The leather material used is naturally water-repellent and this improves the performance of the shoe while walking or hiking in wet conditions.

The fabric has also been engineered to be breathable and allow moisture to escape out fast and efficiently. This means sweat will easily wick out, saving you the irritation and discomfort of wet and greasy feet. As such, the Warehouse Rapids are ideal for adventures in warmer environments.

The shoe also features a mesh lining on the top and sides to make for efficient breathability. This helps to keep your feet aerated and dry for enhanced comfort during hiking.</p.

The heel and toe bumpers offer extra rubber reinforcement at the back and front of the boot to provide added protection and durable performance.

Thanks to a padded tongue and ankle, you’ll be able to go for prolonged hikes without succumbing to the stress. These do a great job of providing support and, therefore, keep you comfortable for long walks.

The outsoles have deep lugs that make for an enhanced grip to ensure that you don’t lose your steps even in slippery situations. Lastly, these walking boots are relatively lightweight to take it easy on you during long walks.


  1. Attractive design that you can incorporate into your outfit
  2. Well ventilated to keep your feet comfortable
  3. Ample padding in the right places
  4. Waterproof materials to protect you from moisture
  5. Durable build for long-term use


  1. The boots may be too narrow for people with wide feet

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Gtx Low Rise Hiking Shoes


The Merrell Moab 2 Low Rise Boots are another great choice for women, especially on short and light hikes over the weekend. The trainers come with a low-cut design that keeps the shoe lightweight for practicality during the hike.

The only concern with the low-cut design is that your ankles tend to get wet during morning hikes on grassy fields. They also feature a mixture of leather and mesh upper lining that is perfect for balancing between waterproofness and breathability.

The material ensures that you are protected from moisture while the mesh lining allows for a free flow of air into and out of the shoe.

This results in dry feet for sweaty hikers since the vapour easily finds its way to the outside.

It also means that you won’t have to worry about blisters forming as a result of friction between your skin and the shoe.

If you appreciate a comfortable hike, the Moab women’s hiking boots come with ample padding in impact prone zones and friction points to ensure that your adventure doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Another useful addition is the air cushion construction, which takes your comfort to the next level while on those extended hikes.

The blend of suede leather and mesh results in a natural feel when donning these shoes.

They are also available in a variety of sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your feet. The lace-up design has been reinforced with eyelets to make for easy fastening while the rubber sole enhances traction on all kinds of surfaces.


  1. Waterproof design, although in mildly wet circumstances
  2. Comfortable fit and natural feeling
  3. Nice ventilation to keep your feet comfortable
  4. Lightweight design for practicability
  5. Perform well under pressure


  1. The walking boots are relatively wide and may feel too large for people with narrow feet. This can be solved by wearing thicker socks.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Chukka Boots


The Timberland Waterproof Chukka Walking Boot boasts a high rating on Amazon even after thousands of reviews! It’s one of the more well known brands on this list of best walking boots under £100.

The Timberland White Ledge walking boots will make an ideal choice for a light hike over the weekend.

It comes with a variety of useful features that make for a snug fit, as well as enhanced ankle protection is unforgiving terrains.

The first thing you’ll notice from the boot’s name is that it is waterproof! This is a crucial aspect that serves to keep your feet dry and warm in case of hiking in wet conditions.

Padding on the collar and tongue helps to boost ankle support, as well as increase comfort during the hike to make sure that you don’t easily get fatigued by the experience.

Thanks to a gusseted tongue design, pressure from the shoelaces is conveniently eased for your hiking comfort while also assisting to keep stones and other debris out of your boots.

You get a breathable EVA footbed, which is a dual-density and removable component that enables fresh air to flow in through the perforations.

It ensures that your feet stay fresh while moisture-wicking capabilities help them to stay dry and blister-free. The White Ledge hiking shoes also feature a BSFP (Brake, Support, Flex, Propel) traction and support system, which makes for high-performance on the trial.

This includes a rubber sole that is engineered with a deep lug design to grip easily in slippery and tricky conditions, helping you to remain upright throughout the hike.


