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Best Tents for Camping

The Best Camping Tents should be waterproof first and foremost, and ideally have a built in groundsheet. On top of this they should be super lightweight and compact. If you’re out wild camping, then a tent should have a low profile and blend in with the environment.

What are the Best Quality Tents?

Here at ArcticDry, we are a fan of a number of different tent brands, including Vango, Coleman and MSR. This is because they are tried and tested brands, that have thousands of reviews respectively.

If you’re searching for an inflatable tent, then Berghaus make a very good example of this with their Air Tent, saving the kerfuffle of setting up a dome tent / geodesic tent and fundamentally saving time on your camping trip.

Best 2 Man Tent

In our testing of some of the top camping tents, we have been continuously impressed by the MSR Elixir 2 Camping Tent:

  • MSR Elixir 2 Man Tent – The MSR Elixir in our opinion is one of the best 2 man tents you can buy today, coming in at 2.75kg, it is the perfect companion for your hiking trips, and is robust enough to cope with rough terrain and horrendous UK weather.It features their patented StayDry doors technology and comes with colour coded bars for an easy and quick set up; meaning that when you want to pitch this tent in poor weather conditions, you can do so easily and efficiently.

Check out our recent article on the The Best Blackout Tent for Camping, blackout tents are becoming more the “norm” these days, blocking light and allowing you to have a better sleep while camping.

Best 3 Man Tent

In our testing of some of the best 3 man tents for camping we would opt for the following tents: the Coleman 3 Man Blackout Tent, and again: the MSR Elixir 3 Man Tent

  • Coleman 3 Man Blackout Tent – Coleman are known for the quality of their camping tents, and the Coleman 3 Man Blackout Tent is no exception; this one is a true beast of a tent and the blackout technology makes all the difference for a good nights sleep
  • MSR Elixir 3 Man Tent – Similar to their 2 man tent, the MSR Elixir is a top performer in all categories, including weight, quality, construction and how easy it is to pitch.

Check out our recent article on The Best Waterproof Spray for Tents, a useful product to use when your camping tent does not have adequate waterproofing.

Best 4 Man Tent

When it comes to the best 4 man tents, Coleman Tents really shine through with their range of 4 man tunnel tents, 4 man family tents & 4 man dome tents also.

  • Compact 4 Man Compact Dome Tent – This Tent is also available in a 3 man version, but the 4 man offering is also a very good choice for those looking to camp without the luxury and XXL size of the Oak Canyon 4 below.
  • Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4 – This is a beautiful example of a family tent by Coleman. It is 100% Waterproof, comes with their Blackout Technology, and weighs only 18kg, which for a huge 4 man family tent, is actually a respectable weight.

Check out our recent article on the The Best Camping Tents UK, where we take a look at some of the best 2 man, 3 man, and 4/5 man family tents.

Best 5 Man Tent

It comes as no surprise that Coleman also dominate the 5-6 man Tent market as well, their family tents with blackout technology is just such a solid purchase for a family looking to camp out.

  • Coleman 5-6 Man + Octagon Tent – This Tent comes with a 360 Degree view and mesh roof, along with their blackout technology. Its 20kg, which isn’t the lightest by any means, but you get real bang for your buck with this tent.
  • Coleman Waterfall 5 Deluxe – This is a very spacious dome tent that comes with a tunnel extension. It’s not the most spacious when compared to the 5-6 Man Octagon Tent above ^ but works very well, and it is also incredibly lightweight at 1.35kg.

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Which brand of tent is best?

There are many fantastic quality camping tent brands on the market today. However, there are some that we consider to be the “leaders” so to speak, at the forefront of the camping tent industry.

These include MSR, Vango, Coleman & Berghaus. Berghaus are leading the way with their famous inflatable tents, while the other brands make fantastic products for 2 man, 3 man, 4 man, and 5 man+ tents.

What is the best tent for rain?

If it starts raining, you’ll be fine if you have a waterproof tent or at the very least a tent with a waterproof cover or tarp.

In terms of brands of tents that are the best of rain, there are many that will be fine at protecting you from the rain, including the bigger brands such as Vango, Coleman and MSR.

Are pop up tents worth it?

Absolutely. Pop Up Tents are fantastic for when you want to do a quick bit of wild camping or even when you’re at a festival or close to the beach.

Pop Up tents are also typically cheaper and better for those who are on a budget.

What is the best cheap tent?

There are many budget Tents to choose from, including ones from Naturehike, Eurohike, Vango & Coleman.

What are the best 4 season tents?

When you’re searching for the best 4 season tent, you need to search for tents that have insulation OR that have built in groundsheets.

From here, having a 4 season tent that is good in the winter actually comes down to many other factors, including having a good air mattress / air mat, alongside having a good down sleeping bag

What is the most expensive tent in the world?

There are many Tents out there that are extremely expensive. One of the best examples of this is the Mavericks Tent by Heimplanet retailing at over £4500 / $6000.

Is 3000mm waterproof good for a tent?

A 3000mm Waterproof Hydrostatic Head Rating should be fine to keep you dry here in the UK. You can get some that claim 8-10,000 HHR waterproof ratings, however what is key to note is that you may still get wet even in a tent like this. To make extra sure, make sure to take waterproof spray with you and coat your tent.

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