The Best Womens Waterproof Coats – With Hoods! (UPDATED)

The Best Womens Waterproof Coats with Hoods



Womens Waterproof CoatPriceRatingView
The North Face Women's Triclimate Jacket£120.904.5 / 5View
The North Face Women’s Tanken Triclimate Jacket£107.374.5 / 5View
The North Face Women's Quest Outdoor Jacket£69.644.5 / 5View
Marmot Women's Wm's PreCip Eco Jacket Hardshell£86.445 / 5View
Columbia Women's Rain Jacket£221.744.5 / 5View
Geographical Norway Women’s Softshell Functional Outdoor Rain Sports Jacket£68.004.5 / 5View
Schöffel Women's 3in1 Waterproof Coat£142.75 - £348.384.5 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Highland Ridge Interactive Waterproof Shell Jacket£174.764.5 / 5View

The North Face Women's Thermoball Triclimate Jacket£222.824.5 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Fellmaster 3 in 1 Waterproof Shell Jacket£1455 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Ridgemaster Vented Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket£66.764 / 5View

Finding a good waterproof coat is one thing, but having it look good, AND have a hood is another thing entirely.

Many brands now opt out of having the hood for pure aesthetics, but as you can tell from the title, we’re looking at the best womens waterproof coats with hoods, for 2020!

In this article we take a look at the best womens waterproof coats with hoods on the market today, including some top brands such as Northface, Trespass, Regatta and many more! So without further delay, lets get started!

Womens Waterproof Coats with Hoods – Reviews


Womens Waterproof CoatPriceRatingView
The North Face Women's Triclimate Jacket£120.904.5 / 5View
The North Face Women’s Tanken Triclimate Jacket£107.374.5 / 5View
The North Face Women's Quest Outdoor Jacket£69.644.5 / 5View
Marmot Women's Wm's PreCip Eco Jacket Hardshell£86.445 / 5View
Columbia Women's Rain Jacket£221.744.5 / 5View
Geographical Norway Women’s Softshell Functional Outdoor Rain Sports Jacket£68.004.5 / 5View
Schöffel Women's 3in1 Waterproof Coat£142.75 - £348.384.5 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Highland Ridge Interactive Waterproof Shell Jacket£174.764.5 / 5View

The North Face Women's Thermoball Triclimate Jacket£222.824.5 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Fellmaster 3 in 1 Waterproof Shell Jacket£1455 / 5View
Berghaus Women's Ridgemaster Vented Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket£66.764 / 5View

The North Face Evolve Triclimate Waterproof Coat


The North Face Women’s W Evolve Ii Triclimate Jacket is a fantastic all encompassing 3-in-1 Waterproof Coat that allows you to use it in 3 different seasons, hence “tri-climate.

The Coat comes fully waterproofed & seam sealed, yet according to Northface is also breathable, which is a huge plus in our humble opinions!

The outer layer is made from Northface’s trademarked DryVent™ technology, with the inner fleece being made from resilient & tough polyester;

all of which will keep you nice and cosy in the cold harsh British Winter!

The Hood is fully adjustable with bonded brim stows in the collar, you know that when you purchase something from Northface its going to be pure quality, and this waterproof jacket is no exception.

The inner jacket features Two secure-zip hand pockets and has elastic binding at cuff and hem, ensuring not only a nice amount of space for your valuables, but also a little bit more breathability and stretch room!


  1. Waterproof, Breathable & Seam Sealed

  2. Brushed knit chin guard and collar lining

  3. Inner made from 100% Recycled Polyester Fleece

  4. Adjustable Brimmed Hood


  1. Not enough range in colors

The North Face Women’s Tanken Triclimate Jacket


This amazing jacket was designed for all-season adventures with a super lightweight and versatile build for whenever you want to explore the open spaces. The North Face Tanken Triclimate is a 3 in 1 raincoat that you can wear in three different ways to match the prevailing weather conditions.

It is perfect for walkers and hikers on those distant expeditions into the wilderness.

The first thing you’ll love about this jacket is that it is super lightweight! This enhances its practicality on prolonged adventures so that you don’t feel preoccupied from a whole day of wearing it.

Despite this, it still offers maximum protection from the elements.

