ArcticDry Waterproof Socks & Eigo Bike Shoes

Lightweight Cycling Socks!

It’s almost summer and we thought we would test out our ArcticDry Waterproof Socks up a woodland trail and see how they performed. Here’s a few things we found:

ArcticDry Waterproof socks are breathable

Yep! We tested these socks on a long ride in weather of 18-20 degrees celsius, and as expected they performed brilliantly, with no excess perspiration or heat generated, due to the actual triple layer technology being so thin (yet durable). In fact at one point, we actually we forgot we were wearing waterproof hiking socks, they felt just as thin as ankle socks at one point.


ArcticDry socks are lightweight

As mentioned above, despite having 3 tough layers to prevent water from entering, our socks remain incredibly lightweight and portable. Some may invision the socks being like football/soccer socks, but this just isn’t the case, they can be folded up easily and stored away no problem at all.

Check out the range below: