Thin Thermal socks for Hiking – (2022 UPDATED GUIDE)

A Hikers Wet Dream…Thin Thermal Socks!



Not all Thermal Socks are created equal….

Most thermal socks being sold today come in a multiple layer construction to not only protect you from the cold but also provide cushioning while walking.

A blend of various fabrics is normally used in the build to make for a durable and high-performance footwear accessory.

When you consider all the layers in thermal socks, it is generally expected that they have a thick and weighty design.

For some people, a thick sock can be awkward to walk in and may not be suitable for use in some every day casual activities.

So, you might be wondering…Do thin thermal socks exist?


Yes….yes they do.

They not only protect you from the cold but also prove to be a practical choice when you want to wear them to work or other routine endeavours.

This article looks at what thermal socks are while considering the best thin thermal socks you can find in the UK market today.

What are Thermal Socks?


Most thermal socks are made out of wool or a blend of wool. This is because of the material’s ability to retain heat even when it gets wet.

Thermal socks are perfect for the outdoors, especially during the cold winter months. They will keep your feet warm when it rains or snows.

However, some people are sensitive to wool. As an alternative, some thermal socks are made using merino wool, which works just as impressively as ordinary thermal wool socks.

How Do Thermal Socks Work?


Thermal socks are not like ordinary socks; they function differently and offer a completely unique feel when you wear them. Apart from the fabric’s heat-retention properties, it also provides a certain level of sweat reduction that helps to prevent heat and water loss.

Have you ever tried hiking while donning wet socks?

It can be quite uncomfortable, and this is what thermal socks help to prevent. These socks, such as the ones we produce here at ArcticDry also come with thicker fabrics and extra cushioning to provide additional support, protecting you from blisters and other friction injuries.

Like the ones here at ArcticDry, most have insulating properties that help to protect your feet against the cold. The fabric traps heat from your body and retains it so that your feet remain warm and toasty even when the conditions are cold.

Most of the popular thermal socks on the market today are perfect to wear in cold areas but can be a little uncomfortable when the weather is relatively warmer.

While venturing into the outdoors during the cold season, whether for a hiking or skiing expedition, the insulation qualities of thermal socks can help the user to avoid various health risks such as frostbite and tissue necrosis.

Needless to say, these are some of the best accessories to have on while taking part in extreme activities like camping and mountain climbing in the winter.

Best Thin Thermal Socks

The best thin thermal socks will fit snugly on your feet and ensure your comfort when wearing them. They protect you from the cold without feeling like a nuisance of dead weight that your feet are carrying. If you’ve been trying to find the best thin thermal socks, try out the following options:

ArcticDry Xtreme Ice Blue Waterproof Socks


Of course, we’re highlighting our own socks here at ArcticDry as we truly believe they are the best thin thermal socks.

Our ICE Blue socks feature a three-layer construction made of fabrics such as spandex, nylon, and Coolmax, sandwiching an impermeable membrane.

Despite the rugged construction, our ICE Blue waterproof socks maintain a thin and close-fitting profile and would be suitable to wear on all kinds of occasions. Whether it is for running, cycling, golfing, or an everyday commute to work, these socks are versatile enough to feel functional in all situations.


They are padded on the heel area and toes, allowing them to snuggle with your feet when you wear them. The spandex material provides traction that keeps you from sleeping inside your shoes when they are wet and soaked. There is no irritation or discomfort when wearing these socks, making them a practical choice for outdoor activities in the cold.

ArcticDry Ultimate Outdoor Kneelength Waterproof Socks


This is another one of our bestsellers here at ArcticDry, with a slim build that will feel comfortable on your feet. They conveniently rise to the length of the knee, enabling you to pair them with a pair of shorts while ditching long pants that can get uncomfortable with time.

These socks are 100% waterproof. This is to say that there is no chance of water or moisture getting to your feet, even when you are ambushed by a storm. ArcticDry uses triple-layer technology in constructing these socks, resulting in maximum comfort and protection against the elements.

They are easy to wear and remain comfortable on your feet. The kneelength waterproof socks ensure that your feet get a steady supply of fresh air, preventing foot odour and other unwarranted situations.

They are easy to wash and care for and have the toughness to retain their initial shape even after multiple applications and sessions in the washer. These socks will impress you with their “everyday” look and versatility. They are practical enough to even be worn to work.


Thermal socks don’t always have to be thick and weighty!

It can be discomforting for some people, especially when you want to wear them for routine activities and nothing to do with preventing exposure to the cold.

It would be nice to have an option of thermal socks that are thin and lightweight enough to remain comfortable when meant to fight off a little cold. The above options by ourselves here at ArcticDry are some of the best thin thermal socks available in the market in our humble opinion.