The outer shell of the coat features a proprietary DryVent waterproof fabric technology.


The fabric is not only waterproof but also windproof and breathable to take care of your comfort throughout the journey.

This DryVent material has been treated with a water repellent finish that keeps droplets on the surface while blocking them from seeping through, ensuring that you remain dry and warm no matter how hard the rain comes down.

Tightly woven fibers block airflow inside to protect you from the cold wind yet still allow water vapour to flow outside to help you cool off when your body heats up from the rigorous activity.

The waterproof jacket and fleece design allow you to wear them separately or combine them with a zip function to create a versatile weather-conquering layering system.


  1. Waterproof & Breathable with DryVent Technology

  2. Redirects water vapour

  3. Northface Quality Ensures you get a quality product


  1. Fixed Hood

The North Face Triclimate has been designed with a slightly tapered waist that won’t restrict your movement, keeping you at ease as you manoeuvre through the tricky outdoor terrain.

There’s also plenty of room underneath if you want to add more layers of clothing.

A fixed hood with peak has been conveniently included to protect your face when the wind is too cold and keep your hair dry when it starts raining. In this this of best womens waterproof coats with hoods, this is one of our faves!

Furthermore, a set of pockets on either side of the coat has been positioned to be easily accessible and come with zippers to enable for safe storage of accessories such as phones or car keys during your hike.

Elasticated cuffs on the sleeves help to ensure that the cold doesn’t sneak in and numb your arms. Finally, the jacket comes with a 2-year warranty, as well as a 100-day return policy to make sure that you’re getting value for your money.

The North Face Women’s Quest Outdoor Jacket


The Quest Outdoor Jacket from North Face that has been designed to offer you unrivalled practicality whenever you want to explore the outdoors.

The jacket has a plain colour design with a stylish logo positioned above the left breast, making for the perfect casual wear when walking in the woods. How can it be a list of best womens waterproof coats with hoods, if Northface isn’t on the list eh?

It is also pretty lightweight to keep you comfortable and is available in a variety of cute and adventurous colors that allow you to remain fashionable even during a hike.

Just like its sibling above, the North Face Quest comes with a hardwearing DryVent outer shell that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This is meant to keep you protected from the elements at all times while ensuring that your comfort is not compromised.

North Face designed this coat with amazing features to offer additional protection, including water-resistant zips to keep wetness from finding its way to your body when it rains. This has been reinforced by a fixed peak hood for extra coverage and protection of your face and hair against the chilly wind and falling rain.

To ensure that you get maximum comfort, a brushed knit at the chin guard and collar offer a soft touch whereas elasticated cuffs serve to block out the draughts.

You’ll also enjoy the meshed body lining, which enhances breathability in the middle of strenuous hiking, helping to keep your body cool.


Additionally, you get two-zipped pockets that you can slip your hands into when the weather gets chilly during a casual walk outside. Alternatively, the pockets will come in handy when you want to safely store accessories like maps as you trek in the outdoors.

Overall, the North Face has a feminine fit with a tapered waist that will enhance your figure.

Its lightweight design is perfect for the female folk and ensures that the jacket doesn’t turn into a nuisance after prolonged use.

You can find these waterproof women’s coats with hoods in different sizes ranging from XS to XL so that you get the ideal fit for you!


  1. Waterproof, Breathable & Seam Sealed

  2. Reverse-coil centre front zip with water resistant finish

  3. Northface Quality Ensures you get a quality product


  1. Fixed Hood

Marmot Women’s Wm’s PreCip Eco Jacket Hardshell


The Marmot Precip ECO is a functional waterproof jacket that has been constructed with recycled nylon ripstop, as well as PFC-free DWR coating for superior performance in the outdoors. It is super lightweight, weighing just under 10 oz, and despite its affordable price, the Marmot boasts a range of practical features that allow you to make the most of your hiking and backpacking adventures.

Firstly, the jacket uses the manufacturer’s proprietary NanoPro waterproof laminate that will conveniently shield you against the rain, although it can be a little lack-luster when it comes to breathability.

This is something you’d expect at this price position and should not in any way qualify as a deal-breaker.

The seams on the Precip ECO have been tapered to prevent leaking, although condensation will still occur on the inside and your body will sweat in hot and humid conditions. Luckily, the middle breathable layer of the jacket is designed to allow water vapour to pass through to the outside.

