The Best Gaiters for Hiking [2022 UPDATED]

The Best Gaiters for Hiking


Hiking in the outdoors can make for an unforgettable outdoor experience, but it can also turn out to be your worst nightmare if you don’t have the right gear to tread in such unforgiving territory.

It can be very frustrating when snow, stones, and other debris keep entering your boots as you hike.

This is why apart from the insulated pants and waterproof jackets that adventurers wear to stay warm and comfortable, gaiters also come in handy when you want to protect your legs and feet from the elements.

These simple and inexpensive little beauties are worn over the lower part of your pant legs and over the top of your boots to protect your legs when hiking through depths of snow.

You can’t afford to not use a functional pair of gaiters whether you’re hiking in thorn-filled woods or snow-capped landscapes!

In this post, we are looking at the best gaiters for hiking to make your decision a little easier when you go shopping for a pair.

Best Gaiters for Hiking – Buying Guide


When searching for a functional pair of gaiters, the following features should always be prioritized before making the purchase:



High-quality gaiters are designed with fabric that is waterproof, as well as breathable- a good example is Gore-Tex, eVent, etc.

These often employ a 3-layer waterproof/breathable fabric that offers hikers durability and weather protection on the hiking trail.

The 3-layer construction features a face fabric, membrane, and a liner with the face fabric safeguarding against abrasion while the membrane stops water from getting inside. It, however, allows water vapor inside the boot to pass through.

These three layers are usually bonded together, so it may not be evident to the naked eye.



The lower side of a gaiter is usually reinforced with a resilient fabric like Kevlar or Cordura to protect against abrasion.

It is quite common for hikers to get their crampons hooked up on the gaiters, which may end up tearing them up. This is why you need reinforcement on the lower part to prevent such incidences.



Just like any other hiking gear, gaiters should be lightweight to enable you to hike faster through tough terrain.

This also ensures that you don’t have to struggle with fatigue as you walk and makes for a fun and stress-free experience in the outdoors.



A good pair of gaiters is one that is easy to put on. These are usually designed with Velcro front entries that allow for quick attachment around your trousers.

However, there are some older models that come with zippers instead of the Velcro. These may prove to be cumbersome, especially when you are wearing gloves.



Gaiters are available in different heights. You can find some that are over-the-ankle while others extend beyond the knee and the calf.

If you are trail running, short gaiters will best be suited for this but if you are hiking in the woods or snow, then high gaiters should be the choice for you!

Be sure to choose gaiters that best suit what you plan to use them for!.



Comfort is always paramount whenever you set out on a treacherous hike in the outdoors. Just like your boots, the gaiters are going to stay on your legs the whole time you are out on the trail. This means that the right fit is extremely important.

You don’t want to deal with an ill-fitting pair that will be a hindrance to your hike. Poorly designed gaiters tend to be fiddly when putting or taking them off, which can be quite frustrating on the trail.

Also, your feet will always perspire when you are out hiking. Your gaiters should, therefore, be highly breathable to allow in some fresh air and enable your feet to cool off. You don’t want a hot and humid condition inside your boots, which can lead to quite a struggle when you are all drenched up in sweat and feeling slippery.

Modern synthetics like eVent and Gore-Tex have helped to improve the comfort levels of gaiters thanks to their high level of breathability.

These are also highly waterproof and lightweight, although they will cost you more than a nylon pack cloth.



You may find a gaiter that offers excellent physical protection, but if it can’t continue doing this through multiple cycles of use, then it is of no use. The gaiters you hike with will be prone to tear and wear with all the folding and response resulting from your legs being in constant motion.

The same is true when you have to wade through thickets that will have twigs and branches getting caught up in your gaiters. As such, you need to look for a ruggedly designed model that will take all this punishment without showing any sign of wear.

Normally, you should check the “denier” rating on the gaiter material you’re buying to determine how durable it will be. For example, a 1000D rated fabric is two times denser than a 500D rated fabric.

The toughest material you can get is canvas, but then it’s also the heaviest. Be sure to strike a balance between toughness and weight that best suits you when looking for a durable pair of gaiters.

Hiking Style


All gaiters are designed to shield hikers from the elements and other physical hazards while on the trail. However, people use them in all manner of ways and this may involve different hiking styles.

If you prefer an occasional day-hike on well-made trails, a good “all-round” gaiter is sufficient to prevent small stones and other particles from getting lodged inside your boot. Waterproofing is another important feature to consider if you’ll crossing small streams and puddles.

On the other hand, if you fancy venturing into the thick wild, away from marked trails, you might need a tougher and more waterproof pair of gaiters that can handle the rough conditions.

These are all essential factors that should be taken into account to help you find gaiters that best suit you.

Anyway, onto the list!

Salomon Low Trail Gaiters


Kicking off our list, the well known brand Salomon, with their low trail gaiters.

They offer optimal protection from elements whenever you hit the outdoors and help to keep your shoes free from snow, sand, dust, and other forms of debris.

You also won’t have to worry about scrapping your ankles against grass and undergrowth when you are running in the woods. The gaiters are designed with a combination of polyamide, elastane, and polyester which makes them quite functional to use.

They are flexible and therefore suitable for running and well-ventilated to make for free airflow. You also get reflective details on the covers which enhance visibility for your safety when running outside.

The Velcro closure system on the gaiters ensures that they don’t slip down the ankle when you run, and this is thanks to a sole strap that holds them in place.

Unigear Snow Gaiters for Hiking


This is one of the best gaiters for hiking currently available, and you can credit this to its high level of practicality. The Unigear snow gaiters are designed with strong Cordura brand 1000D nylon fabric; this durable and functional material boasts a lightweight feel that won’t bother you on the hiking trail.

