The Benefits of Thermal Waterproof Gloves (UPDATED)

Are thermal waterproof gloves any good?



Working in cold areas can be an unforgiving task when your hands are bare. Not only will you feel numb from the cold but also find it challenging and painful to handle tools.

It is important that you get yourself the right gear to protect yourself from the cold and make sure that you stay comfortable.

One great accessory that you might find useful in such conditions is thermal waterproof gloves. These will ensure that your hands remain warm and dry even in the coldest situations, as well as offer you with a number of extra benefits. Let us consider the benefits of owning thermal waterproof gloves.

Effective insulation


To keep your hands warm, dry and safe from the effects of harmful elements, thermal waterproof gloves make use of waterproofing and insulating technology. Insulation is made possible by trapping cold air in the spaces between the glove-weavers hand. Low-quality products utilise bulkier and thicker fibres that don’t trap air as effectively.

However, in premium brands of these gloves such as ours here at ArcticDry, finer microfibres are used to trap more air in the empty spaces. This ensures that your gloves offer high performance.

The insulation is very crucial because it protects your hands from the outside cold and keeps your hands warm at all times.

This means you’ll be able to work comfortably in cold conditions without feeling any discomfort. Warm hands allow you to handle equipment more firmly and perform tasks with little hardship. This is even more evident when you find yourself the right fit for your hands.

Having a pair of thermal waterproof gloves ensures that you maintain your level of productivity even while working in cold and unfriendly conditions.

They are Waterproof


Ok so this one sounds rather obvious from the title, however..another factor that can bring great misery to your hands while working or staying in cold weather areas is the water from rain, snow, or ice. Insulation alone is not enough to keep your hands warm and dry.

It is crucial that cold water and moisture from outside doesn’t seep into your gloves and this is made possible by this product’s waterproofing property.

These gloves feature water-repellent hand-shaped inserts that are fitted into the shell of the gloves and stitched in around the fingertips. The inserts succeed at preventing water from getting through the gloves to your hands. If you are hiking in a storm or working in icy conditions, you can rest assured that your hands will remain dry and warm with a pair of thermal waterproof gloves.

Provides balance protection and performance


Cold weather can do a good job of wreaking havoc on your ability to perform the simplest tasks as a result of reduced dexterity in your fingers and hands.

Your fingers become numb and lose their agility when exposed to the cold.

The result is an increasing likelihood of items slipping off your hand and other clumsy mistakes.

Even an easy task like holding a cup of coffee inside the campsite can prove to be a struggle. The danger here is that you become vulnerable to avoidable accidents, especially if you are dealing with pieces of equipment that require careful handling.

The benefit of wearing waterproof gloves is that you are shielded from such risks.

These gloves provide you with a combination of warmth and dexterity, ensuring that your hands remain agile and stable while performing tasks. The same is true when the conditions are cold so that you perform your tasks effectively without clumsy mishaps.

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The convenience of thermal waterproof gloves is not limited to working or camping in cold areas; there are numerous other situations where donning a pair of these gloves would apply. If you have to commute to work on a cold winter morning, these will keep your hands warm and dry before you get to the comfort of your office. Also, they can be worn when manicuring your garden at home or when cleaning your windows.

Furthermore, they can be used for handling goods, outdoor maintenance, and by workers at an oil and gas job site.

These reliable gloves are recommended for any tasks that require protection from the cold and moisture, including sporting activities like outdoor motor racing. So if you work in a cold setting, thermal waterproof gloves will come in handy for you; but they are so practical and versatile that they can be utilised around the home and yard too.

Comfort and practicality


Thermal waterproof gloves are extremely comfortable to wear. They have a fleece-like lining on the inside that cushions your hand. Their flexible design can fit into any shape and feature a knit wrist that makes it easy to slide in your hands.

These gloves firmly hug your wrist, preventing them from slipping even when carrying out demanding tasks.

This tight fit also serves to enhance their flexibility and sensitivity, which is useful when working. And despite providing resistance to the cold and water, these gloves will not compromise on dexterity.

A flexible foam lining inside them gives you total control of equipment, tools, and any materials that you are handling. Meanwhile, a rough patch on the palm keeps frozen items from slipping and falling off your hands.

Protection from injury


These gloves are made using high-grade and durable material that helps to guard against possible risks. This gives them the ability to be cut resistant, puncture resistant, tear resistant, and abrasive resistant. All these qualities combine to leave you with a sturdy product that is almost indestructible.

It also means that you can handle heavy-duty tasks with a low risk of sustaining injuries.

If you are dealing with sharp tools, lifting items with rough surfaces, or working in an area with sharp edges, thermal waterproof gloves will protect your hands from injury and ensure that you come out in one piece.


If you are looking for a product that will last long without losing shape or deteriorating in performance, then you should consider acquiring a pair of thermal waterproof gloves. They are durable, sensitive, and designed to be used for extended periods of time without the user getting fatigued.

Their hardy design also means that they can be used for a variety of tasks with little possibility of tearing or getting punctured. Just wash them with a neutral detergent when they get dirty and they’ll be as good as new. Another advantage is that their mechanical properties remain the same even after washing.

The cold season should not render you unproductive by numbing out your hands and fingers. It is possible to protect yourself from these low temperatures and keep your hands warm while keeping yourself busy and productive. Get yourself a pair of thermal waterproof gloves and enjoy the numerous benefits that they offer.