This should help to keep you cool and comfortable on the trail when the hiking gets extra strenuous.

The outer nylon fabric on the jacket is coated with a chemical formulation know as DWR (Durable Water Repellency), which allows the raindrops falling on your jacket to roll off.

This helps to prevent your body from wetness and ensure that you don’t suffer from hyperthermia even after extended hours of walking in the rain.


Another important feature on the Precip ECO is the adjustable hood with side neck toggles that let you reduce the size of the opening to shield your face against the cold rain and wind. The hood also features a front bill and a Velcro tab at the back allows you to lower or raise the bill so that it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

Two zippered side pockets have been incorporated with a mesh lining and can be opened to vent body heat during high-octane hiking.

The pockets are deep enough to carry gloves, hats, and even snacks that you’ll be nibbling to recoup your energy on those prolonged expeditions.

Thanks to the Precip ECO’s athletic Angel Wing Movement cut, you’ll have all the freedom you need to move with agility as you navigate the demanding trails.


  1. Comes with the Marmot NanoPro Eco Waterproof Coating

  2. Lightweight

  3. Two Zippered Front Pockets


  1. Not as warm as some of the others on this list

Columbia Women’s Rain Jacket


The Columbia Women’s Rain Jacket sports a simple yet stylish feminine look that will be great on any casual outdoor expeditions. It is available in a range of cute colours to enable you to incorporate it into your outfit and the different sizes ensure that you’ll get the perfect fit your body size.

The jacket is designed with a tapered waistline, which complements the body shape of a woman and offers a wealth of practical features that allow you to make the most of your adventures in the open spaces. If you’re searching for the best womens waterproof coats with hoods, Columbia may not be your first thought, but they product high quality and durable waterproof jackets, so check them out!

First on the list is the 100% nylon fabric outer shell, which makes for durable performance even with frequent use.

This has been paired with a soft mesh lining that helps to deliver a very lightweight build.

This raincoat is not only lightweight but also packs small and can fit into your hand pocket. You can conveniently carry it inside your day pack when the weather is unpredictable without adding too much weight to your luggage.

The manufacturer used advanced Omni-Tech technology on this jacket to guarantee a waterproof performance that will keep you dry and warm when a storm ambushes you in the middle of nowhere.

It is fully seamed but remains breathable enough to prevent you from getting uncomfortable when the hike gets rigorous and your body starts perspiring.

The mesh lining on the inner layer of the coat helps to vent body heat and allow water vapor to escape into the atmosphere, helping to keep you cool when you need to.


The fabric leaves enough room underneath to let you add more layers of clothing when the weather gets unusually cold. Other useful features include an adjustable storm hood that will come in handy when the wind is too cold or when it starts to pour.

A drawcord adjustable hem helps you to achieve a better fit whereas two zippered pockets have been included to enable for storage of small items such as a flashlight or snacks.

Furthermore, the fabric washes easily and will be easy to clean and maintain.

The only complaint from customers is a lack of consistency in the sizing, so you might want to give it a try (if in a position to) before purchasing.

Other than that, this a wonderful waterproof jacket that you’ll find very useful on the trail.

Geographical Norway Women’s Softshell Functional Outdoor Rain Sports Jacket


This cute-looking rain jacket from Geographical Norway will grab your attention with its sporty design. This has been paired with bright and adventurous colors, ranging from orange, and green to dark grey, etc. that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The manufacturer stashed it with useful features that help to make it a go-to gear when you want to go hiking or backpacking. The jacket is very lightweight and comfortable with an ergonomic cut that makes it a joy to wear.

Its outer shell is constructed using a blend of polyester to offer long-lasting performance and elastane which gives it elastic capabilities for the perfect fit.

Water-repellent Dry-tech 5000 technology has been used on Geographical Norway to ensure that you’re always protected from precipitation. This also makes it windproof but breathable enough to keep the inside cool and comfortable when your body is sweating. Heat insulating properties on the fabric serve to maintain the body heat inside and keep you warm when the hiking conditions get cold.

You get two zip-up side pockets and an extra zip chest pocket that help to enhance your carrying capacity when you have small items or gadgets.