It is also soft and quick-drying while its durability is thrice that of polyester fabric and 10 times what you get from cotton canvas. The scratch, tear, and wear-resistant nylon fabric further ensures that you will use the gaiters for years on end without showing any signs of damage.

The 3-in-1 fabric is also highly waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet and snowy conditions but still maintains high breathability so that you won’t choke in the humid environment inside your boots.

Its high strength also protects you from other elements such as wind and ensures that you can handle the extreme terrains with relative ease.

unigear gaiters

The Uniwear snow gaiters have a practical design that features an adjustable webbing covering the upper part to prevent them from sliding down the shin.

This is reinforced by an upgraded durable brand buckle. Meanwhile, the bottom uses a 30cm TPU webbing with a dense metal pin buckle and metal hook to prevent any looseness when the gaiter is worn.

A durable and widened Velcro seal makes for easy wearing and saves you precious time while hiking.

The highlight of this amazing pair of gaiters is that they are extremely versatile. They can be used anywhere from hiking in the rain, desert, jungle, and snow to skiing, camping, and hunting.

The excellent waterproof material ensures that no debris has an opportunity to get inside your boots.

Pasanava Snow Boot Gaiters


This is another practical pair of gaiters that can serve a variety of functions. Whether it is running, skiing, backpacking, hiking, or walking in the rain, snow, desert, or jungle, the Pasanava snow boot gaiters will prove to be a useful accessory for any outdoor enthusiast.

The gaiters cover features a mix of polyester and oxford fabric.

While the polyester is soft and comfortable to keep your legs at ease when walking in the trail, the rugged oxford material serves to protect you from hazards such as sand, mosquitoes, and other harmful bugs.

It is also waterproof to ensure that you’re protected from liquids, snow, and rain, whenever you experience any form of precipitation during your adventure. The gaiters measure 11” by 8.6”, and weigh just 0.38lbs, which makes them conveniently lightweight and compact.

Adjustable high-density elastic straps at the top of the gaiters make for easy and fast wearing while a TPU foot band, as well as a snap fastener, hook in the bottom around your leg for a better fit.

The gaiters have an average size that will comfortably suit both men and women and a 5cm Velcro opening ensures that you will be comfortable when wearing or removing the gaiters.

Triwonder Waterproof Gaiters


These solidly designed gaiters will fit firmly on you as you walk in all kinds of terrain. They feature metal hooks that secure them over your pants and a super-strong Velcro that fastens the ends to keep dust, stones, twigs, and other debris from getting inside your boots.

You also get adjustable drawstrings at the top of the gaiters that help to enhance the fit by hugging your legs more firmly to keep them from sliding down. The bottom strap is also durable and designed to fit your shoes effortlessly.

These gaiters are super lightweight and come with a breathable design that will keep your legs and feet fresh. This also allows for easy wearing so that you don’t have to worry about fatigue. The material is quite easy to maintain; simply wipe it clean and lay it out to dry.

Its waterproof properties ensure that this will only take a matter of minutes. The gaiters are also tear-resistant to avoid getting damaged when scratched by stones and twigs for durable use.

Finally, the Triwonder gaiters have an extensive application that allows them to be used for walking, hiking, mowing, hunting, as well as fishing.

Azarxis Hiking Gaiters


These gaiters are available in small, middle, and large sizes, which makes them suitable for use by children, women, as well as men. An adjustable band and drawcord at the top simplify the process of putting them on and taking them off.

The gaiters are quite lightweight to ease the struggle of treading through treacherous terrain for extended periods.

Their waterproof material protects your legs and feet from wet conditions and ensures that they stay warm and dry in humid environments.

The Azarxis hiking gaiters are a one-of-a-kind leg guardian that will protect you from snake bites, knocks, falls, and other forms of risk that you may encounter in the woods. Their durable design further ensures that they will serve you diligently for years without deteriorating in performance.

They are also pretty easy to clean so maintaining them through all this time should not be a challenge for you. Overall, the Azarxis hiking gaiters are a useful hiking accessory that boasts a wide range of applications.

You can use them for hiking, golfing, backpacking, fishing, climbing, running, and any other relevant outdoor activity you can think of. You won’t regret having a pair or two in your hiking kit for when the season comes calling.

Newoer Hiking Gaiters


The Newoer premium hiking gaiters will keep your legs warm and dry when you venture into the snow-capped terrains and protect you from twigs and other debris that may cause injury. These ankle-high leg guards maintain heat inside to provide a layer of warmth while staving off the cold wind.

The gaiters are designed with three layers that consist of a 600D oxford fabric, 3D imprint layer, and a 300D polyester to make for super durable and waterproof construction. The material is also tear and wear resistance but still maintains a breathable profile that allows your legs and feet to breathe effortlessly and stay fresh.

A durable and temperature-resistant TPU strap helps to keep your legs safer and warm while preventing your gaiters from getting frozen in the cold winter weather. This can also be adjusted to enhance the fit of the gaiters and keep them from sliding down your legs.

These leg gaiters come with a wide application range; you can use them for research, hunting, skating, mountain climbing, or even fishing expeditions. Apart from shielding you from the elements, you also get protection against sand, mosquitoes, and other harmful insects that you may encounter in the course of your adventure.

To make the deal sweeter, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase these gaiters, as well as a 12-month replacement window in case of any defects you notice on the products.


If you’re an avid outdoorsman looking for the best gaiters for hiking in the market, the above models provide a good starting point when you go shopping for a functional pair.