  1. A comfortable choice for a day hike
  2. Waterproof boot help to keep your feet dry at all times
  3. Quality materials used to create a rugged shoe
  4. Size runs true to offer you a snug fit
  5. Sufficient gripping power for a stable hike in slippery surfaces


  1. It may take some days to break into the boots
  2. The boots may require extra weatherproofing in extreme weather

KEEN Men’s Targhee Exp Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Boots


The KEEN Targhee hiking boot comes with a lean yet rugged construction that is designed to keep you confident in all manner of terrain and weather. It has a mid-cut design that helps to reduce its weight and ensure that you don’t struggle with fatigue even after hours of walking. You’ll appreciate the waterproof leather and textile membrane on the shoe, which allow your feet to remain dry and warm in wet hiking conditions.

This is reinforced by a rubber sole that is highly resistant to moisture, making for a comfortable experience.

Speaking of comfort, you get plenty of it from the padded tongue and collar, which serve to reduce friction against your skin and keep blisters at bay.

The dual-density EVA midsole further provides excellent underfoot support, as well as absorbs shock on uneven surfaces.

The KEEN Targhees feature a heel-capture system that helps to enhance stability. The heel is built with a contoured shape that provides more traction on slippery and rocky surfaces to ensure that you remain sure-footed all through the journey.

Its 4mm multi-directional lugs add extra grip while the heel lock reduces the likelihood of slipping. You get a snug fit when you wear these walking boots, thanks to the traditional lace-up system used, which is reinforced with eyelets for seamless adjustment.

Not to mention that there is a ventilation system that lets your feet get fresh air at all times.

The shoe’s footbed is also anatomically designed to offer exceptional arch support and align with the natural shape of the foot.

Finally, the PU-leather material used on these boots is easy to clean and offers great durability in the harsh hiking environments.


  1. Lightweight design is suitable for light hikes
  2. Great ventilation to prevent pooling of sweat
  3. Waterproof and breathable
  4. Contoured heel offers improved traction
  5. Durable and easy to clean leather material


  1. Not the best choice for serious backpacking adventures

TOG 24 Ingleborough Unisex Waterproof Walking Boots


The TOG Ingleborough Walking Boots sport a cool vintage style with an all-black outer and no-nonsense construction. They look like the kind of boots you’ll wear on a rugged terrain hike lasting several days.

The shoes are built using tough leather with full-grain uppers to provide you with high performance in the most rugged situations.

A waterproof membrane has been included to ensure that your feet remain warm and dry when you have to wade through marshy and wet trails.

This also prevents unwanted conditions such as Trench’s foot that may develop with prolonged exposure to wetness.

The membrane also allows moisture to wick out when the conditions get hot and humid, helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

On the underfoot of the shoe, you’ll find a high-grade Vibram rubber outsole that provides a bouncy feeling while walking, as well as grips the ground well for a stable hike.

There’s also an EVA heel cup that offers extra support to your heels and cushioning for enhanced comfort.

This feature comes in handy when walking on rocky trails because the heel cup soaks in the shock to prevent you from getting easily fatigued.

The Tog24 fit true to size and their tubular laces allow for a comfortable fit. Furthermore, you receive a one-year service guarantee to ensure that you’re getting a quality product.

These are all great features that you’d expect from a higher-priced shoe, but the Tog24 offers you them all and more at a very affordable cost.


  1. Leather material for durability
  2. Molded EVA foam offers enhanced comfort
  3. Waterproof and quick-wicking lining
  4. Genuine Vibram outsole for traction
  5. One-year guarantee


  1. The boots are pretty heavy, especially for people with small feet and can take a toll on you during prolonged hikes

ARIAT Mens Terrain H2o Hiking Boot


The Ariat Terrain H20s don’t come with many faults. They are a very popular pair of trainers with impressive reviews on Amazon and the best part is that they are cheaply available.

The first thing that stands out the moment you put them on is just how comfortable they feel.

They can be worn straight out of the box and still offer a snug fit; no need to spends days or weeks trying to break into them.

Ample padding inside protects you from blisters and soreness during those endless hikes.

Another practical attribute of the Ariat H2Os is their waterproof construction.

They feature an oiled full-grain leather lining upper that has been paired with a waterproof lining membrane, which ensures that the boots hold up well in rainy weather.

Your feet will remain warm and dry even when you have to trek in wet conditions.