These have been equipped with water-resistant zips that stop the raindrops from getting to the inside no matter how hard it pours.


  1. Drytech Material, Waterproof and Breathable

  2. Water resistant zips

  3. Side pockets with zips


  1. Could do with more colour options.

Furthermore, the jacket features an adjustable hood to protect your face and hair from the elements. This comes with a zip that enables you to remove it when the weather is friendlier and put it back on when necessary. The waistband has an elasticated drawstring that allows you to achieve a tighter fit and even enhance your feminine figure. The zip running down the middle of the jacket works seamlessly to allow for quick and easy wearing of the jacket.

On our list of best womens waterproof coats with hoods, Geographical Norway wouldn’t be our number one choice, but they are well established and produce quality garments for hikers.

Also, several Geo-Norway elements have been embossed on the raincoat that let people know that you’re donning a high-quality brand.

Thanks to the superior quality and detailed workmanship at Geographical Norway, this jacket is easily among the best women’s waterproof coats with hoods.

Schöffel Women’s 3in1


If you have a flexible budget and don’t mind spending more a jacket, the Schoffel Women’s 3in1 rai coat will be a great choice for you. It is available in sizes 34-48 and sports a no-nonsense look with navy-blue or deep brown colour option.

The jacket is made using a mixture of nylon and polyester, which helps to deliver a rugged performance that will last several cycles of use without signs of wear or tear.

Thanks to tapered seams, the Schoffel remains both waterproof and windproof.

This makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of weather conditions and can be used when you want to go skiing on a snowy day.

The three layers of the jacket ensure that your body remains warm in the face of cold winds and unforgiving precipitation. A high-closing collar design helps to block all avenues that would allow the wind to get through. Despite this, this jacket remains quite breathable so that you don’t feel suffocated under the dense layers above.

The water vapour from sweating gets and escape route to the outside and helps to keep you fresh and comfortable throughout the trip.

The raincoat offers a high level of flexibility, which can be credited to a padded in-zip jacket. This can be easily removed and worn separately when you feel like reducing the layers on you.

Large and practical pockets on the side provide your hands with a warm refuge when the air is too cold and also serve as the perfect storage space when you bring a light snack to rejuvenate your energy in the middle of the adventure.

A removable hood protects your head from the elements and the lushly padded collar helps to keep you warm and cozy.

The only grievance is that the Schoffel 3in1 can be a little bit bulky for some people and some customers have complained about the zip not working effectively. Otherwise, this is a remarkable cold-weather gear that you can count on whenever there is an outdoor expedition in the offing!

Schoffel are a top brand, especially in germany, and if you’re looking for the best womens waterproof coats with hoods, they’re a top contender.

Berghaus Women’s Highland Ridge Interactive Waterproof Shell Jacket


The Berghaus Highland Ridge Waterproof Coat was made to ensure that your adventures on the trail won’t be cut short even when the heavens decide to open. It has a seamless and plain design that pairs well with colour choices such as Dusk, Atlantic Deep, and Winter Bloom.

The Berghaus Highland Ridge jacket’s outer shell has been constructed with Gore-Tex fabric, which is not only waterproof but also conveniently breathable.

This serves to keep out moisture when it rains yet provides you with a breathable and comfortable environment inside the coat.

A roll-away hood has been included to keep you ahead of schedule when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. You can neatly roll it away when you want to feel the sunshine in your face and roll it back up when the wind proves too cold.


you can zip in an InterActive fleece to add on a layer of warmth.

The sleeves of the jacket come with stretch cuffs that offer custom ventilation, as well as stop draughts.

An adjustable cord on the waist allows you to pull in the jacket so that you trap in the heat from your body. Two side pockets have also been included to give you storage space when you want to bring along some small supplies.

Alternatively, you can slip your hands inside when the air gets too cold. Generally, this jacket is super lightweight and offer a slim fit that will feel natural when you wear it.

This also means that it can be a little too tight for bigger-bodied individuals. You want to ensure that you’re getting the right fit before buying one!

THE NORTH FACE Women’s Thermoball Triclimate Jacket


This is yet another great product from North Face that not only looks great but also fits and feels great. The Thermoball Triclimate women’s jacket is waterproof, snow proof, as well as wind resistant.

