M.Y Pointbreak 10’6″ iSUP Review (2022)

my pointbreak isup review


In a sea of options (pardon the pun) in the stand up paddleboard market, it can be tough to know what board to choose especially if you’re looking for a paddle board on a budget.

In this review we take a look at the M.Y Pointbreak iSUP, and how it performs on the water in terms of stability, control & general quality of the materials used on this craft.

So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s take a look at this board and how it performs…

What does the M.Y Pointbreak SUP come with?

pointbreak-paddleboard-review-2As you’d expect from a 10’6″ Paddleboard, it comes with a few vital and much needed accessories, these include:

  • The Paddleboard itself, folded carefully and wrapped in plastic.
  • A Backpack, big enough to accommodate the board (deflated of course) & all other accessories
  • Pump
  • Ankle Leash
  • Fin (obviously)
  • Valve Wrench
  • Adjustable length paddle
  • Repair Kit (we doubt you’ll ever need it, as the board is super tough)

Recommended PSI

We stuck to the guidelines from looking at the manual provided, and went with 15 PSI, and this ended up being a good choice as the paddle board remained stable & solid as a rock throughout.

Some people in the SUP world would recommend going slightly lower than the max pressure recommended, but we would say always stick to what the manufacturer has stated in the manual as it has been tested thoroughly.

15 PSI gave us enough stability to pick up speed, turn quicker & fundamentally balance a lot better!

Balance & Speed

Being a 10’6″ board, using it on calm water we did not have any trouble whatsoever balancing and maintaining speed. However, using it on slightly choppier water you will probably benefit from a much larger board, especially across the horizontal plane.

In terms of speed we managed to pick up a good pace with this board with very little drag, so if you’re looking for a fun board that you may wish to take wild camping up in scotland or the peak district, then this would be a great addition to your kit.

Turning is a breeze on this board so you’ll also find no issue with traversing trickier stretches of water with debris (as is sometimes the case in the UK in various places)

Quality & Construction


It’s common in the SUP world for manufacturers to claim certain things yet not provide. However, in the case of the M.Y Pointbreak SUP that we recently tested, we can say it’s honestly one of the most solid feeling & well put together paddle boards we’ve used.

Quality of materials is highly important when choosing an inflatable paddleboard, and out of the box you can tell from the welded joins on the board, the aluminium paddle & the pump that a lot has gone into creating this SUP package for consumers.

It’s often been the case with our team here at ArcticDry that we’ve tested Paddleboards & Indeed Inflatable kayaks and the pumps provided have broken on first usage, or the welding has come apart as soon as we’ve inflated the product.

We can say, gladly, that this was not the case with the M.Y Pointbreak iSup, and that everything feels extremely well made.


So what can we really say about this SUP? Well, in summary, it’s a 10’6″ made from highly durable & robust materials that balances well & allows you to turn easily when needed. It’s not super bulky & is a great board to take with you to the beach or your local river/lake (do check before jumping in though!)

For more information please contact the team at https://www.kandytoys.co.uk/