The outsoles of the shoes are made out of gum rubber, which offers great traction on different kinds of surfaces. Their gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabiliser also helps to enhance your stability on the trail while providing the comfort needed to get through hours of continuous hiking.

The ankle support and padded collar guarantee that you’re getting the real deal. Another important addition is the moisture-wicking lining, which prevents your feet from becoming a moisture-drenched mess.

This allows the sweat to escape to the outside, keeping your feet dry and safeguarded against blisters. On the downside, the shoes are quite bulky and can be heavy over long-distance hikes.

Also, the leather tends to crack where your foot bends at the toe after some time. Other than that, the Ariats are a great choice that you can rely on for a satisfying hike.

  1. Durable rubber sole & Easily Breathable
  2. Minimal break-in period required
  3. Padded collar and cushioned footbed for a boost in comfort
  4. Waterproof design
  5. Great traction on loose surfaces


  1. They are bulky and quite heavy on extended adventures

XPETI Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots


The XPETI men’s hiking boots come with an affordable price tag that you wouldn’t expect on one of the best walking boots under £100. They possess an array of useful features to suit any avid hiker, including a waterproof mesh upper that serves to keep your feet dry at all times.

The high-cut design of the shoe also ensures that your ankles are protected from the cold winds while trekking in cold regions.

A hydro shield membrane has been paired with a moisture-wicking mesh and together help to keep your feet warm and dry during walks through snow and mud.

This also provides any moisture trapped inside the shoe with an escape route to the outside. You get a rubber toe cap protection to guard against soreness and a rubber outsole that offers optimal grip on different kinds of surfaces.

Comfort is another priority on the XPETI walking shoes and this is provided by the molded TPU ankle support, which reduces the likelihood of suffering ankle sprains.

This will come in handy when hiking on rocky terrains; it helps to aggressively grip the rocks and boost traction for stability. The boots also feature a cushioned EVA midsole that helps to absorb shock and protect you against fatigue during long walks.

It ensures that you enjoy a comfortable hiking experience with little to no soreness on your feet.

The flat heel type will be great for hikers and the shoes can be worn straight out of the box with minimal break-in required.

Overall, it is a high-performance product that offers a great bang for the buck!

  1. Waterproof materials used
  2. Great value for the money
  3. Nice blend of design and colors
  4. Breathable to keep your feet fresh
  5. Perfect grip in all kinds of surfaces


  1. The laces loosen pretty quickly; you might want to get a new set

Vasque girls Hiking Boots


Our last pick for the best walking boots under £100 is the Vasque Breeze 2.0s. These are a great pair of trainers for ladies who like to spend their time exploring the open spaces. All the basics have been addressed in the shoe design; it is lightweight, durable, and offers impressive stability on rough terrains.

The shoe was constructed using high-quality Gore-Tex material and coupled with Vibram soles to offer the gold standard for outdoor footwear.

The Gore-Tex helps to keep the Vasques waterproof, protecting you from moisture and the cold that comes with it. Meanwhile, it is also a breathable fabric that allows airflow freely inside and keeps your feet fresh at all times.

The Vibram soles also mean that you remain sure-footed throughout the journey as you enjoy durable performance down the line.

In short, these are an indication of the superior quality you get from a pair of boots that will cost you less than 100 pounds. The Vasques also feature a suede leather upper, as well as nylon inserts that keep them lightweight while an EVA midsole and footbed help to enhance cushioning and support throughout the hike.

When it comes to the negatives, these shoes seem small for the designated size, which is a common grievance among past buyers. </p.

This is something you might want to watch out if you consider investing in a pair.

It would be wise to go for a shoe that is at least half a size larger than your actual shoe size.

Other than that, the Vasques 2.0s are a magnificent pair of boots that you’ll enjoy having on your various outdoor adventures.

  1. Vibram soles offer great traction
  2. The Gore-Tex fabric is waterproof and breathable
  3. Sturdy and flexible performance
  4. Comfortable EVA midsole and footbed


  1. The arch support may not be sufficient for some people


Having the appropriate pair of hiking boots is an assurance that you’ll have a great time on the trails. These help to keep you comfortable throughout the hike while offering you stability and support.

In the above post, we’ve reviewed some of the best walking boots under £100, that will offer you the level of quality you get from more expensive options.

Give them a try whenever you feel like hitting the hiking trails!