Reasons to Get A Waterproof Hiking Backpack (UPDATED)

Why you Need a Waterproof Hiking Backpack


It may not be so obvious to most people but waterproof backpacks offer more than just the ability to keep water out. Think about it, you don’t have to freak out about getting to a shelter every time you are outside and the weather threatens to rain.

Furthermore, these backpacks come in a design that makes them light and strong without compromising their capacity to carry items.

If you are an avid hiker who loves the outdoors and camping then you know the importance of keeping your supplies dry during the expeditions. A sure way of doing this is by acquiring a nice waterproof hiking backpack for your adventures. Let us look at the many reasons you’d want to buy a waterproof hiking backpack.



When considering any kind of hiking adventure, the size of your back will be a crucial role. Whether you’ll be out for just a day or a week, you need to be a position to carry the sufficient food supplies and other important items to last you through the trip.

The good thing about waterproof backpacks (specifically the rolltop/drybag type that we create) is that they allow you to carry a lot more, making them a convenient choice for both single and multiple-day adventures. Our own Waterproof Backpack here at ArcticDry is available in a 30L Capacity, perfect for carrying all the things you need!



A waterproof hiking backpack is an accessory that will be useful in a wide variety of outdoor excursions. It doesn’t have to be raining for them to be useful; there are many other hiking situations where these bags would be extremely applicable.

-Waterproof backpacks will be a great choice during:

Cave Exploration


Waterproof backpacks were designed for the conditions associated with cave exploration.

Remember that caves are dark and damp with waterfalls and other water sources surrounding them at every turn.

You might end up being caught off-guard by dripping that has percolated into the roofs of the cave and get your supplies all wet. Thankfully, waterproof hiking backpacks will prevent this kind of a situation.



Canyoneering entails jumping into speeding mountain streams and being swept to the next location with the raging current. It is quite clear that your bag will be submerged in these kinds of situations. What better to keep your supplies safe and dry that a waterproof hiking backpack!

White water rapids


This is no different from canyoneering; water rapids toss you around as you explore and enjoy the thrill of the raging waters. Even though you’ll be floating on a raft, the water still splashes violently against your vessel and washes your bag.

A waterproof bag will protect essential gear you are carrying s you enjoy a day out on the rapids.



If you like running in the woods for a little outdoor escapade, a waterproof bag provides you with the lightest alternative to keep you going fast however far you’ll be running. A light back will be easy on your neck and back while carrying relevant runner supplies. And the weight of the bag won’t change even when it rains.



A waterproof bag will allow you to continue riding with worries when it suddenly starts raining.

Given the number of amazing options like a lightweight roll-top bag, it is the perfect selection for a cyclist.



Motorcyclists cover very long distances on their bikes and they are always wary of unexpected weather changes that they may be faced with. Luckily, with a waterproof hiking backpack, they need not slow down just because they want to keep their gear dry. The ride is usually more fun when there are no interruptions.

Plastic bags harm the environment


The whole point of going on hike is to get up-close and personal with Mother Nature while enjoying all the amazing experiences that it has to offer.

It, therefore, makes all the sense that as a passionate hiker you’d do everything to protect the ecosystem. The only other option of waterproofing your belongings is plastic bags and although they are cheaper these, unfortunately, go against the spirit to conserve the environment. This is because plastic bags end up polluting the environment, leading to the death of the Flora and Fauna.

A waterproof hiking bag will be the most convenient accessory you can carry if you want to go on an outdoor adventure and keep your supplies dry.

It is cumbersome to waterproof your bag on your own

Apart from the environment risks posed by plastic bags, attempting to waterproof your own gear may not be as effective. Whether you choose to collect items in ziplock bags, line your bag with a pack cover, or use trash bags, all these items may prove difficult to navigate in harsh weather or high water conditions.

For instance, pack covers will have to be taken out then pulled over the bag and further shifted to get to important supplies. On the other hand, a waterproof hiking backpack is a practical option that will give you little trouble when the weather changes for the worse. Once you’ve fitted everything inside your bag, the supplies remain protected against wetness while still being accessible whenever you need them.

Waterproof hiking backpacks are the quintessential hiking gear.

They offer a lightweight, functional, comfortable, and convenient approach to keeping your supplies safe and dry.

This makes them a must-have accessory for any hiker who understands the demands of a typical hiking experience. They will prove to be versatile in a number of activities beyond hiking that you already taking part in. Getting yourself a waterproof hiking backpack will be one of the wisest investments you’ve ever made!