This is thanks to the DryVent 2.5L outer shell. Thermoball Technology has also been used to provide for inner insulation, which helps to keep you warm when the weather gets chilly.

Vents under the armpits play a great role in keeping you comfortable during a hike and keep you fresh when you’re sweating profusely.

A small chest pocket comes in handy when you want to hike with an iPod and listen to your favourite playlist.

The fully adjustable hood also tightens around the face and head so that the cold wind does not get to your face.

Meanwhile, the sleeves of the jacket feature Velcro straps at the wrist, which can be tightened to trap the heat inside and keep the moisture and cold air from sneaking inside.

This jacket has a very versatile design. You can take off the inner Thermoball and use the jacket as a windbreaker when the weather is a little warmer. Alternatively, you can use the Thermoball on its own.

This snaps to the sleeves on the inside, ensuring that you’re not dealing with the discomfort of double sleeves.

A hem cinch-cord enhances the fit of the jacket whereas pit-zip venting help to make it more practical. Overall, the North Face Thermoball Triclimate raincoat is a functional outdoor gear that you should try out on your next expedition.

Berghaus Women’s Fellmaster 3 in 1 Waterproof Shell Jacket


The Berghaus Women’s Fellmaster jacket sports a simple design that would be great for a casual day in the outdoors. The plain coat is highlighted by a conspicuous “Berghaus” logo above the left breast with a zipper that runs down the middle. This jacket offers a waterproof performance that guarantees you remain dry and warm when the rain starts pouring. This is made possible by the Gore-Tex material used to construct the outer shell of the coat.

The fabric is also breathable and this makes for uninterrupted flow of air to keep you fresh all the time.

If you need a little more warmth, you can attach a compatible inner layer with the help of the special InterActive zip used on the jacket.

This 3in1 jacket allows you to choose just the extent of protection you prefer depending on the prevailing weather conditions. You can wear the inner fleece alone for those warm summer walks or the lightweight and waterproof outer layer that would be ideal for walking in light showers.

Finally, you can wear them both together on those distant treks in snowy conditions that call for maximum protection from the elements.

The arms of the jacket have been articulated to enhance the fit while providing you with the freedom to move your hands uninterruptedly. Furthermore, inner pockets on the jacket provide safe storage for important items like maps and compass when it starts to rain or when you’re not using them.

Berghaus Women’s Ridgemaster Vented Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket


As far as design is concerned, the Ridgemaster Vented Gore-Tex waterproof jacket is not too different from the Fellmaster above. It also looks plain but comes in a range of exciting colors that will make you stand out in a group of hikers. Just like its counterpart, the Ridgemaster features a Gore-Tex outer fabric with exceptional storm-proofing technology.

However, this jacket sports a two-layer design. The Gore-Tex fabric shields your body from harmful elements when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

It is also conveniently breathable and this ensures that you remain cool and fresh when the adventure gets strenuous. An adjustable hood has been included to offer extra protection when the going gets tough. This does a good job of shielding your head and face against the cold winds and the falling raindrops.

On the other hand, when the weather gets too warm, AquaGuard underarm zips have been included to enhance ventilation so that fresh air flows in freely. Articulated elbows also provide your arms with free movement, especially when you’re tackling tricky mountainous trails. Furthermore, YKK zips used on the jacket are waterproof and keep the moisture from seeping through to the inside.

The sleeves of the Ridgemaster have Velcro to enhance the fit on your wrists and ensure that the cold air does not get in.

Generally, the jacket comes with a slim fit, so if you’re planning to wear more layers underneath, we would suggest going a size or two up. If you’re looking for a nice raincoat to bring along on a hike in the wilderness, the Ridgemaster is one of the best women waterproof coats with hoods you can buy.


It is always important to weatherproof your body when setting out for an outdoor expedition. This is the only way to ensure that your adventure is not cut short when Mother Nature has an unexpected change of plans.

A nice waterproof jacket is one of the outdoor essentials that should be at the top of your list when preparing for your trip. The article above considers some of the best womens waterproof coats with hoods that are available to you.

Whether you’re going for a light summer walk, hike in the snow, or a tough trek into the wilderness, these will make for a wonderful choice to offer you protection from the elements.